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(en) An infopaper about the elections in russia, the protest and, the nationalists actions by a anarcho-sindicalist group from germany (de)

Date Sun, 04 Mar 2012 12:27:15 +0200

No election of the nation - to the election protests in Russia ---- Third March 2012 in social struggles , AntiFa and Eastern Europe Tomorrow, Sunday 04th March will be held the election of Russian president. After the parliamentary election in December led to significant electoral fraud, began a new wave of protest magnitude. In many places the "revolt of the Russian people" is celebrated. Confessing nationalists like Alexei Navalny is thereby granted the media stage without restriction and be seen on the participation of ultra-nationalist groups away. That the right-wing propaganda and the anti-Muslim, racist as anti-Semitic content of much of the protesters and their leaders * inside is questioned no further, is by now customary. Still is in the protests and the potential of a break with the prevailing conditions and political thematization the social ills in Russia.

People are starting to take to the streets to protest, they are close to anti-fascist - along anti-authoritarian blocks. These people is our express solidarity and not some fucking people.

To the unthinking mainstream media counter this and to offer a libertarian view of the protests in Russia, we have the text "No choice - the nation," wrote. You can find our flier in the GÃttingen pubs and shops of your trust as well as anti-fascist here to download .
Or do you simply read directly
The beginning of an upheaval
, the current political situation in Russia took the chair of the liberal "Yabloko" party, Sergei Mitrokhin, a few days after the first large-scale protests together as "a moment of change". The elections to the parliament "Duma" are once again out with a victory for the ruling party "vying" 1 - this year but with no verschweigbaren forgeries, yet with huge voices burglaries. By international election observers were on the inside * 7 000 reported offenses against the election process. While massive government presence in areas like the Caucasus and Chechnya, voting results were achieved by 99%, in particular, broke into the major cities of the Russian Federation, the agreement for "vying" field. Despite attempts to influence the elections. Immediately after announcing the results, it attracted many people to the streets to make their displeasure with the renewed struggle for a parliamentary majority for HE air. For after the current President Dmitry Medvedev in late September announced that he will make way for a new Presidency of Vladimir Putin's candidacy, is the outcome of the Duma election, a clear forecast of how the presidential elections are run in March 2012. His convention speech Medvedev agreed, saying: "This is a deeply thoughtful decision that we have discussed since the beginning of our fellowship. The fact that we did not announce that the past is a matter of political expediency. ". The show, despite fakes immense, massive loss of votes for a huge drop in support for the prevailing policy. This situation could now be used for change, many people think. But Russia is in fact a radical change, as it Mitrokhin notes in the first days of the protests?
The slogan: "Together" - But ... what really?
Especially within such authoritarian and repressive system, such as the Russian state, it is great to see thousands of people on the street. Not only in the two cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, but in all major cities of Russia, from Europe to Asia. On 10 December came in the Moscow city center up to 100 000 * protestor together interior. Political meetings in Russia may be performed only after lengthy bureaucratic procedures and are subject to strict conditions. For example, must complete the rally course be fenced closed by the police. Demonstrations are moving it in the rarest cases. Against the mass of protesters, the police had no chance but to intervene arranging. Precisely for this reason an attempt is made âânow to increase the pressure on the protesters. While the United States as Putin pulling the strings of the protests and is referred to as paid-trant Demons * inside, try the repression of protests by the authorities arrest and rapid method to prevent. But the opposition does not stop, there are almost daily rallies and criticism remains present.
Everywhere is talk of a revolt of the Russian people against the Putin regime. Political commentators, particularly from the North Atlantic States, the protests similar to those found in the final stages of the Soviet Union and some are already talking about an optional "winter" - "white" or "Slav revolution." The actual situation in society is to completely uncritically. Rather than deal with the social conditions in Russia, local media access to better real features of the so-called leaders' protests. Thus, the predominantly active on the Internet dissident Alexei Navalny on the editorial board of the TAZ has apparently found a real fan. Every article on the situation in Russia is also briefly again as it goes Navalny barely. The summit, however, that good contacts with nationalist groups, and maintains on 04 November, the day of national unity, marched along with the entire Russian-nationalist spectrum entirely ignoriert2. Navalny remembers very well that the current situation could be his finest hour. For his blog has many readers * inside and he is currently by far the most popular opposition. Of the opposition parties Navalny is being heavily recruited, because they see in him those charismatic challenger Putin, who is currently missing. Navalny also seems the idea into a one party-JOIN NOW to be not averse to trying all the doors and keep it open.
Especially the right.
Just go in the hype but also to speak the language of protest. As welcome as a criticism of Putin is - the dominant charge that the Russian people will be led by a "party of thieves and crooks" 4 represented no more than civil discontent dar. This is practiced not just criticism, but always the construct an injured Russian people transported. Motivation for the protest has thus to be the good of the people. This also brought the power of the parties in agreement and use the situation to themselves as saviors of the Russian people to offer. Even if an attempt is made ââto the current protest a potential for change due, which is where the protest is equivalent to the early 90s, it is clear that a dismissal of the Putin regime would only lead to marginal price changes.
On the criticism of the corruption-promoting rulers but just from the abroad approved as difficult, the state control and endemic corruption of the market access from the outside much. Russia is currently in crisis as an important market, especially as a supplier of raw materials or lender. The importance of relations between the EU and Russia have repeatedly even people like the former German Chancellor Gerhard SchrÃder (SPD), whose comments about Putin as a "flawless democrat" is still on everyone's lips. The support of opposition groups could pay off for the North Atlantic states in retrospect as an investment in future business. But a clear positioning will not occur. * Even if the contacts to be established within any new regime, there is no distance from Putin. On the contrary, in advance of the EU - Russia summit in early December declared politician inside * of various German parties that it is now even Putin would be to show which class of statesman he was. So that all doors are kept open in order to better not to put through an exuberant support for democracy movements shops at risk. Funny thing is that there has been a few weeks ago the Russian WTO accession and the long-awaited opening of the economic coercion of Russia is now enforced. The local media as fans of Russian society, this was at best only an agency report worth.
Emancipatory perspectives?
The talk of throwing the struggling Russian people to the extent to which the protest for fair elections could ever be a way of social emancipation. Just the word pushed to the forefront of the opposition leaders to try the discontent of a people to channel awareness for justice. Most of the demonstrators are not many years oppressed dissidents are * inside * but lack of political innovations frustrated middle classes inside. The majority had placed hopes in Medvedev, which have now been disappointed once. Accordingly, calls for profound changes in society are heard too little. It is clear that it should not continue as before. What could change, however, is left to the self-appointed spokesmen. Even when vying has lost the support was not chosen for a unique new way. The increase in votes for the Communist Party, for example, is more an expression of protest voting behavior, as a confident their votes. Because the Communist Party was never known for great progressive ideas and occurs in Russia more like a local People's Party. Moreover, the Communist Party had in recent years and the Duma Chair. It is by no means a great alternative to what exists.
it so that it's all about power shifts will, in dealing with the repressive apparatus significantly. Although a vast array of police and armed forces of the interior is raised and government-even private security firms are hired to lead the protest appeal is always that the police were a part of the people and to fight for the same ideas. That this in no way corresponds to reality, the mass arrests showed since the beginning of the protests. In St. Petersburg, a large group of demonstrators inside * the fast track to 15 days imprisonment. The anarchists also detained Filipp Kostenko has been held since his arrest in a multi-week hunger strike against the political repression. After the release of those arrested with him Kostenko was convicted in another case for renewed two weeks in prison. The well was ailing physically unable to defend themselves in court during his plea and could barely stand. It would have brought little but probably also because the judge made ââclear their hatred for the expression and the courtroom was full of * agent inside the "Center for fight against extremism." Because of the way, was a condemnation of hooliganism charges in October.
The often quoted seemingly progressive demand for "freedom for all political prisoners" who manifested on the protests will be done is therefore not much more than a fig leaf. For instead of consistently show solidarity with the victims of repression support is desired by the repressive organs. Thus, prospects that could provide those protests, playful. This is also evident by banners such as "No revolution. Only fair elections ". A "revolutionary situation" is just wishful thinking by those who want to exploit the discontent. This is reminiscent in some respects very similar to the "Orange Revolution" in 2004/05 in any talk of an appeal "stay calm" was accompanied.
Participation libertarian groups
, although they are protests for fair parliamentary elections, take part in numerous contexts libertarian in the demonstrations. * For inner anarchist in Russia even before the elections are becoming aware of the manipulation was a big issue. With the campaign "Our candidate - self-organization" has the Anarchist Network "Autonomous Action" taken the parliamentary elections as an opportunity to show that elections bring anything and just the real possibilities of social organization below disguise. In addition, there was an information campaign in advance of the election in Russia a number of direct action. Targets were primarily from institutions vying offices but also from "Gazprom" and infrastructure of the police. Spent campaign offices hampered the work of Putin faithful in many places.
In many anarchists see the protests inside * a first rebellion against the state but are not false hope to make. The shortened criticism, an attempt at steering the protests and the nationalist course that the self-appointed spokesmen openly criticized * will play inside. Despite the many criticisms of "the movement" to pull back inside the anarchist * not, but try to intervene actively. Because if a collection is of the protests, depends on the protesters themselves off. Especially the radical Left is aware of the difficult social conditions and at least since early 2000, involved increasingly in social struggles. Thus the choice of protests for many libertarian relationships outside the (moving) cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg is a possibility of the former particularized struggles of are now open to take to the streets and articulate libertarian positions in society as a whole.
The nationalist appropriation of the protesters * receive within its own set anarchists and anarchist anti-national units in the demonstrations. By participating in the protests, they show their solidarity with the concerns of the people. So it was, for example, * anarchist inside, during the mass demonstration on 24 12th 11 in Moscow by the megaphones protesters gave the opportunity to express themselves freely. Their campaign "Free Theatre" withdrew the protest directed from above the ground and gave the call for self-determination of a practical nature. During the final rally attracted anarchist * inside * inside Feminist, LGBT Activist * inside * the inside and base-union together in front of the main stage to be there to counter protest the mainstream. The appearance of the oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov and PrÃdidentschaftskandidats they blocked up the security gate open. Thus it is clear that the radical left, despite participation in election protests his own beliefs does not lose sight of. With numerous campaigns carry the Russian anarchist ideas into it * inside a liberated society in the new social movement. And this applies to many interested parties - and at the same time on enemies. During the closing speech, said the at least since the protests in the forest of Khimki, well-known anarchist Alexei gas Karow, not to make false alliances and establish direct democracy. A collaboration with institutions such as police and army repression or nationalist * inside * of how many speakers inside propagated, it should not be, because they were the enemy of any democratic process. During his speech, demonstrators tried to right inside * Karow gas attack. On the block, however, was libertarian terminus. There were after the end of the rally, but revenge by well-known ultra-nationalist inside * jointly with the police, a group * on the Metro waiting inside anarchist attack.
But the political participation outside of the official protest to meet with much approval .
In contrast to the lip service of solidarity with prisoners, there are libertarian relationships that make practical solidarity. Using a good reporting on the situation of political prisoners such as Filipp Kostenko and public solidarity actions of the broad context of state repression is shown. Political protest is thus introduced into different forms again and again in daily events. At a time when many people solely because of personal distress, are more susceptible to political critique.
* Many of the demonstrators inside the first time are not at a state-sanctioned political action and first-time contact with repression. . The left principle of direct solidarity to them shows that, for collective action, if you're not on the police good persuasion of any party leader is waiting, but taking an active role is
thus to continue the protests, has "Autonomous Action" campaign "Our choice - self-determination "was launched. For further protests will continue to build consistently on anarchist anti-fascist agenda-setting and blocks. Under the slogan "We are 146%" election fraud as well as the international Occupy be moving quotes joke and called for a political movement, the state and nation in question.
the tense social situation and the election fraud have first crack in the authoritarian Russian state system performed. Whether it is from these plans as a threat to the state is uncertain. The creative and activist anarchist scene in Russia is willing to do something for it.
A text of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Youth GÃttingen / South Lower Saxony
care to more networking social activist is fighting to support internally * in Eastern Europe / former Soviet Union is an important issue for us. Soon, the first volume of our series "emancipatory politics in Eastern Europe", focusing on libertarian politics in Russia and Ukraine.
1The party "United Russia" had been the absolute majority in the Russian parliament "Duma". Also, the separately elected President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has been a member of the party. Parteivorsitzener ex-president and former Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is not in any goat sucker, some Russian party member. Is
2The "Russian March" is an action of the Russian nationalist and ultra-right wing groups Russia. The Moscow demonstration, "Russian March" was the way, led by a "Russia for Russians" banner. For more information on the Russian March, please read our article in the "Gai Dao" February issue
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