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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #256 (Dec) - Middle East: Palestine abandoned (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 8 Jan 2016 18:33:38 +0200

While Palestinians are victims doubly condemned to indifference and hypocrisy of Western institutions, the State of Israel continues with impunity in its suicidal logic. Reaffirm our solidarity with Palestine fragmented and condemn the crimes committed against its people are more than ever a necessity. ---- When historians analyze with hindsight that we live at this time in the war that Israel is waging against the Palestinian people, history is unfortunately easy to tell. ---- The "international community" has been pushing since the Oslo accords on Palestinian Palestinians and that they capitulate on their core demands and to accept to live on a reserve that would have called a "Palestinian state". But the Palestinians have refused to abdicate.

Palestinians caught in the crossfire

They are punished es for over twenty years. Shamelessly, the "international community" is complicit in what Israel inflicts on Palestine: occupation, colonization, apartheid, fragmentation, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Palestine has no state, but it has two rival governments primarily concerned with their own survival. With the chaos that lives the Middle East, the cons-revolution led Egypt allows the military dictatorship to complete the single crossing point with Gaza not controlled by the occupant. Saudi Arabia, which has never helped the Palestinians, spends his billions of dollars to Yemen to fight alongside al-Qaida. And Syria, Palestinians are caught in the crossfire. When they are not bombarded by Assad's troops, they are slaughtered by Daech.

A spontaneous revolt and desperate

There is no conductor and no direction organized in so-called "Intifada knives." Palestinians say unanimously that they have no future. Abbas acknowledged with twenty years behind Oslo was obsolete.

Israeli provocations are constant and unpunished: the Dawabcheh family burned alive in her home by settlers easily identifiable, a Jewish millenarian sect parading on the esplanade of the mosques and Netanyahu proposing to transform al-Aqsa synagogue seven teenagers murdered during a demonstration near the "security fence" in Gaza, activists and non-violent activists known-art international assassinated es in Hebron and Bethlehem, an Eritrean refugee mistaken for an "Arab", lynched and completed in Beersheba... So even giving their lives, based on Palestinians trying to "hurt" to steamroller.

Of course, we feel that in Israel itself, intellectuals are beginning to have doubts and feel the suicidal nature of the policy. Europe has finally asked "labeling" settlement products, which is a rare hypocrisy does one imagine a nonprescription medicines poisoned with just a label: "attention poison"? Since Europe considers illegal settlement, it must prohibit settlement products.

The France accomplice of apartheid

The French government is the worst in complicity with apartheid as it is already the worst by selling arms to Saudi Arabia (Yemen fighting alongside those who ordered the attack against Charlie). With the judgment of the Court of Cassation on 20 October condemning our comrades in Mulhouse, the French State would criminalize BDS. We will not allow to do. We are one of the few hopes of Palestinians and Palestinian. The solidarity movement must not be mistaken objective: there is nothing to expect from a hypothetical diplomatic solution or recognition of Palestine to the UN. Diplomacy can help a balance of power established on the ground but it is the resistance of the Palestinian people and the help that we can provide it in a position to stop the sociocide at work.

Pierre Stambul (friend of AL)


"Hitler did not at the time exterminate the Jews, he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to see Hitler saying: "If you expel them, they will all come here." "What do I do with them", he asked. He replied: "Burn them." "

We should not be surprised by this statement made by Netanyahu to the World Jewish Congress. The surprise is rather that it did not cause any reaction on the spot.

On one side, there is a leitmotif of Israeli policy: "We are Europeans. Our enemy is the Arab world, Muslims, wild, bronzed. We are at the forefront in the war of good against evil. "It is therefore up to demonize this evil empire. These slogans are ancient Israel: "Arafat is a new Hitler", "Palestinians are the new Nazis, they want to throw the Jews into the sea". Netanyahu went much further dédouanant Hitler's Judeocide to assign to the Palestinians. It should be said that Israel receives significant support any anti-Semitic extreme right: Christian Zionists, the heirs of parties collaborators in Eastern Europe, and now Marine Le Pen.

The father of Netanyahu Bentsion, was the private secretary to Ze'ev Jabotinsky (died 1940). The latter founded the wing of Zionism which is itself entitled 'revisionist'. Jabotinsky was a great admirer of Mussolini. At the same time (1933), his opponent, Ben Gurion signed with the Nazis Haavara the agreements that allowed German Jews to leave with their property in Palestine.

The future Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir Israeli disciple of Jabotinsky was not only a terrorist but a collaborator: he murdered British officers until 1944 while the destruction of the European Jews was at its height.

Netanyahu then finds the "accents" of his political power. As for the Mufti of Jerusalem, he was a true collaborator of the Nazis, he was well insulated in an Arab world much less contaminated than Europe (read about The Arabs and the Holocaust Gilbert Achcar). Whenever we criticism of Israeli policies or Zionism is anti-Semitic is instantly processed. Revisionism Netanyahu will undoubtedly help to bring up the obscenity of this instrumentalization.

Pierre Stambul

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