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(en) anarkismo.net: Greece, Founding Declaration of Quieta Movere (gr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 18 May 2017 14:31:10 +0300

Oppose libertarian education as a counterweight to the existing educational model that reflects the dominant imaginary contributing to the perpetuation of sovereignty. The aim is not the accumulation of an endless stack registered knowledge. The aim is aware of the social forces acting on humans and the Characterstructure configuration capable of putting together the mosaic of society with special subjective and their supportive way. An education mirror emancipated society for which we are fighting. ---- Founding Declaration ---- A founding text is charting a prime necessity. Need born by analyzing the data of the reality we experience antipalefontas some data, contributing to the building of a new. The schematic illustration of the operation could be likened to the cycle. In the circle every point is a beginning and an end and all points equidistant from the center. On this basis we organize ourselves: Equally, without hierarchies, with respect for diversity, where each member of the Assembly is the beginning and end of the collective. And this basis is not simply a contract that we put between us. It seeks to act as a prefiguring, to be a model of society that is not based on human exploitation and nature to "progress" to "developed" but irrefutable principle is solidarity, faith in the value and potential of man. A value that we see crumbling daily, wherever you turn. By internalizing attitudes social cannibalism, the "blame and we" that leads to initiatives to unblock the mire but the self-incrimination of the oppressed, until the brutal labor exploitation which afford us any kind bosses, right and left. The state has continued and this is the subjugation of many by any means to the intentions and interests of the few.

International and domestic political situation

This Treaty does not escape from the rule of an unsaturated predatory power in political, social and economic level. The key phrase of the days we live in is that "there is no alternative" (There Is No Alternative-TINA ). Under the auspices, then, occurring human management crimes against geopolitical interests, economic bleeding and extreme ftochynsis populations as well, in all states, including Greece of course, no longer sufficient to create external enemies, based on ethnic or religious criteria, but constantly constructed and an enemy within, an immigrant, a lazy worker, a village full of terrorists. So you lose and constantly lose any sense of unity to our class enemies, making us weak, hitting the dynamics that can give off the bottom of the social change, the answer that the oppressed.

In this context, the capitalist plundering of the region as well as the intensity of military operations lead to the destruction of every social aspect of life in Africa and the Middle East where the war has been declared or undeclared wiped out local populations. This results in millions of persecuted people to try in every way to escape and entry into Europe. Europe in which today only as a "fortress" could be called, raising fences, isolating and excluding people from the social fabric while manufacturing fake internal enemies with refugee or name of an illegal immigrant at will, creating emergency regimes. In this way and under the pretext of the "war on terror" Member spend in total suppression of the society by criminalizing all aspects of resistance and solidarity among the oppressed.

At the same time the state and capital intensify war on 'from below', showing their movement and the then unified despite the political changes of scenery, with their further impoverishment and enforcement work Middle Ages (wage-pension cuts , 'black' work, long hours), to give all fascist and neo-Nazi formations, which are the most extreme manifestation of this exploitative complex. Where they are given the space to breathe, acting as a long arm of the state, authorized, directed against the world of resistance and struggle, or presented as something radical removing consciences from underneath the revolutionary perspective.

University | Knowledge

Society reconfigured. The university reconfigured. A word may be poor to describe the changes in university actually taking place in recent years. As society has to pay the bill and to comply with the new requirements of the bosses, so the university is asked to rationalize. Layoffs administrators, delivery to private basic functions (feeding at the club, cleanliness), shift the attendance cost in the student body, underfunding, the forthcoming implementation of tuition fees for undergraduate studies compose a landscape of a university the market requesting it to adapt to new conditions. Cheap and disciplined workforce and excludes no one from the university, because the reins were-let.

In recent years we have seen emerge ideologies which talked about eternal students and presented the university as a den of iniquity and "juvenile" uprising. All this actually came to fulfill a very specific function. Laspologisoun to the student body and cover vitality and fighting spirit of the student movement struggles. Games, which always demanding better conditions of study and living conditions for all / and all synolikopoioun issue of social transformation. The dominance, orally right and reformist left (SY.RIZ.A.) chooses to suppress matrix social resistors at each field. The right raw and violent. The left, and setting a selling hope. A hope, hackneyed, chilioidomeni who periodically comes to the political scene (see PASOK) as a vehicle for social change in a progressive sign. In reality, however, there is nothing on the other side of the coin. A coin, a continuous policy which the rule applies against oppressed. The award of the management of our lives in messiahs with left / right mantle composes a kinematic bending landscape today. This condition combined with the already intensified reality to study and pace of life and the denial of hope for institutional change in favor of the social body leading to personalization, security of counterfeit microcosm, the disclaimer of responsibility that everyone bring and each for to break the fear, to build the present with the conditions that we set and we can synthesize the dignity of our lives.

If we want to talk and function of the university within the existing system, we must perceive both as an institution authorized to produce new knowledge and technological means. Investigations are answers to questions posed by the chapter to tapering the tools used to improve productivity. In this context emerges the question of government underfunding, the public section gives freedom in private to derive profit both. So already, we observe, underfunding blocks as the humanities, that is not much of interest and a flexible relationship with university departments whose products they sell. Secondly, the university is an organic part of the educational institution. Education, then, is to sow the next generation of people who will staff the machine. The type of man who is educated specialist, docile, withdrawn from the burden of the policy, which "bear" and enlightened few ".

And now let's mention the academicism. An academicism that tends to obscure the social and political premisses of science, endyontas it with a cloak of neutrality, streamlined, of fysikopoiimenou. A scientism that puts the teacher in the authority pedestal, concealing their subjectivism transmitter and creating artificial conditions of a antikeimenikopoiimenis viewing knowledge. Knowledge, however, in our consideration is far from an inanimate piece that goes from person to person in terms of ownership. The process, and the above means for conveying knowledge shown in the end and the result of the same, ie the way in which knowledge settles the passive receiver. Knowledge sovereignty to intensify divisions between the holder and the receiver. This process sterilizes the knowledge of the liberation characteristics as a partial knowledge, totally focused on specific questions, devoid of the whole picture. The purpose ceases to be a man, and the answer to questions about their needs, but an insatiable mania for continuous scientific progress.

Libertarian education

we are talking about a knowledge without awareness. This is refracted and the relations established in the academic circle, which, although they preach equality and respect, in fact founded on the basis of competition and arivismou. We are the opposite of all this we have to preface this: solidarity. Realizing humans and sociability as organically interrelated, the libertarian education focuses on self-awareness.

Oppose libertarian education as a counterweight to the existing educational model that reflects the dominant imaginary contributing to the perpetuation of sovereignty. The aim is not the accumulation of an endless stack registered knowledge. The aim is aware of the social forces acting on humans and the Characterstructure configuration capable of putting together the mosaic of society with special subjective and their supportive way. An education mirror emancipated society for which we are fighting. An education off hook in this role as conductor and consolidation mechanism of power and hierarchy, who will receive the status of assisted self-learning, putting at the forefront the needs, circumstances and wishes of the person, having eliminates prejudices brought, metaphysical and not, marching hereafter to search and experiencing anthropinotitas. Accordingly, we seek to restore knowledge to society, the emergence of liberation character, removing separations generated by the expertise, approaching the knowledge critically and dialectically.

Anarchist counter
insist on another world.
I've dreamed so.
So I promenade in him
that anymore,
it is impossible not to exist.

The dominant narrative based on the absence of any other alternative except the reproducibility of the self, we have no choice but to oppose. Oppose starting from our self-organization, just as the template for what we want to live an emancipated society of generalized self-management.

Free agreement, horizontality, solidarity and community spirit will be the indicators for the fullest possible realization of individual and collective prosperity and harmony. In an emancipated society, lifting of mental-manual labor division, the overcoming of alienated labor and sharing may happen that people are free to satisfy their inclinations and to walk in their holistic self-realization. We need to get rid of authoritarian and hierarchical relationships are structured by gender, race, age, religion, contrasting equality, mutual aid and respect for diversity. Still, it is imperative to stop the looting of nature, showing forth the harmonious coexistence with the ecosystem.

So we choose to syllogikopoiisoume denials and our resistances, investigating an anarchist counter to revolutionary social transformation, the individual and collective liberation. For this reason, we participate in social and class struggles, thus bridging the partial-demand-matches with the overall emancipatory project. Recognizing ourselves as part of the social base, create self-organized, hierarchically structures and shapes, which as a mirror of the emancipated society for which we are fighting, flying within the libertarian practices and procedures, because we want the means we use to be in line with the purpose . Finally, we believe that the individual and collective empowerment to be booked and is indeed such, it is the work of our own, the "bottom", and only we can know our needs and desires, without therefore have illusions messiahs and a "human" capitalism or paternalistic and vanguards who preach social liberation through a political revolution and a "workers' state", thus continuing the authoritarian, exploitative and hierarchical classification society.

Who / s we?

As undergraduate students perceive ourselves as an integral part of the social base and therefore intervene in the social field we are moving daily. Through their presence and our action we seek the diffusion of the anarchist struggle amid the universities, that a consistent motion, direct-democratic and competitive to that podigetei the dignity of our lives. All decisions are taken by the general meeting, wherein the views of each accounted and weighted with the same weight. The Assembly is an open process, which can watch each and each enough to have been in a prior contact with the ground and the action of collegiate and they find him, if possible, agree. So we organize in the Quieta Movere. So, to calm troubled waters. Why the chain of social exploitation breaks when the master apokathilonetai. Nothing, therefore, not divides us as solidarity unites us.

When and where;

Every Saturday at 16:00 in grass philosophical AUTH

email: quieta_movere@espiv.net


May 2017

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