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(en) Poland, Anachistic Federation p. Poznan: WE ARE STRONG, STRONGER TOGETHER![machine translation]

Date Tue, 12 Jan 2021 10:33:29 +0200

On December 6, 2020, another Women's Strike took place on the market in Pobiedziska under the slogan "Common Anger in Pobiedziska", which was hosted by MEP Katarzyna Ueberhan, who discussed the rule of law of the European Union in the context of the human rights crisis in Poland. As Poznanians Against Hunters and the Gniezno Anti-Hunting MovementWe raised the problem of breaching European standards in the context of women's social and animal rights, referring to the abuses related to hunting organized by hunting clubs. During the speeches we made an attempt to connect the issues of women's rights, ecology, animal rights and anti-fascism. Our speeches were warmly received, which does not change the fact that our aim was not to depart from the overarching topic, which is the inhumane prohibition of abortion, but only to shed light on topics no less important for local plots standing literally "on the line of fire" day after day. Activists from the Gniezno Anti-Habitat Movement defend women's rights on a daily basis and engage in the fight for animal welfare in the vicinity of Pobiedziska, in a place considered by hunters to be one of the best hunting grounds in Poland (Czerniejewo and its vicinity),
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Forum: Activism
Keywords Poznanians Against Hunters Women's strike animal rights Social ecology hunters
Animal rights are violated in Poland and a policy of environmental degradation is pursued. Last Friday (04/12/2020), the European Commission decided to refer the case against Poland to the Court of Justice of the European Union due to breaking the law during the so-called forest management. It was in 2016 during the PiS term of office that the late Minister Jan Szyszko, contrary to EU directives and the Constitutional Tribunal of the European Union, started cutting old trees in the Bialowieza Forest, using the argument of the bark beetle. We know very well that infected, diseased spruces were not cut down. Instead, healthy old hornbeams, oaks and beeches with huge trunk diameters were cut. For the enormous profit of the State Forests corporation, nature is destroyed, animals are killed and valuable plant species are degraded, Habitat directives are violated, birds are killed. Disgrace!
This year, the PiS government showed its worst face in the form of the abortion ban, limiting our abortion rights, which strikes the foundations of human existence: sense of security, health and life. He showed his worst face by attacking women and LGBTQiA + people and openly calls for support of fascist and national groups promoting such sick slogans as "death to leftists and LGBT". animals, old trees are cut down This is a disgrace!

The social movement called the Women's Strike has been operating in Poland since 2016. It was four years ago that Black Protests passed through the streets of Polish cities. In Poznan, after the Black Protest near the PiS headquarters, several of our colleagues were groundlessly accused by police officers of violating their inviolability. They fought in court for an acquittal for four years. It was not easy. As usual, the scapegoat was found, and therefore the Anarchists were blamed. Only the district court in Poznan decided to acquit them.
We want to tell you that it is not enough to just criticize PiS, but to overthrow this sick government! We are fed up with the government's anti-social and anti-worker policies. We are fed up with exploiting cheap female labor on junk contracts or through temporary employment agencies.

This power has put far too many problems on the shoulders of women. Limiting the right to an abortion procedure is another PiS cut in medical services. The current situation is not only due to the neglect of a particular government, but also how patriarchal and classy the whole system is. We need to reorganize the system so that it is not oriented towards exploitation of the worker, but is based on social security. You will say that 500+ is a invention of Pis. Yes! Various sources show that 500plus made women feel safer. In Europe, however, such social benefits are much higher and are not subject to additional requirements. As usual, the poorest and needy women will suffer from the abortion ban, and as you know, the richer women, the easier it is for them to perform such an operation abroad.

Why is this happening? Why is the government mostly male, many of whom are hunters? Why are there daily hunts in the vicinity of Pobiedziska and why can we hear shots even at night? Why are hunters and priests who dictate rules to women and say what is good for them?

Because men, mainly hunters, policemen and priests, satisfy some need of their own, some hunger through the sense of belonging to the elite of guys. What? Of course, such a hunter or priest, when he belongs to the hunting club or the episcopate - and has the support of the elite - his well-being improves. But only for a moment. It turns out that in the world of hunters, police and priests low self-esteem, lack of self-respect, meaning in life and fulfillment are common, they are simply complex. It is a very sad and most sympathetic image of men. Male friendship ceased to exist. The same "dudes" are trying to do with women. They try to argue us and push us onto the tracks of competition in the name of corporate and business profit. But we will not give up!

Let the women speak for themselves!!! Women exploited for reproductive and caring work in households often suffer in hiding. Despite doing unpaid domestic work, they go into low-paid, hard-paid work. They are exhausted after work and still have to cook dinner for the whole family, and sometimes endure the violence of their husband / partner, who is also a hunter. In small towns it is more difficult for them to obtain psychological or legal help. Two months ago, in November 2020, a tragic accident happened. Despite the fact that the woman established the so-called "Blue card" (for domestic violence and alcohol abuse) - he, using his gun license, as a member of a hunting club, in the dark killed a 16-year-old boy picking apples in an orchard by the boarding school. The hunter explained that ... "he mistook the boy for a boar." Often it is the hunters who use the advantage over women in the form of a hunting rifle and ... it happens that they shoot their wives. Disgrace!

For example, hunters' wives often complain that after a whole week of work, her husband disappears for the weekend and hunts, and she, tired of caring for children and the elderly, has to subordinate her life to dressing the bodies of the hunted animals. Unfortunately, this is how the everyday life of most women in smaller towns in Poland looks like, and in addition they have been denied the right to abortion! Disgrace!
It is said that people with rifles often have a sense of power and authority coupled with such a strange, pleasant tickling inside. A man wearing a rifle or dressed in a cassock with a clerical collar sends a subliminal signal "It's worth showing me respect." We are well aware of the psychological mechanism which says that it is very difficult to part with the received admiration and respect that is obtained through power and violence. We are sick of this!

In Poland, healthy animals are killed by telling the public to fight the ASF virus. We know very well that the shooting of healthy wild boars will not stop the ASF epidemic in pig farms. We know well that the vector of virus transmission is not the wild boar, but most of all the hunter and farmer who, not respecting biosecurity, infects healthy pigs in pig farms. Recent studies also show that coronaviruses mutate through pollution caused by industrial livestock farming. More and more women are starting to work in mink farms and slaughterhouses for very low wages. This is the exploitation of both women and nature! Disgrace!
We do not agree to any form of domination, and we wish to emphasize that it should not matter whether it occurs between a man and a woman or between people and animals. The fight for women's reproductive rights should be as strong as the fight for the rights of wild and industrially bred animals - animals that are raped and fertilized only to be milked and killed. We have enough!

Poznanians Against Hunters Anti-
hunting Gniezno Movement Anachistic
Federation p. Poznan

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