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(en) Czech, AFED: Activities of the Anarchist Federation in 2019

Date Wed, 15 Jan 2020 08:38:10 +0200

Traditional summary of the previous year from the perspective of organized anarchists ---- The Anarchist Federation has been operating since 1995, which means it will celebrate a quarter-century of its existence this year. During that time we did what we could, ie. what we were able and willing to put in the struggle for the idea of a free and self-governing society without unnatural authorities, oppression, discrimination and exploitation. It must be said that our ranks have not expanded in any particular way, and that we are still miles away. However, this is not an obstacle to continuing to carry our visions in our heads and hearts, to discuss them, to fight for them and to pursue them, as far as possible, here and now in communities that are based on anti-authoritarian principles. It is not important for us to mark the anarchy or our federation, but the principles upon which both the idea and the organization stand.

Organization is a key word for us, more precisely the non-hierarchical organization from below on which AF is built. And we are pleased to be able to see the emergence of other groups that have accepted this way of cooperation. Since we operate in various parts of the Czech Republic and sometimes abroad, the federal structure is a must for us. The functions necessary for the functioning of our organization are ensured through joint decisions at the AF Congress, as well as our joint activities. In 2019, three AF Congresses were held in January , June and November . You could read about the focus and principles of AF in the cultural biweekly A2 in an interview that we published in full on our website ( HERE andHERE ). At the international level, AF is a member of the International Anarchist Federation ( IFA ) and our representatives participate in its meetings . For the year 2019 there was also a congress , which is held once every three years, this time in Ljubljana.

Climate justice

The struggle for climate is one of the most up-to-date struggles today and the proof of this is the past year. In addition to the arrogance of politicians and businessmen both in our country and in the world, we could also see the growth of the climate rescue movement and the penetration of the topic into public discourse. We unequivocally support the global movement for climate justice, which is also related to social justice, while our sympathies are not merely trying to green capitalism. Back in spring, we supported the high school climate strike organized by the Fridays for Future (FFF) initiative. On 20 September, we actively joined the demonstration for the climate , as FFF organizers also invited workers to participate. On that occasion, we published a thematic issue of the anarchist correspondent Bottom. In October we published an open letter from Fridays For Future Rojava. Our support was also directed at the student initiative of the University for Climate, which in November occupied a building of the Faculty of Arts for one week and subsequently the vestibule of the Rectorate of Charles University in Prague.

We have been supporting the Limits initiative for a long time, and it was no wonder that some of us again took part in the Klimakemp , which this group had organized for the third year, this time near the Chvaletice coal power plant.

We did not miss other events, such as a demonstration to save the Amazon from the Brazilian embassy.

Rojava autonomy

We continued to follow the development of a social experiment in Rojava, Northern Syria, and provided information on this topic. Early in the year we joined international action days to support the revolution in Rojava. In February we supported Punx for Rojava with our distr .

Once it became certain that the fascist Turkish state was preparing at the border to attack Rojava, we joined the call for global mobilization against the Turkish invasion. Day X occurred on Wednesday, October 9. On the same day protests took place in many cities around the world, such meetings took place in Brno and Prague , where AF co-organized the event. On that occasion we published a thematic issue of the A3 wall paper , some of us engaged in the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution in Rojava. We posted banners in Prague and Hradec Králové , and solidarity graffiti appeared. On October 16 we participated in a demonstrationwhich was attended by about 600 people. Protest acts and rallies were also held in other cities in October, such as Olomouc , Ostrava, Brno and Pilsen . Among other things, we managed to unpleasant the official party of the Turkish ambassador in one of Prague's hotels. We joined the Prague demonstration as part of the World Day of Resistance against the Turkish Invasion of Rojava, which was announced on 2 November, and supported the protest action in Brno on 10 November. In December, Committee activists renamed several Prague's Zizkov streets after the victims of the Turkish invasion of Syria.

Against repression

In 2019, we followed the efforts of the repressive forces to persecute the anarchists during the hearings in the Phoenix 2 case or during the trial with the anarchist because of the sign on the sign she held during the demonstration.

We have been actively involved in an international campaign to support anarchists and anti-fascists persecuted and tortured in Russia in the staged Network case. We made a translation of a documentary film on the whole case and prepared medallions prosecuted with their addresses in prison. In March, we then started a tour on which the film was screened, discussed the case and repression in general, and wrote letters to imprisoned activists. The events were held in Prague, Hradec Králové , Brno, Liberec and Pilsen . We also inform about the case.

AF joined the International Week of Anarchist Prisoners (23-30 August), for example by displaying a banner in Hradec Králové.

Nakladatelství AF

Every month we released one issue of wall newspapers A3 , on the themes Yellow Jackets , private ownership , climate strike , May Day , a united Europe , Marianske ý column on the Old Town Square , anticommunism , music festivals , Exarchia , a Turkish invasion of Rojava , 30 years after coup and prison system in the Czech Republic .

We published the issue of the anarchist revue Existence , which was devoted to the Zapatistian uprising, and in December we completed the preparation of the 50th issue on houseprojects. In Prague, in cooperation with the Black Seeds cooperative, we organized an " existence party " to discuss the current situation in Chiapas.

On behalf of the AF Publishing House, we participated in several interesting events, such as discussions about Czech and Slovak fanzines, the Prague Spring zine party , Zinfest in Brno, and the Pilsen benefit event Waste and Scream III . As always, the Anarchist Book Festival in Prague, the seventh year , as always rich in accompanying program, was crucial for us . For this occasion we have prepared several new books - Anarchy works by Peter Gelderloos, Radical Buddhism and songbook A-song .

We invited the author of Anarchy Works to us and organized a small tour with him that stopped in Brno, Liberec and Tábor. It was in Tabor at the TABOOK Book Festival that the premiere of another book that we published last year was The Memories of Anarchist by Anna Mikhailovna Garasjova.

Other activities

For several years we have struggled to maintain the autonomous social center Klinika. We were with the Clinic until its end, when the bailiff arrived with his hops in January to secure the entire building, ie to deprive the building of its inhabitants and users and therefore of the life they had given her. His actions did not go without the week-long resistance that we reported every day ( HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE and HERE ). Some of us continued to engage in squatting activities, and the team of the Clinic still has our support , as it does not end its attempts and its economic persecution.

We decided to spend the first of May in Brno, where an anti-fascist blockade of the neo-Nazi march took place that day . However, it was not the only anti-fascist public event last year that we attended. Others include an attempt to block the Clerofascist "National March for Life" or the " Noise Olympics " to disrupt the gathering of ultra-rightists, also attended by LePen.

In November, we responded to some aspects of the celebrations of the Communist Party's 30th anniversary of the fall of the government, bordering on mockery to ordinary people, the minicamps "Thanks that we can. Really?". On that occasion, we published a thematic issue of the A3 wall paper and a set of stickers stating the glorious slogans of the reality of people on the lower ranks of the social ladder.

We also supported sports events, anti-racist football tournaments in Vežnicka and Prague . Furthermore, some of us took part in the March 8 Women's March. We promoted the campaign " Steal something from work! "(Ready for April 15th). We supported the FNB Ostrava in the Salé infoshop or the Pilsen Pride march . We participated in several lectures and screenings, especially in Prague and Brno.


Everything suggests that we will continue in the same direction in 2020. Facing repression, the fossil lobby and its political leaps, attacking Rojava autonomy and suppressing alternatives. Let us hope for the growing climate justice movement, global support for the North Syrian experiment, and emerging movements in various parts of the world that reject leaders and the hierarchy. We are supported by our dreams and desires, friendship, solidarity and mutual assistance of our communities, which are not bound by national borders.

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