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(en) Switzerland: Immigration, Paper, rights, equality, one fight (fr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 31 May 2012 13:08:20 +0300

Equality as a condition ---- Improved living conditions and status of immigration in this country obviously requires the regularization of all persons who are without papers, NEM affected or are forced into a denial of their expulsion after asylum. These situations are the "hard core" of the immigrant condition although those who have papers are also private-es of a number fundamental rights, weakened es, es-discriminated and, in some circumstances, and deported them also. ---- But this claim, "papers for everyone" is itself a element of a goal as simple as radical equality for all those who live here, regardless of their origin. ---- This demand for equality is what needs to both animate our movement and be the obvious outcome. We only have one world, we share the same human condition. There is no reason or justification to accept that Humans are classified, supervised, controlled, repressed and therefore treated unequally.

The change in status and condition of immigration can not be worn by
a general movement of emancipation. Although there may be movement in this
advances and retreats, qualitative leaps, interim targets, but
the final objective, that which animates and gives life to the long period of struggle,
it is that of equality between people, of human equality and social.

The struggle for the rights of immigration is not simply a fight against
racists and xenophobes but against an entire system that assigns
immigrated es a condition of inferior and subordinate.

A shared human condition

There is no integration without mutual recognition of the human condition
shared, without need for equality. This requirement is also a
multiplier of the struggles we are waging, claims and rights that we
demand. For, indeed, how to achieve equality among all people without
each-e-e is respected and guaranteed to see their human rights.

For example, it is impossible to speak of reception, integration or equality in
the current situation against employee-es, under the current law
working. Welcome and integrate do not mean simply giving papers (this
which is huge), but allow people to overcome their situation precarious
competition increasingly fierce of all against all and all for
sell his labor, finding housing, accessing services
basic public service.

It is the same in the struggle for equality between men and women. There is
absolutely impossible to accommodate and give papers to women
come here without that equality between women and men advance decisively
in this society, including recognition of structural violence
against women, both here and elsewhere. Today, the opportunity to
food, shelter, health care continues to be ensured, despite statements
official. This is evident everywhere in Europe where the dominant classes
Open a real war against the social classes. More
felted, it is also true here in Switzerland.

Basically, even if it can only be born of a revolutionary change, we
es are related to the internationalist concept of one world or beings
equal human / equal can not not have papers everywhere, go everywhere
no paper. This is part of our utopia fighting.

Who is the immigrant-e that?

Immigration is discriminated, classified and controlled, who is treated
Specifically, excluded from the law. But it is only the last
links of a chain. Immigration is one sector of the proletariat, the wage system.
It belongs to the working classes. However, employees are-the proletarians live
a common situation of exploitation and domination. From a strict point of view
legal, all / your employee-es are the subordinates who must obey, people
private common law recognized only to the owners and manager-es.
Immigration is essentially a decisive fraction of the proletariat
Multinational this country. The condition of immigration is immediately resonant
with that of the unemployed / keynote speakers, the poor, the socially-assisted art, women,
old / old, those of all the people who constitute the labor force
ideal, flexible, fully profitable, employable and disposable as the system wants.

The yokes of the sovereign state

With the demand for equality among human beings oppose the terms of the
capitalist valorization and command of the state. Even as the devices
national state lose much of their sovereign rights,
that transnational power centers direct the policies of countries and are
some protectorates and semi-colonies, while the market is globalizing
and capital move without hindrance and without restraint, control of movement
humans remains a critical state competence. The possibility of
classify, to admit or expel, punish, imprison and deport
remains critical of state power, even if on this ground also blocks
Interstate take a decisive role.

This sovereignty includes the core content of emergency implemented against
fundamental rights of human beings. The state policy of immigration
based on a fundamental inequality between human beings, on other than a
part of the population of the common law, a possibility to act
inhuman against individuals and social groups as defined below
other population groups.

In fact, the state policy towards immigration, and particularly towards
the most precarious sectors of this immigration, always returns to a social order
Generally, a denial of emancipation movements: women, colonized people,
proletarians, of those who claim to live their lives freely in
outside hegemonic norms, etc..

But there is more. State policy towards immigration destroys the rights
rights of all / even when your is enforcing. Take for example
the well known case law formally established to shelter and sustenance for
all persons who are in this country. In fact, this formal right is being
implemented so as to exert on the unsuccessful re-permanent pressure and
increasing to force them to leave.

Place in a shelter PC and one meal per day are intimately linked to the development
instead of administrative detention for expulsion and conditions
physical and psychological realization that even expulsion. The condition
against most precarious of immigrant-es, is the extreme version of the
made to all people experiencing social fragility, precariousness.

Naturally, the system does not expel the bulk of immigration
"Illegal", this workforce is rigidly controlled and to thank you. Pressure,
constraints, imprisonment, deportation, are intended to be examples to
contain in silence, to demonstrate the power of the state and to demonstrate
impotence-dominated art, to stigmatize and separate undocumented or
dismissed-e-s of the ordinary people.

Es illegal immigrants, keynote speakers abusers-insurance and social benefits,
officials preferred es, es unruly young, ill-'re too expensive,
ilies living too-old-es, it is the countless figures of those that
intends to reduce the power and whose treatment is used to intimidate all the thy-
other. In fact, all classes are popular and more widely all thy-
es dissidents, rebels, thinkers-free keynote speakers that this is
compel discipline and compliance.

More broadly, all persons who rely on social insurance,
public aid, guarantees and security to be given the right social
suddenly become prisoners of the system, assignable to any work,
any condition, with any salary or without salary, controllable,
fichables and assigned es, es-mobilized and controlled-es.

The social question

The immigration issue is in fact a part of what is classically
designated as the "social question". Treatment of immigration, its location
constitute a legal and institutional leverage to apply to
all classes slaving policy, the precariousness of
living conditions, embrittlement. It has been said, but it bears repeating
again and again. The condition made immigration is a huge laboratory
Corporate destruction of social security, working conditions and
lives and liberties of the working classes. The political stress at work
for unemployed / keynote speakers and the right people at the end of the growing insecurity of
all labor laws, repression of attempts to organize
employee-es to defend their right, the return values ââand policies
reactionary, it is tied to the fundamental condition made to immigration,
because it is indeed the policy of war waged by the social classes
against the dominant classes.

In this sense, the struggle for immigration rights is part of a policy
Liberation for all.

The fate of the state and the ruling classes to impose immigration tells us much
the type of social institution to which the system is moving. At the same time,
the gap between the worst conditions made to the plebs and the condition of ordinary
classes is used to divide, to console the one-es by the distance
separate from others and to be the weakest scapegoat in principle
explanation of a condition as more and harder, more and more stress.

The social question, the alliance between all the liberation movements, the
clarification of terms of a struggle between dominant and dominated es-es,
exploiters / trices and exploited the fact that the fight for rights
Immigration can move forward only binding with all other social struggles.

Community control

We live in a situation where the ruling classes have made immigration
a scapegoat, convincing some of the classes that
immigrant-es are the source of problems and the threat felt by the social
most people. Immigration becomes the key element of a "thought" consoler
that reinforces the dominant order and divides-dominated art.

To change this situation, you have to move to positions
resistance and anti-capitalist struggle majorities dominated social and
exploited in this country. It is in the ability to clearly identify its enemies
lies to the people the opportunity to excel and to liquidate positions
xenophobic and racist.

So, this is to increase, diversify and expand the struggles
today by immigration and by the movements of solidarity with her. Despite
the general political situation and the unfavorable balance of power, there are
mobilizations that lead, earning resistance, elements of
against power-assertive.

Consolidate all that means to exit the immigration status of problem
particular to integrate all elements of the anti-capitalist struggle. This
requires that multiply the points of support, control tools, structures
organization for the immigrant-es can not only defend their rights
to stay and work here but to move forward together on the way
equality, to make each day more present immigration in the city.

The New Politics of Liberation

Win the right to social assistance, single, equal for all persons regardless
of their status, defend working conditions and equal wages for
all / all, break the social and wage dumping, multiply the struggles and
conflicts in this area, earn equal social rights, all these elements
unify the working class regardless of background or status.

The task of activist groups is to increase the aid that can energize and make
mount these mobilisations against poverty and social insecurity, and more
greatly increase the wage the struggle against the capitalist valorization.

We need unifying claims and these claims are most
time out of the claims.

Our medium term objective is to build a mass social movement,
only able to accumulate and to unite the opposition. This is to bring together
anti-capitalist forces both to support, to deploy a strategy
resistance to barbarism creeping system, develop and discuss the struggles
content of an alternative to this system itself.

Conquer gender and immigrant-are others, gender
all / all, this is a project of radical social transformation that
we will build over the struggles of liberation and emancipation, in the
solidarity among all those and all those that the system operates, and dominates

All fights are sisters
We carry a new world in our hearts
Build it day by day

Libertarian Socialist Organisation (OSL)

March 5, 2012

On our site:

For contact: info@rebellion-osl.ch
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