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(en) US, anarkismo.net, A leaflet distributed at an anarchist conference in New York City for the International Socialist Organization (ISO) criticizing his positions Trotskyites.

Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 13:27:22 +0200

On October 28, 2006 we participated in the first two days of the Northeast Socialist Conference called Build the Left / Fight the Right! (Build the Left / Right Fight!) in New York. Despite its universal appeal, the conference was organized by the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and limited to the views of that organization. We distributed the leaflet below. The ISO has the same positions as the British Socialist Workers Party and other members of International Socialist Tendency , although the organization is distinct (due to a quarrel of some sort). Some parts of the leaflet are also applicable to other variants of Trotskyism. (For information: I was a founding member of the organization that preceded the ISO, International Socialists , having been an anarchist-pacifist.)

You, the Trotskyist International Socialist Organization declare to have the same goals that we struggle anarchist social-de-classist: a global revolution of the working class and the oppressed against the capitalists and their states (including the "communist" regime of capitalismesd'état) and their replacement by board associations. But ruin it all by your methods, you try to recreate the Bolshevik Party of Lenin and Trotsky, and do what Lenin and Trotsky were in Russia. When you deviate from this attempt, only having recourse to the means for social democrats. We will demonstrate this.
You want to create a "workers' state." But he can not exist like that. Engles has defined the state as a "public force" that "is not only of armed individuals, but also concrete appendages, prisons and coercive institutions of all kinds ... ". His officers are "organs of society over the company ... representatives of a power that separates them from society ... The State is an organization for the protection of the propertied class against the non-propertied class. "Does this sounds like something the working class needs? All previous ruling classes have required a state because they were minorities who wanted to make majorities. This majority is ouvrirère class and its allies. In a revolution, it will not need a military-bureaucratic machine to reverse the socially alienated minority pro-capitalist. It will require self-organization of workers and oppressed themselves: neighborhood assemblies and in the workplace, Federated advice, and armed people, a workers' militia. This is not a state. Because the state wanted a Bolshevik, they picked up with a state - a bureaucratic monstrosity.

The Russian Revolution led by Lenin and Trotsky, resulted in totalitarian nightmare. You give it, not the Bolsheviks, but the "objective conditions" - the poverty of Russia, the failure of the spread of the revolution, and so on. All of this is real. But it is also true that the Bolsheviks have never advocated the multiple parties and trends in the soviets, self-management of the basic industries, independent trade unions, etc.. Already in 1921, when Lenin and Trotsky were in power, they banned all other parties (and imprisoned and massacred the anarchists) have banned all caucuses in the only legal party and insisted that the unions are controlled by the party. That's Lenin and Trotsky that have legalized state-police-party! Stalin subsequently developed what they had set up. Trotsky and his Left opposision fought Stalin while agreeing on the one-party dictatorship. Until his death, Trotsky has always considered the dictatorship of Stalin as a "workers' state" because the economy was nationalized.

The party advanced hierarchical and centralized as you advocate is only good for one thing: run a state. We are pro-anarchist organization, tradition platform, especifismo, and FAI We believe that the revolutionary anarchists should organize themselves to disseminate these ideas in the unions and other grassroots organizations. Our goal is to encourage the oppressed to take control of the company and run by direct democracy and limited delegation. But your goal is that the Leninist party runs the company. You think that workers can have power only when your party is in power. Your goal is to implicitly rule on behalf of workers. Well, your party may well happen one day in power, but it will be only to rule over the workers.

Like your fellow Trotskyist Spartacist Line, your goal is a centralized party, leading a centralized state, managing a centrally planned economy, possibly internationally. It would be a monstrous bureaucratic, inefficient and oppressive. Rather, we propose federated associations, and regions of the Ummah decentralized, self-managed industries, all planned from the bottom up by negotiation between councils.

Your centralized and authoritarian political philosophy affects everything the ISO does. You have developed a deserved reputation of being manipulative and controlling and vacillate between sectarianism and opportunism. For example, you have actively contributed to the campaigns of Ralph Nader, with and without the Green Party. Forgetting for a moment our anarchist anti-election, Marx, Lenin and Trotsky advocated electoral activity only in the context of developing the political independence of the working class (which did not work too well, considering the history of social democratic and communist). Nader is a supporter of capitalism and its State, as the Green Party these days. You try to create a third capitalist party and liberal. To campaign for Nader was to cross the class line. You did it just to build the ISO, not on behalf of any principles.

Similarly, in the labor movement: Your advertisement for the Northeast Conference said "Last year was exciting for the labor movement ... The Transit Worker's Union (union transit workers) in New York challenged the Taylor Law's draconian and went on strike, inspiring workers across the three states and countries. Forced to return to work by the MTA ... they organized their base and win the vote for 'no' to their new labor contract. "But all this without mentioning that the bureaucracy of the TWU , which could have continued to "defy" the State has chosen to abdicate and betray the workers by demobilizing so they may vote in favor of the contract.

In the anti-war movement, pressed Support the Resistance! (Press the Resistance). It is commendable to express its solidarity with the oppressed people of Iraq and Lebanon against American imperialism. But it is inexcusable to use these slogans which imply (for everyone or almost) political support for nationalist leaders, pro-capitalist, and misogynist. The revolutionaries should participate in all the popular movements in order to build, while developing their own policies internationalist anti-de-classist, and this, in opposition to pro-capitalist leaderships.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, Marxism was discredited in the eyes of many people. In return, the momentum has shifted radically to the other radical historical anarchism. But the basic ideas are the same: the wrongs of capitalism, the importance of the working class, the importance of other rebel forces (women, LGBT people, oppressed by their 'race' or nationality, etc.). The fight against imperialism, the need for international revolution - and the need to build a revolutionary organization to fight for these ideas. Trotskyism is simply not the right program for the revolution.
To learn more about anarchism in New York and the country: Northeast Federation of Anarchist-Communists opencity@nefac.net www.nefac.net or contact: New York Metropolitan Alliance of Anarchists www.nymaa.org
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