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(de) fda-ifa: Tech-Coops at 35c3: Report and talk von IT-Kollektiv

Date Sun, 13 Jan 2019 08:35:32 +0200

Building on the first tech-coops meetup in 2017 at the 34c3 and the connections made there, even more activity around tech-coops took place at the 35c3, the annual conference of the German Chaos Computer Club which took place in Leipzig, Germany from the 27th to the 30th December 2018. ---- IT Kollektiv from Germany organized a tech-coops assembly inside the Komona space, that brought together a broad range of people from different places and projects. ---- With two meetups and a talk on tech-coops we had the chance to spread the idea of tech-coops and build new connections. ---- Meetups ---- Two tech-coops meetups took place. The first one at the 27th December and the second one at the 29th December. The second meetup was split into two groups: One discussion further international relations and exchange and a group for persons that were interested in the idea of tech coops.

Some questions that were discussed:

What is a tech-coop? Progressive coops vs. traditional coops.
How to work together internationally in the future? How to stay in contact.
Pros and Cons of working for NGOs.
How to get a coop started.
How to find clients?
Unions and political alignment.
Selection of software and refusal of clients for ethical reasons.
Talk: Tech-Coops: No masters, no slave
On third day we held a talk on tech-coops and the history and development of IT-Kollektiv. The talk was held inside the Komona space. Around 40 people attended and we had a good and inspiring discussion after the talk.

You can see and download the slides of the talk here.

35c3 talk tech coops

The tech-coops assembly and our participation at 35c3 was another big step forward for furthering connections on an international level and bringing the idea of tech-coops into more communities. Building on this we want to be back at the 36c3 and if possible this years camp with a tech-coops assembly with a stronger shared ownership of the different coops and networks.

Next steps discussed for staying in touch and working on international connections:

Create a digital zine about tech-coops that can be used as a place to exchange ideas and experiences.
Use the CoTech community disource “International Solidarity” section for communication.
Organize a video call
We want to thank our friends from CoTech and everyone involved with Komona for making all of this possible.

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