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(en) alas barricadas - Greece: Police beat an anarchist refugee from Iranian Kurdistan in the neighborhood of Exarchia, Athens (ca, gr, it) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 11 Aug 2018 09:19:03 +0300

From the Rebellion of Words ---- Below follows the communiqué (which I collect and translate from the English version published in Indymedia Athens ) of a fellow migrant resident in the combative neighborhood of Exarchia, in the center of Athens, and that last July 27, at night, He was assaulted by a squadron of riot police, who beat him with a brutal beating trying to break several bones and joints, besides insulting him in a racist way and threatening him with death. The timbers themselves said that the "reason" for hitting them was their participation in anarchist groups in the neighborhood and in the riots against the police that occur with certain frequency in those streets. Fortunately, the assailant was able to escape and take refuge in the home of other comrades, who accompanied him to the hospital, and he is recovering.

Another example of the usual racism that the police forces of European democracies hide, also when the government that runs them is supposedly "leftist" and has a more "friendly", "popular" and "humanitarian" face. We should not be surprised if we consider the very high rate of vote for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party among the members of the Greek police forces.

Nazis and police, the same crap.

You will always be scum. Timbers, cowards, murderers.
State Terrorism: Torture in the alleys of Athens

On Thursday, July 27, around 2 o'clock in the morning in Athens, on Bouboulinas street in the neighborhood of Exarchia, a squadron of the Greek police kidnapped and tortured an anarchist migrant. Immediately they began to torture me with a barrage of kicks, using racist and fascist insults. Meanwhile, the police declared that my offense was that I am an anarchist and belong to a well-known political group of Exarchia. Then, the squad of riot cops forced me into a dark alley. They threw me to the ground and tried to kick my ribs; I put my hand on my ribs to try to protect them. They removed my hand from my ribs and tried to break my fingers with their shields. To protect my fingers, I pressed my hand against my stomach. At that moment, they hit my ribs again to break them. This action lasted a long time, until one of the policemen proposed to break my wrists. So they put my hands on the stone of the sidewalk to break them with their truncheons, but I managed to push my hands away. He increased his anger, and pronouncing insults fascist and racist, all began again to beat me.

They beat me for more than an hour and a half. While, they were all the time taking many pictures of me getting hit, as well as when I was lying semi-unconscious on the street. When the cops realized that my body had been seriously damaged and that I could not move, they started playing a game with me, telling me "you have ten seconds to get out of here, if we catch you again, we'll kill you", and two timbers moved a little towards me to catch me again. They hit my knee several times with truncheons to make sure I was not going to escape. When one of them turned around to look behind him, with all the pain I had, I started to run. One of the policemen tried to catch me again but I was able to escape running down Tositsa Street and looking for help in the nearby house of some compañeres.

Paramedics solidaries came immediately and after examining me, they told me I should go to the hospital. There they discovered that, apart from strong bruises all over my body and head injuries, I also had a fractured spinal joint.


Exarchia, as an area with self-organized projects and revolutionary struggle, is under constant attack from the state because it is part of the international struggle against capitalism, the mafia, terrorism and in general against the system. Exarchia is a defense zone where different groups exist together to fight for freedom and equality against the oppression of the system. Through mutual support we can meet the needs of each without any authority. For this fight, the State is going to beat us.

The State, placing permanent police forces in the perimeter of Exarchia, has established a kind of border between us and the rest of Athens, thus putting us in a kind of prison. At this time we have no other way to resist this prison except the riots against militarized checkpoints. One of the reasons why the timbers wanted to break my ribs is that, as they said, I am one of the people involved in the riots. Many people usually participate in clashes with police forces, because they do not want to be in a prison, they do not want control of any authority.

As an anarchist immigrant I understand that the struggle for freedom is common among locals and migrants. For this reason I work towards unity and forming a collective body between locals and migrants. We will not fight only for the migrants, but for all, because we understand that our pain, our problems, are the same.

The immigrants are under constant attack from the state and the fascists and it does not matter what kind of government is in power, whether it is a right-wing or left-wing government. SYRIZA present themselves as defenders of immigrants but the reality is that they imprison migrants on a massive scale, every day they deport and kill people at the borders. We know that all authority is our enemy.

In Exarchia, immigrants today are under a growing threat of repression. Recently they started doing police cleaning operations in the square, arresting any migrant who is there. At the same time, there are groups in Exarchia that act like the police, using the same tactics, like pogroms in the square against migrants. For example, a group known as a security team, a military part of the political group "Movimiento Antiautoritario" (AK), which is related to the government and is presented as partisans of immigrants, but instead uses immigrants as a cover for your mafia business. As an immigrant I have to tell those groups: stop using our name for your dirty business.

It is clear that the police and the mafia work together for the same purpose: the control and crushing of resistance.

The message of this violent attack of the pigs was: to terrorize immigrants, anarchists and those who actively resist and fight against the police. We should not kneel. State violence makes it even clearer that our struggle is fair.


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