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(en) Greece, liberta salonica: Anti-war rally: Saturday 24/10, 13:00 in Kamara. [machine translation]

Date Sun, 25 Oct 2020 09:52:05 +0200

The Greek state, by providing steadfastness to the American imperialists, seeks its premium from the latter in its perpetual competition with the Turkish state in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. German, French and American imperialists are ready to take on the role of mediator, to discipline the Greek and Turkish states in the demands of the EU and NATO. However, any efforts for diplomatic compromise are taking place in a particularly tense climate, as NATO troops have flooded the Mediterranean. It is a given, then, that the situation in our neighborhood is particularly deplorable. Those who light the wicks of war want to present themselves as peacemakers, to promote the interests of their bourgeoisie and to shape the geopolitical chessboard of the Eastern Mediterranean. As long as the imperialists ignite transnational rivalries, they will conspire for the peace and security of the peoples, while at the same time hoarding the war industries and business groups, as the respective investments and economic agreements will always be used as extortionate terms for any apparent aid. the patrons to their subordinates.

The United States has assigned the Greek state the role of watchdog in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans. For this very reason, the Greek territory has been transformed into a vast NATO base. American imperialism is constantly competing with the Russian and Chinese agents in the region. The Russians are trying to gain influence in Cyprus (see Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's visit to Cyprus) and Serbia (see joint Russian-Serbian military exercises in Belarus), while the Chinese are competing to American capital in a number of business activities. At the same time, however, the United States is struggling to keep Turkey "anchored in the West," as US Ambassador to Greece Jeffrey Payat said a few days ago.

Whatever the case, the quarrels and rivalries between the Greek and Turkish bourgeoisie between the Greek and Turkish states do not concern the interests of the working class on either side of the Aegean. Our interests do not coincide with those of monopoly groups, such as Exxon Mobile, Total and ELPE, which are going to make a fortune from hydrocarbon mining. The existing transnational dispute between Greece and Turkey is done exclusively for the prefecture of economic and political power in the region, through the delimitation of the EEZs, the exploitation of energy deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean and the control of the transit trade of energy.

The states are trying to blind the people with the nationalist poison, in order to drag them into a war for the interests of the capitalists. Thus, a particularly dangerous war-torn climate, a feverish war preparation and a strong mobilization and vigilance in the Greek and Turkish civilian armies have been formed. Unilateral and myopic accusations are fired from each side, each of which claims the "right" in its part by defending its bourgeoisie. Of course, the imperialist rivalries and nationalist narratives that are now becoming the flags of the two states are systematically and subtly silenced by the bourgeois press and the capitalist media, trying to shape a nationalist and anti-bourgeois tendency towards the bourgeoisie. .

The Greek state, which spends 2.4% of its GDP annually on NATO spending, announced the next steps of its further militarization: recruitment of 15,000 permanent servicemen, proposal to increase military service to 12 months, proposal for compulsory military service to 18, doubling annual state budget for military spending, a desire to buy planes, torpedoes, ammunition from France, a possible purchase of frigates from Germany and an upgrade of 84 F-16 aircraft that will cost many billions of euros. The Greek state squanders the money from the public coffers, what it grabs from the toiling and starving people, in order to upgrade its militaristic mechanism, which is in line with the attempted developmental reconstruction of the Greek capital, NATO's war plans, but also the suppression of any attempted mass expression of social disobedience and class anger from below. This money could be used to meet the immediate needs of the people, for salaries, pensions, benefits and allowances, health, education, housing, electricity and water for the poor. The state, however, shows us at every opportunity which class it serves; that is, the few and the privileged, the capitalists.

In a possible war or hot episode between Greece and Turkey in the guillotine of the imperialist slaughterhouse will put the peoples of the region, the producers of wealth and the youth of the two countries. But the oppressed and the exploited, no matter where we are on the map, we have nothing to separate from each other. We must understand the community of our class interests and on this basis organize our counterattack against those who oppress us and live by our toil. We are not going to fight for the interests of local and international bosses, we are not going to fight for any homeland, nor are we going to turn the barrels of arms on the working classes of other countries, from which the rulers are trying to separate us by any artificial means.

It is the duty of the oppressed and exploited to sabotage the machine of imperialist war and prevent the spread of nationalist poison in the social body! Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the international anti-war and anti-imperialist movement on the basis of proletarian internationalism and the relentless anti-capitalist, revolutionary struggle. Only a united world proletariat, class-organized and politically organized, can prevent the war plans of the capitalist oligarchy, clash and overthrow the state and the capitalists, to lead collectively, ruthlessly and horizontally the economic and social life, for the construction of a stateless and classless society, of liberal communism.

CLASS AND internationalist enlisting OF PEOPLES FOR THE PREVENTION OF imperialist war





SATURDAY 24/10, 13:00, KAMARA

Liberal Initiative of Thessaloniki (member of the Anarchist Federation)

* We ask the people who will support the mobilization to take the necessary health protection measures, to keep the prescribed distances and to show the proper sense of responsibility. In the face of the criminal irresponsibility of the state management of the pandemic, which is oriented exclusively to the service of capitalist interests, we must stand with a collective sense of responsibility and solidarity with our neighbors, in our class. Only the people will save the people!

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