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(en) France, Alternating Current #220 - Editorial - Revolution rather than election (fr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 19 Jun 2012 10:45:20 +0300

You can not sulk our pleasure to see Sarkozy and his clique will take a (small) slams election. The damage they have done for five years, we have fought. Work more to earn more than our bosses, this is not our motto. Work up to a still more advanced age, leaving millions of unemployed and precarious-its in trouble, we do not want it. Cut public services to promote the commodification, very little for us. Destroy the earth and the conditions of a relatively healthy life for mercantile interests, that we bristle. Combat illegal immigration and stigmatize groups of people according to their origin, it disgusts us. Wage war here and there to defend dictators, in turn others, and always according to capitalist interests, it makes us angry. Strengthen law enforcement capabilities and develop a generalized flicage, it revolts us. For all these reasons, see Sarkozy to 26% in the first round, or 5% less than 5 years ago and to consider his defeat on May 6 could look satisfactory.

Yet the prospect of ending up with the social-liberal Holland as manager of the crisis has been dismal. On some issues that were raised during the campaign (immigration policy, minimum service during strikes ...), he said he would be in continuity with Sarkozy. There is nothing to expect from these so-called socialist. On the other hand, we will try to scare us with a rising National Front. My eye! The total score of Le Pen + Megret in 2002 was 19.20% in the first round ... For it is true that against Sarko has lost again the voice he had siphoned the FN 5 years ago, some right-wing voters were fed up with extreme bad copy Sarkozy offered to them. Obviously, that captures the extreme right as many supporters, there are frightening, but it's not on the politician he must fight, but the field of social struggles, never leave him space .

So we do not participate in the electoral circus. Representative democracy has nothing to do with real democracy because once elected representatives do what they seem good at all times and throughout their term. We see examples every day no matter what level (local or national) and in all spheres (political, trade union or association). The ballot is a resignation of power over his own life is a blank check given to a person you can know the true intentions. In these circumstances it is normal that they do as they please and, on this plan, Sarkozy has not been worse than its predecessors right or left. As Rousseau said about the first of the modern representative democracy, "The English people believes itself free, it is grossly mistaken, it is free only during election of members of parliament as soon as they are elected, is a slave, he is nothing. "

In contrast to representative democracy is direct democracy, which is sometimes expressed in certain associations or social movements of the AG, where everyone-e can be expressed directly. Under direct democracy, there are more rep-free to do what they want, there are delegates-are responsible for a specific mandate to report to their principal es- and revocable at any time. And there is no hope to get closer to direct democracy through the ballot box. The sixth republic that some would want to establish a rebalancing of power between president and assembly.

Representative democracy is only one tool in the service of capitalism, as capitalism is obviously that it is abolished, and that none of the ten candidates are not proposed. That the candidates of the right (Le Pen in Holland or Joly) only offer minimal facilities (protectionism, restrictions on financial speculation or super profits tax) is not surprising: they serve the capitalist system. But the three candidates of the left have offered nothing of consequence either. Mélanchon Poutou and are just a little firmer on the control of finance, raising low wages and setting a maximum income. Because they think a person can be worth another 20? And when Mélenchon evokes the right to resume business by employee-es, it is not considering the expropriation of the patron-sized but just a little more support what already exists because of employee-es can take over their companies, as whether in the form of SCOP or other statutes, provided that the commercial court judge they make an offer economically viable. Finally, the candidate of Lutte Ouvriere only has a right to inspect the accounts of companies and advertising on the distribution of profits. We are far from the abolition of private ownership of means of production, comrades!

So with that we can move forward? Of course, the 9 million voters, blank or spoiled votes, and about 3 million non-registered are unfortunately are not convinced as we are-that we should abolish capitalism and representative democracy. Disinterest and their refusal to participate does not advocate all-es of the social revolution, far from it. However, there may be among them people who prefer to fight every day to get things done. There are certainly among those who have a newsletter to one of three candidates left in the first round and be carried over Holland in the second, a lot of people who will do so without illusions and hopes with a particular in a third round office. It is they and them that we might find in the street demonstrations in the future and that we must explain that it is time to change methods if we want to change the world.

Change methods, make a revolution, not only at events "hot" see rioters. These actions can obviously be a time of struggle, but it is especially important to impose direct democracy in the struggle so that everyone-not really take the power to participate in key decisions. If you want to build a free society, one must already be open in the organization of struggles right now. This is also what show some examples here and elsewhere, and now yesterday, mentioned in this issue of Alternating Current.

Limoges April 22 23h
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