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(en) Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation - Commune No. 1 [machine translation]

Date Sun, 27 May 2012 09:36:31 +0300

Novelty, which appeared on the May Day action days, review the Anarchist Communist communes, which began publishing a group of anarchist alternative. The content of the concept of the magazine is directed to more theoretical texts, where the rebel feel strong influence of anarchism and the history of the anarchist movement. Already in the very beginning of the Commune is mentioned emphasis on tradition: "As anarchists we continue the tradition of anarchism, not only the world but also the tradition of working class struggle in Bohemia and Moravia with sweaters in various forms." And to help you to take your words as extra little frÃzovità concepts such as "historical experience of our class, the current need for and belief in a better future."

Take contents of the magazine well in order. "Letter to colleagues" should stimulate debate and action on a single workplace. Unfortunately it ended in controversy. The arguments presented one after all: "They say to us that the more they have, the more left for us. But practice does not indicate anything like that. "More text clearly states that" in need of charity, must perish. " But this destruction by destroying the need for charity. A healthy society is a charity which is often the only manifestation of the hypocrisy of the rich need it. The article "Change will not come by itself," describes in very general terms the need for revolutionary organization. Their sense can see that "help to build links between the different campaigns between different places and communities. A campaign to topple the system, but the network of social conflicts, which are mutually supportive and encouraging, can spread and grow and become a great opponent. A mistake all threads together is precisely the task of anarchist organization. "This, among other things adds one important fact:" People are willing to take some risk, rise and fight only when they believe they have a good chance of success. And this self-confidence grows from ultrarevoluÄnÃch talk, but grows back just about winning. "

On two pages is presented the history and present of the Italian movement NO TAV, which fights against the formation of high-speed trains for the line between Turin and Lyon France. No objection is that such a track is completely unnecessary and is driven by profits only because many private concerns. Building the track should not only negative environmental but also economic and social impacts. Protests against the TAV stretch from the 90th years and take various forms. Engage in them often and Italian anarchists.

A total of six pages processed has a readable narrative of tightening screws Bolshevik power in Russia in the early twenties, and background notes on the anarchist Alexander Berkman. His experience, as well as his observations very close to Emma Goldman's partner, confirming the words of Peter Kropotkin, Berkman said that during their joint meeting shortly before his death: "They showed how the revolution has done that."

The article "Affinity Group", which was translated from the Insurrection of 1988, deals with the possibilities of individual struggle and struggle within organizations and states that "individualists actions which disproportionately ahead of the current state of the fight, while the classic activities of organizations are left behind." As just offers an alternative affinity groups and notes that "kinship, or affinity, is often mistakenly interpreted as friendship or personal affection." He emphasizes the importance of mutual understanding and affinity groups attaches great potential: "No problem deals with the actual activities, since not cling to the quantity of its members, but the quality of power of individuals working together under the plan by itself and jointly develop the fly."

The revolutionary anti-authoritarian movement figures are presented on the website of the Commune, Anna Mendleson, a British writer, poet and political activist who was convicted in 1972 for conspiracy and participation in bombings carried out by an angry brigade.

"Right and Left Hand Devil" is a reflection of the fact that people are completely turned over control over their own lives into foreign hands. It's actually a very comfortable way, since our responsibility is light for a bad decision, "basically a no decision because no important any more '. As alternatives, we offer an official right and left, but they are the devil's hands, which do not go against each other. "Left and right are in fact very little different." We nalhÃvÃno that we live in a democracy, but the most important in the whole system is its basis, that is capitalism. "Democracy is only a facade of capitalism. (...) The basic problem is a system based on money, which forces people to make decisions strictly according to rules set by the strongest and richest. "At the end of the reflection states that" a prerequisite for any new start must be expropriation of accumulated wealth in the hands of elites' .

Deeper into the history of translation of an article takes us from Organize Magazine!, Which focuses on the lessons of the Paris Commune. It existed in 1871, and only a little over two months. Text briefly close behind the uprising, its short history and its various aspects which are worth analyzing. One major error was that the bourgeoisie has been removed political power. "Was essentially a bourgeois republic, even more decentralized." The same team that was established before the Commune, can not compete with private companies if they started to behave itself exploitative. Many economic changes KomunardÅ considered as secondary to the political revolution. Both cases, however, be seen as inseparable. People were elected to the Commune councilors rather than the mandate of the delegates. The problem representative of the Commune was its inefficiency, federalism would have been more effective. Also criticized the unequal status of women who did not vote, even though play an active role during the defense of the Commune, were assigned a subordinate role.

"Anarchism and Direct Action" is the text that says the only de facto: it must discard the belief in enlightened policy, and representatives, to trust themselves and their abilities and realize that no substantial change "was not a voluntary gift of good-hearted capitalists and governments." The second part is devoted to criticism of the Bolshevik approach. It is built in opposition to the anarchist emphasis on self-activity from below.

Literary Commune insert in story form, "Auditor" and four poems by FrantiÅek Gellner, followed by a three-expressive text describing the hopelessness of attempts to divide the world of capitalist exploitation of the system to control all social space. In the following text, which is called "mirror effect" is a bit harder to understand What it really wants to say. In a way, criticizes efforts to improve something here and now without having to respect the fact that holders of such a dream are often very well aware of their limits. The answer, which would not phrases, but the article does not offer. Conclusion The journal is dedicated to Athenian riots of 12 February this year.

The first number of the Commune is definitely beneficial. It might not be the case if its pages appeared the next several texts dealing with the practice. Thus, such that readers in the Czech Republic brought the inspiration for their own activities and to help clarify what specific practical steps to take here and now. Hopefully, the graphic design and selection of images will undergo a shift in future issues. Good luck and look forward to reading.

32 pages A4 (+ Annex Gustavo Rodriguez: Illegal anarchism) 40 CZK
Be ordered by e-mail commune [and] anarchokomunismus.org or purchase infoshop Salà .

http://www.csaf.cz - Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation
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