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(en) Italy, Statement of the Italian Anarchist Federation (IFA) on The armed struggle and some idiots (it, fr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 14:28:11 +0300

In our country the political and social situation shows clear signs of authoritarian involution on a global scale. The deployment of disciplinary policies in response to social issues is a sign that the time of compromise, of social democracy's going down. We may have to deal with the risk of imposing authoritarian regimes much. The criminalization of social movements and anarchists, and paves the repressive new devices: new laws, new criminal proceedings, an increasingly strong torsion of the regulations, a growing military control of the territory. ---- The immediate media management of monstrous attack Brindisi says a lot about what the intentions of the oligarchy in power. A cowardly act of indiscriminate terror against young women, antisocial and criminal, is easily assimilated to incidents of armed struggle, perhaps with a side dish with Greek origins or Mafia, with the clear goal of achieving unity of all parties in defense of the State, a unit that we saw at work in the years of national solidarity, special laws, social and cultural dell'arretramento the country.

Even the wounding of Ansaldo Nuclear of AD and the claim sent to the nucleus Corsera "Olga" FAInformale show how the action and communication are intertwined and confused in a game of infinite and distorting mirrors. It should be observed carefully to understand its very fabric.

The media, always the same ones that minimize the ferocity of the war that the Italian army fighting in Afghanistan, was shot to zero against the anarchist movement, the movement that is not exempted from the social struggles, which is at the forefront of movements for environmental protection, anti-war and militarism, against racist laws and security policies in our country.

Newspapers, radio and television, which did not immediately have raised their tones, are unleashed after the claim.

In these crises have always looked for scapegoats on which to direct the attention of the so-called public opinion. How they managed in the 80s to empty the contents of the sign and the richness of the movements of the previous decade, rovesciandogli him, and to everyone without distinction, the responsibility of lottarmatismo, making every molehill, imposing prison to rain, causing divisions and contrasts, so today there are those who will dust off the old tools of preventive criminalization.

Moreover, the situation for governments and employers is not easy to digest steps must increasingly unpalatable and their growing fear of a social rebellion.

The injured Adinolfi was caught on the fly to bid, after the various intelligence information on the danger "anarcho-insurrectionist", the task of the anarchist terrorist threat matrix, linking the growing social discontent, the movement notav and, in general against any form of social opposition.
If the current operation is this, it is clear that we must always expect new repressive operations.

In a situation where aggression to the quality of life of the population is increasing, especially in the field of employment, the precariousness of handicrafts and trade, and where we would need the full participation of all intelligence and ability to organize collective responses incisive, promoting fights, develop social initiatives, giving oxygen to form self-management of concrete response to the crisis, it is inevitable that those who think themselves pitted with a group, organization, tough fighter, illegal, may obtain effective results, with those who think they have the answer in your pocket. As the group has signed an attack on the executive of Ansaldo Nuclear claiming his membership of the Informal Anarchist Federation. Especially if the media emphasis with which these actions are reported to the functional involvement of the whole anarchist movement in a general process of criminalization, which has invested heavily on the Italian Anarchist Federation.

If not for the core text of "Olga" is published in full by the Corriere della Sera, who decides to do so from the hailer FAInformale. One wonders why. The answer is not difficult.

The press, after the first few lines on the nuclear issue is devoted to propaganda: good part of the document is a violent attack on the anarchist movement in its many components.
All newspapers, television news and GR devote ample space to a text which argues that much of anarchism is an anarchism own "ideological and cynical, to be emptied every breath of life". Not only. According to informal anarchists involved in social struggles "would work for strengthening democracy." That is to maintain the hierarchical order.
The reader gets the impression that the real purpose of the action was not so much a warning to the lords of the atom, as the audience get the right to let everyone know your opinion on the anarchist movement.

The action of the anarchists is described as a mere recreational activity, "alternative music" and the "new anarchism" stems from the act of "challenge the gun," the choice of "armed struggle".

The medium clouds so that the end of the cartoon superhero, who do not like "the rhetoric violentista but with pleasure" have "armed" with their hands do not realize that in our country nuclear power is currently out of the picture, Thanks to the struggles and popular movements.

Direct action, without delegation, practical and able to show that you can take control of their destiny, to fight and defeat the giants of the atom, as in Scanzano Jonico and blocks nuclear transport between Italy and France, where anarchists were in the front row.
Every day anarchists involved in struggles for territorial defense and self-government, against the bosses for the realization of autonomy to workers from wage-slavery, anti-war production and military, for a society without borders and armies against Racism, sexism, war of the poor and women.

The anarchists, who suffer exploitation and oppression as all next to each other exploited and oppressed, fighting against the state and capitalism to create the conditions to bring them down, aiming to break the material order and, together, what symbolic, are aware that it is not enough to know how to destroy but to build. Building without fear that the house is torn down, knowing that all the freed space, even for a few moments, becomes a place where so many experiments can savor the taste of freedom that is not abstract but concrete poetic construction of a non-state political arena.
Actions that prefigure from now on political and social relations of different sign, which is not limited to the "dream of a free humanity from slavery" because the path of freedom is not a "dream" but the daily wager in the social realities in which we are forced to live and we want to help change. Not alone. Never alone, because humanity is made up of people of flesh and bones, because acting in the name of an abstract "humanity" is typical of states, religions, even of capitalism that promises without keeping well-being and happiness. Do not anarchists.

The practice of freedom through freedom can be contagious, but you can not just impose.
The framers of the press shun the "consent" and seek "complicity". If you do not care and think only of the end of the half, effectively relinquishing any prospect of anarchist social revolution. Their language and their practice are a cocktail of rhetoric and aesthetic avant-garde practice.

Inevitable that the media give them ample space, following lines of interpretation sometimes apart, sometimes intermingled. Most of the media has concocted theorems to relate the struggles of the FAI and informal, in an almost symbiotic relationship.
Anarchists are clamped in a vice of interpretation: one described as "terrorists" or their fans, like other bureaucrats harmless.

A vice that probably will appeal to those who welcomed the gesture, there is content in the existential ecstasy in which the flash of a moment makes up for the drabness of everyday life spent in silence and waiting for another opportunity to raise the 'adrenaline. "As this is slight glow - write - the quality of life will be forever enriched." Between a parcel and a bullet in the legs can bask in the fame paper that the average paid by employers and political parties will want to give them.

Other than using the media to attack Adinolfi, is the political fact of the recurrence of an avant-armed, that over the seductions semantic parable follows a splinter party from the authoritarian, cradling the illusion of being able to erect guide those who judge intolerable to the world where we live. No coincidence that the process for so-called "new BR", far removed from anarchism people have expressed enthusiasm for the bombing of Genoa. It is the apotheosis of the argument, which does not care about the order. A sort of transversality of action fills the apparent distance of the projects. In reality, this distance is dissolved when this practice is developed in opposition to social struggles, inevitably forced into what the core "Olga" called "cittadinismo". This term stigmatize people's struggles in recent years, with growing radical organization have repeatedly embarrassed the governments that have followed, damaging the interests of big business and inaugurating participation practices certainly not anarchist but definitely far from the sad habit of delegation in the white electorate.

What remains outside the social struggles? The party, nothing but the party. No coincidence that the proponents of informal federation have a code-container, reducing the path of affinity to the practice of violent actions. We disregard the trivial fact - although serious - and in this way provides a cushion for endless repressive actions based on criminal association. We go beyond even the obvious risk that one day or another State or fascists can use the short name for itself, using the bank offered them naively.
If the outcome is the party, the organization that operates where others would not act, the organization that stands in conflict with state institutions and private owners, then this outcome leads directly off from anarchism.

Anarchism is elsewhere. Anarchism is not imposed, but it is proposed. Every day, day after day, in the hope that it makes concrete action because the exploited, if they wish, can create conditions to help those who exploit them, because the oppressed, if they can struggle to get rid of those who oppress them . It's a matter of practice, exercise of the revolution, experimentation as possible and desirable, to put into play everyday.
In the ecstasy of superomista gesture that pleases, write with contempt for social anarchists "only compass is the penal code." They write "whatever the cost": the anarchists the price they pay for each day. Yes, but is neither a boast nor a complaint, before the court, we present the bill for the struggles which we participate.

The authors of the press use the term "federation" federalism but reduce the intangible relationship between those who recognize the gun that shoots or explodes in the parcel, not the desire to build a framework of relations that is committed to combine freedom and organization.

Detractors argue that anarchism is impossible to combine freedom and organization, anarchy and organization, identifying the organization with the hierarchy, with the State, with the violent imposition of a social order that limits the freedom and equality turns into skeleton without a formal base material.

Proponents of parliamentary democracy believe that freedom should be limited, because, beyond the rhetoric about people power, they do not see freedom as the hallmark of humanity that emancipates itself from subservience to any hierarchical order, but as danger cage. For the Democrats the only way to settle conflicts, the social jungle, it's violent imposition of rules established under the principle of majority.

The exponents of the core Olga adopt the social jungle in which states justify their existence, as a prop to act for the sake of action, an act that escapes with disdain any reflection on the ethics of responsibility, the moral and political necessity of that everyone can build roads to traverse. An act that is sufficient for himself, without any attention to those, without which, like it or not, it makes a private war to the State, not the revolution. In their paper, proclaiming "the pleasure of having made full and having lived here and now 'our' revolution '. In this way the social revolution is reduced to an autoerotic practice in private clubs.

Anarchism has always been based on the knowledge in the chosen actions and goals, and personal responsibility in pursuing them: it always refers to the consciousness of individuals and the interpretation of the historical moment in which they live.
The effectiveness of direct action is not expressed by the degree of violence in it, but rather the ability to identify a road passable by all, to build a collective force to reduce violence to a minimum possible level within the process of revolutionary transformation.
Violence when built in the state system regenerates.

The organizers of the anarchists bet is to build political and social spheres of relationship, which, by their very existence, prefigure social relations free, where the link amplifies the organizational freedom of the individual. Social Anarchism is not permeated by any pretense that there is a definite formula for anarchist society, but questions and questioning are trying to practice a different relationship that aims at the synthesis possible, respecting the differences of each one. We are aware that only a company approved and, therefore, inherently authoritarian if not totalitarian, can imagine to expunge the conflict of social relations: for this reason we consider anarchy a horizon constantly under construction, where the social revolution that abolishes private property and eliminates the government, is the first step not the last of a path of social experimentation, which is ours as of now.

Comrades and fellow of the Italian Anarchist Federation met in conference on 2 and 3 June 2012
Source : http://www.federazioneanarchica.org/ http://anarresinfo.noblogs.org/
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