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(en) asr anarshism: We, Aghanistan immigrants, also contribute more to the "death" in the earthquake [machine translation]

Date Tue, 5 Dec 2017 11:36:47 +0200

Political analysis: Sadegh beautiful The words of the citizens' distrust are responsible for the ineffectiveness of the institutions, while the government is on the downside of collapse. ---- The Anarchist Age: "The beautiful words of the distrust of the citizens, to the ineffectiveness of the responsible government institutions, and consciously, because of their political interests, avoids openness in telling the truth, and avoiding ---- We, Aghanistan immigrant Political analysis: Sadegh beautiful The words of the citizens' distrust are responsible for the ineffectiveness of the institutions, while the government is on the downside of collapse. ---- Notes on December 1 ---- The Age of Anarchism: "The beautiful words of citizens' distrust, to the ineffectiveness of government institutions, and consciously refrain from explicitly telling the truth due to their political interests, and refraining from telling the truth that these and other factors to which we will refer. In fact, the signs of the collapse of the system and the rule of the Islamic Republic and its degradation are erosion and people, and the lack of government for them and their lack of more useful to know that its being the issue of government for the people ended, and theoretically and theoretically The necessity of its existence was passed, and it was only practically possible to create conditions physically from the government The oppressive theocratic regime in Iran will at any cost and at any cost will end.

During the recent earthquake, many ordinary citizens, as well as prominent people, launched a call to social networks to collect cash and non-cash contributions for earthquake victims.

The amount of assistance collected by mostly independent and non-governed people was competing with the amount of funds received by the responsible institutions, and sometimes it surpassed. To investigate this phenomenon, which aroused the surprise of many citizens and experts, including Sadeq Zibaqalam, who was one of the custodians of collecting popular donations, in an inadequate analysis of the answer to the euro zone ( from the distrust of citizens to the ineffectiveness of the responsible institutions; the honest dialogue Beautiful words associated with the earthquake in Kermanshah . "

Euronews: After the earthquake and devastation caused by it, famous people such as athletes, artists, and other well-known figures, including yourself, by announcing the account number, called on the people to help the earthquake. Considering the fact that there are so many official governmental and non-governmental institutions in the country to help the victims of such events, what factors do you think that people would prefer to get their help from other channels to the affected people?

Sadegh Zibakalam:"It is certain that people's confidence in the authorities was reduced less than before in the past two or three decades, and it was not a matter for the earthquake alone to emerge. For example, in the year 92, when Mr. Hassan Rouhani was the first to win the presidency, one of the government's first steps was to create a new census of subsidized people. In this regard, many officials, as well as political and social leaders, have called on the people not to subsidize families who pay and insignificantly, but surprisingly, more than 70 million people, over 90% The population enrolled in the scheme. Obviously, a significant amount of these people did not need this sum, and many of them responded to the reason why they enrolled in the plan said that we would take this amount from the government and we would take it for ourselves to the needy. This was not a good sign, and if the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran were taking it seriously, today we did not see that a university professor who has no party and organization, by announcing an account number in cyberspace in less than 48 hours, The amount paid from the amount of public assistance to the Red Crescent or the Relief Committee. This issue was seen not only in relation to me, but also in relation to others, including Mr. Ali Daei, Ms. Nikki Karimi, and other celebrities.

The second point is that the only problem is not distrust. Another important argument is that the authorities and the relevant organizations can not bring the aid to the people affected by the earthquake. That is, even if they want to be honest, they have no power to do so. For this reason, people are trying to make donations personally to the stricken areas. The lack of confidence in the responsible institutions , their inefficiencies (governmental institutions), as well as the self-help of the people, caused a great deal of distress and disruption to the aid, resulting in more pessimism and more distrust towards the authorities and institutions. "

Euronews: How do you respond to the widespread popular acceptance of cash and non-cash contributions?

Sadegh Zebakolam: "Personally, when I noticed this popular welcome in cash in my account to help the injured people and I saw their eagerness, I felt the duty and responsibility and I went to visit the quarrying areas. During this visit, I realized that the Red Crescent had brought the aid to the people as much as possible , but one of the problems that I encountered was that large amounts of mineral water, clothes and food along the road were cluttered mountains They were . At first I thought that these clothes were related to people who had lost their lives during the accident, but, looking at their clothes, I was surprised to see that they were new and sent to the people for help. This issue was repeated in different places, indicating the lack of distribution of items needed.On the other hand, people from different parts of Iran were able to bring equipment to the affected people, and it was unclear how the donations were distributed among people and whether they could meet their needs because of the influx of people to receive assistance. Another point to be said about the inappropriate distribution of essential items, the creation of a black market for purchases in areas where donations were not properly distributed, and the sale of items such as tents, blankets and other commodities from profitable individuals. The sum of these events adds to the pessimism of the people towards the authorities and institutions involved . "

Beautiful Word "in an interview with Dewey Chowell points to the consequences of the people's distrust of the government and says that leaders should take this warning seriously.
He talks about the readiness of the people to help each other and financial aid, some of which are large but mostly small, between 20 and 50 thousand tomans. According to Sadeq Ziba Halam, those who have helped are those who are not wealthy themselves. "

The Anarchist Age: In fact, the beautiful word is worrying about the government and implicitly warns the regime that the situation is critical and that the leaders of the Islamic Republic should take this warning seriously. But beautifully, the word does not pay attention to the fact that the rule of law is getting out of the hands of the Islamic Republic, and the internal and external crisis of the government is not resolved with the advice and expression of concern, and the beautiful speech of the voice of the people is too late, and the government itself is still not the message of the people He has not received what he can hear.

Not afraid of the Achilles heels of the Islamic Republic. It is enough for the people to believe in their own power and not forget that 80 million people inside and a few million Iranians outside the regime are opposed to the regime.

The regime has been hesitant and desperate, and Rouhani did not need to vote for the people in the second term of his presidency, otherwise he did not need them, and showed his hypocritical figure and reformists to the people, and the failure of the failure on fake reforms in Iran Has struck

The people of Iran must now go through the beautiful words of the word and do not dare to eat his words and pass through the regime completely.

In recent weeks (November 1396), the Iranian people have increasingly raised the institutions and chiefs of the regime of the Islamic Republic from the Revolutionary Guards and Basij and Hassan Rouhani and the Larijani mafia to the head of the criminals, Ali Khamenei, the target of the protests Revealing their slogans.
The reflection of this massive courage of the people against the regime, especially among the creditors, the earthquake-stricken westerners of the country, and workers who do not pay their salaries, is apparent.

The rivalry between government factions and the war of power is the best historical opportunity for the popular force to come to the Independent Independence Square.

People and state power are two opposing forces.
Whenever governments are shaken, the power of the people grows.
Among the various ways in which governments use and use power and power, one of these methods is the criminalization of all state institutions, which results in suppressing more people and using more than violence, violence and imprisonment, and execution. .
But at any rate, governments from within shake themselves and compete within their factions, whose purpose is to empower and gain power from one of the factions of the state, or to expose and disassociate the current government by the previous government. It is a power struggle.
This rivalry between the factions and the struggle for inner power is the best opportunity for the people's forces to come to power.
The government of the Islamic Republic is now politically in such a situation, it has lost control of the people and is engaged in internal competitions. Take advantage of this opportunity and eliminate the Islamic Republic's condition if it is available, which is only effective with the massive and radical presence of the people on the street.
Footnote: The "plainclothes" attack on Ahmadinejad's close friends at King Abdul Azim
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's supporters say a group attacked the former president's supporters in the tomb of King Abdul Azim in southern Tehran and tried to expel them from the shrine.

The spring government telegram, affiliated with Mr. Ahmadinejad's closest, has released films saying that "plainclothes" and "mercenary" forces have been attacked.

Three days ago, on Wednesday, November 24th, Hamid Baghei, the deputy executive of the former Iranian president, and his close friends, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, refused to attend the third session of the court to investigate his charges, saying he was protesting the behavior of the judiciary in the shrine of King Abdul Azim "Closer" sits.

Ali Akbar Javanfekr, press and media advisor to Mr. Ahmadinejad and Habibullah, a member of Khorasani, was also charged with the administration of his government along with Mr. Baqaee.

The Iranian judiciary news agency, on Saturday morning, November 27, called Ahmadinejad and his followers the "Zenbeliyeh Sect" and the current "hypocrisy", and wrote in a report: "Like some groups, in the early sixties, it identified the busy areas of the city, They use their own means of copying the void of the flow of hypocrisy at the beginning of the revolution. "Zabbil is a reddish reddish shroud that Mr. Baghayi carried with him in the text of his defense.

The former Iranian president strongly criticized the legislature and the judiciary as "Larijani's family" on the first day of the meeting with the protesters and said: "We are against the Larijani family and we do not agree that the country will fall to the people. Injustice. "

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Mr Larijani of having been struck by the judiciary on charges of robbery and corruption, since his government had "captured the wrists and, in the words of corruption, has faced corruption charges."

He said to his opponents: "The Iranian people have dropped people hundreds of times harder than you."

"It seems that the goal of Ahmadinejad's supporters is to sit down from the sit-in," said Ahmadinejad, an activist political activist, Amir Reza Vaezi Ashtiani, who said that Ahmadinejad is locked up in the holy shrine of Abdul Azim, On the one hand, they stimulate the emotions of their supporters and, on the other hand, bring together all those who are in the Islamic Republic.

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