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(en) Coordination des Grupes Anarchistes - IAL #97 - Feminism and anti-fascism - Anti-patriarchy (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 21 Dec 2013 16:25:55 +0200

The antifascist struggle is to fight against the fascist movements and groups, and their nationalist, racist and xenophobic ideologies. Thereupon, everyone agrees. Nevertheless, there is at least one component of fascist ideology for which the antifascist answer still seems to be built: the oppression of women. ---- As no surprise, fascist ideologies provide a well-defined women and take care of their future instead. At the center of forbidden values, family favorite argument used to establish the inequalities between men and women. Based on a heterosexual and patriarchal scheme, family fascist Version assigns women ("woman") reproductive functions, mother, and homemaker, also ensuring the "rest of the warrior" satiating his sexual desires. Nothing that is feminism and struggles between the fascist table.

It is so with all claims to empower women in all areas at home (on household chores, child care, rape and domestic violence), in the world of work (on inequality wages, job insecurity and working conditions), and into the ownership and free disposal of their own bodies (through free access to contraception and abortion, and access to the information on sexuality and body).

Thus, the reactionary right-wing movements and right-wing struggle against the equality of women / men in the open claim the return of the woman in the 'home', involving financial and legal guardianship of the husband, and the loss of all autonomy and choice of all clean. This translates practically: the active struggle against the right to abortion, including prayers street holding a deadly speech (outside the hospital Tenon in Paris, for example), the fight against the recognition of same-sex families and the rights of homosexuals (recent flagrant example about the right of access to marriage for same-sex couples, with the onslaught of the "demo for all" and its derivatives) in the fight against women's movements (in creating movements against taking the foot, such as the movement of Hommen, who wants the male counterpart of Femen1 movement) or by the attacks against Planned Parenthood.

Seen, fascist thinking is inherently anti-feminist, and who follow movements miss no opportunity to fight against the advancing women's rights and the evolution of family representations towards more equality. It is therefore quite logical and appropriate for the struggle against fascism are in permanent contact with, among others, feminist struggles. But what about this link between feminist ideas and fascist groups?
In antifascist groups, we can distinguish two different formations. Political groups, consisting of people who find themselves behind large political ideas (antipatriarcat, unionism, ecology, economy ...) on one side and on the other, peer groups comprising a core of friends (more than friends ) agree on a specific policy issue (anti-fascism here) but little or no discussing other political elements.

In the extreme left or libertarian political groups, feminism and anti-fascism commonly belong to the thematic defended. The starting point is often the finding of relations of domination, these axes are transverse to the time and feed them. However, among the political groups left or libertarians, the theme of feminism is not always recipe, the argument that once the big night arrived, the problem of patriarchy and all its components disappear themselves. However, as it is innate or spontaneous non-hierarchical, it is difficult to claim an egalitarian society without creating any single practice or reflection on the ins and outs of systems of domination.

Affinity groups are often politicized (but not always) whose life is short. Restricted mostly to shares blow for blow, it prevents them from taking the time to reflect on their practices of anti-sexist perspective or feminism in the broadest sense. Moreover, as the term "affinity" suggests, it is people feeling close to each other, so often assumed minded. A person with a different opinion or making a reflection on a particular theme nonexistent in the group, such as feminism or anti-sexism, could be seen as dissent, and thus be kept out or excluded altogether group. A fact that grows informal consensus, no real substantive discussion that might call into question the very existence of the peer group.

In fact, without contradiction with it, much of the anti-fascist currents antisexist want rather than feminist. The sexism can sometimes be a component of feminism, but only partially since not taking into account that the particular forms of discrimination between men and women, no overall or systemic vision of male domination. To claim the sexism is not a guarantee agreement with the ideas and feminist demands. One can thus find men claiming sexist while being fundamentally antiféministes2. The sexism does not form politically and practically more equality, and political affinity or anti-fascist groups - believing well-intentioned - sometimes skid. A recent glaring example as part of a demonstration of feminist movements against the closure of abortion center: at a given point on the course, the event faces a prayer street protected by a small fascist militia. We then see all the male members of affinity groups or political structures present shout slogans and make a line of defense strictly masculine. The intent and slogans had to be beautiful "feminists", posture adopted was the opposite. It seems easy at times tense and unexpected passing of feminism or sexism in the door, especially if was never anticipated this type of situations and reactions, raised and discussed collectively.

Another stumbling block: the number of women activists in the field. Socially, it is men who are more driven to take militant responsibilities, and the percentage of women in political organizations is relatively low. It is particularly weak on issues of fascism that this issue is seen as seeking powers reserved to men. This male over-representation does not help to wear a feminist speech, and reports within organizations will be unevenly gendered: the political level, a woman will be tested on their political bases, and his word will not or rarely taken into account during meetings and discussions. In its participation, it will be more easily directed at the tasks considered feminine: treasury, secretary, writing reports, preparing the agenda ... For some groups, the presence of a woman, even one within them is a guarantee of sexism. Pretty pirouette. But every woman is not a feminist in the same way that it is not predestined household, the secretariat or education. This is actually the mark of a slight mix. On a practical level, the question of the relation to violence, gendered vision of physical and verbal violence, both by women and by men. Because in both cases, gendered education pushes "the boys fight to dominate, girls dominated." Affinity groups, including street groups are one of whose stated goals is physical violence, which is reserved by the patriarchal society male domain. For the few women present in these areas, then it is to enter the male mold provocation, fights and fearless. This is probably another reason to find some women. Such a finding does not return nor associate virility and violence, leaving it to men or to meet this situation by considering it as an unsurpassable horizon. We see for example, for some time in the collective vigilance 69 against the extreme right, as feminist activists pushed for the establishment of joint services Order, and SO formations are made by women. If the purpose of SO is to avoid direct confrontation with the fascists, part of SO is to learn gestures and postures of intimidation, threat is putting his body in position to defend themselves react. It is also working on his fear and learn to be more secure e-self in a feminist logic empowerment3. Thus, a path still digging to break the male monopoly of violence and develop a popular self-defense including us all on an equal basis: the development of self feminist women making them accessible to individual practices but also collective.

Feminism and fascism are not intrinsically opposed, on the contrary, they are two fundamentally related topics. In practice, there is a large potential for realization of this link in the world libertarian activist. Nevertheless, the political groups and / or affinity claiming anti-fascism, this practice is not yet accomplished. In addition to the low number of women in the anti-fascist activists spheres, it lacks the anti-fascist community at large to dwell specifically on feminist theme as serious track antifascist struggle, and consider that the practices (whatever they are) need to take into account feminist ideas. As political and militant organizations are not out the world and the relations of domination that underlie the company does not magically disappear at the door militant groups.

1. In fact, Hommen will show that the visual code of Femen, bare torsos are men with a slogan written on it (of unprecedented originality found in groups that support rugby or football). They have appeared on the end of the movement of the "demonstration for all."

2. Masculinist, for example, found the extreme left to the extreme right, believe that feminist struggles have pushed the company to reverse domination. They believe that women now have the advantage over men, relying in particular on the judgments that give custody to mothers rather than fathers in cases (uncommon) where custody is disputed. This partial vision cases of conflict separations requiring judicial intervention is however highly patriarchal. Indeed, these judgments are the result either of the frequent observation that women were already largely responsible for children before separation (spouses not caring at the time of separation as a power issue) or Again, the influence of patriarchal ideology on judges which states that "women - and their maternal instinct - caring for children", or finally, violence ex-spouse (domestic and / or children).

3. Untranslatable concept of feminist theory meaning "increase its power, its ability to act."
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