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(en) transnational and anti-authoritarian mobilization 2014 - open call [European Action Conference ] (pt)

Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 13:46:44 +0200

Disseminate and organize themselves ---- Hello to @ ll, ---- I wanted to draw your attention to the call made at the European level of transnational mobilization and anti -authoritarian to conduct processes of struggle in 2014 that resulted from European Action Conference (see below). Held last November in Frankfurt, this gathering of activists debated issues touching defended proposals and action methods that are familiar to us and in the course of the conference, led to the practice of decision forms (open meeting and consensus as a procedure) transparency and self-managing organization (from the food to the movement) that are part of libertarian principles. ---- I write these words to you because you play here is one of the fronts on which (already) are implicad @ s. The Blockupy, who launched and organized the conference, and protests that come here, should not be merely symbolic event, but spaces that enhance the internationalization of our struggles and projects to transform the reality in which we Wrapped @ s. By establishing links with communities and sensitive political accomplices acting in other latitudes increases our energy, our degree of autonomy and capacity, and results something like the unpredictable gaps in misery of capitalism.

If the reason for not embarking on these battles is the logistics issue, there are several movements in Germany sensitive to the scarcity of the South and have resources available specifically to support groups and community who want to participate in the various meetings and activities to be held in Germany.

These paragraphs above are intentionally delivered to friends and collective CCL Sovait -Porto, Casa da Horta, AIT, Hypatia, Muses, Casa Viva, BOESG, AJA- North, Free Land, Lounger Cat / Cat Bag, Popular Assembly of Porto, Popular Assembly of Boksburg, Libertarian collective Evora, Freedom Salon, GAIA, RDA69, Viva Terra, collective GonÃalves Correia - who, if they so wish, should spread it only from related companies - for the friendship, built affinities and / or by such common sensible matter.

An anti-authoritarian platform bringing together, through the prism of tenders launched by the journeys of Frankfurt, we have different sensitivities and the visions that feed would have positive consequences in the battles we fought, and perhaps in the still waters of this crucible that the sea has rejected. After all, the fund has been. Breathing with othe @ s castaways who resist and create vital answers only do us good.



******************* / / / / / / / ************************ ****

European Action Conference


By a European space of free from capitalism - the transnationalization of struggles

Held in Frankfurt last November, "European Action Conference," a meeting between European activists seeking to draw common actions that strengthen alternatives to capitalism and social struggles that make the face of austerity policies and the EU Troika.

The transnationalization of these processes of resistance, civil disobedience, the bottom- up culture in decision-making and involvement of different social movements are key elements reflected in the form and substance of the activities that have taken place over the three day conference. The broader policy context, the journeys rejected all forms of reactionary Euro- skepticism and pointed nation states, national governments and the border regime as targets of common struggle. The "European Action Conference " was a call by the coordination of Blockupy platform.

" The following decisions were taken in two large plenary discussions on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Not only resulted in three days of intense discussions at meetings, dozens of workshops and four working groups in Frankfurt, but these decisions include suggestions and ideas that were made in previous international meetings, such as " strategy meeting" in Amsterdam, or Now 99, in Rome. The plenary discussions were attended by several hundred people from all over Europe and other parts of the world. To agree on joint actions and measures, participants also pledged to implement these decisions in the next month and bring in 2014 the transnational movement against austerity and capitalism to the streets of Europe in general, and Frankfurt, in particular. "

This quote is the opening of the final act of the meeting, which must be consulted in full. In summary, the key decisions are:

Prevent and block the opening ceremony of the new building of the European Central Bank and launch a strong signal strength.

A week of international and decentralized actions in May 2014, between the 15th and 25 May, the last day of the European elections, including various struggles for the common good (health, housing, immigration, education, working conditions) as well as different forms of action and civil disobedience.

Because we want to form a coalianÃa transnational social movement (or even a coalianÃa of coalianÃas), our goal is to build a structure of coordination at European level, which will help you understand the process plan for a truly transnational mobilization, participatory and transparent.

It is stressed again that the minutes should be consulted, is to have a complete view of the decisions is to take cognizance of hard data (dates of meetings, contacts, etc..).

Asked the open dissemination of this circular.

Below: "Minutes of the European Action Conference " ; General program "European Action Conference " ; pdf version of the circular.


The individual and / or activists in any of the activities announced groups involvement does not necessarily imply the participation (and even agreement) in other proposed decisions.

If it is profitable, can make up an attempt to bring together different groups and collectives operating in Portugal and to review the drawn overview and especially the body of principles for action, creating a communication platform with the simple aim of sharing positions and actions. The purpose would be to unify visions and forms of action but rather enhance complicity that may result from the sharing of experience, out of our platitudes and pushing the boundaries of the various chapels of Portugal of the little ones. Thereby building bridges with the movements across borders, present in this ongoing process of transnationalization of anti - authoritarian struggles in Europe.

The interessad @ s should send their contact / collective to : translutas@gmail.com

This bill will only serve to bring into common groups / individuals concerned, who should among themselves find the best communication interface. Given this operational step, this account -facilitator will be disabled.


At the risk of abuse of power by the fact of having participated in the "European Action Conference," I think it may be useful to make some comments:

Transparency, open meeting and consensus as a decision procedure, and advocacy of political culture "bottom - to - top " were adopted and followed throughout the conference principles. At different times, the coordinating group itself ran direct criticism parliamentarism as an institution that is part of the problem itself dominant political organization of societies. Nevertheless, the general platform of different alliances Blockupy continues to integrate Die Linke and ATTAC, averse to the fundamental political system critical group party.

Was notorious and put into practice the need for inclusion of (real) social movements in processes of transnational ongoing struggle : emigration (the fight - platz The refugees, the clandestine network, Greece, the No Border), housing (PAH, Spain, the recent bout of inquilin @ s in Hamburg and Berlin, Kotti & Co), the autogestinoÃrio example of Viome factory or community center Mikropolis with their different fronts of action, both projects in Salonika. Although in Portugal there are currently no social movements, these examples embody an essential component for processing the social, political and cultural societies.

The presence of coming " activists " Greece's anarchist collective current (" Nosotros ", Mikropolis, anti -authoritarian platform) can also be an example that removes the antibodies arguments and sensitivities of those who prioritize ideological fantasy to reality (s) procedure (s) fight.


Documents and texts :




Minutes of the European Action Conference

- From November 22nd to November 24th 2013 in Frankfurt -

The following decisions were made in two big plenary-discussions on Saturday evening and
Sunday noon. These were not only the results of three days of intense discussions in the
assemblies, dozens of workshops and four working groups in Frankfurt, but they also take up suggestions and ideas which were made on previous transnational meetings like the
âstrategy meetingâ in Amsterdam and the Agora99 in Rome. Each of the plenary discussion
was attended by several hundreds of people from all over Europe and beyond. By agreeing
on these common measures and actions, the attendees also declared that they themselves
are going to use the following month to implement these decisions and bring the
transnational movement against austerity and capitalism in 2014 to the streets of Europe in general and Frankfurt in particular.
To substantiate these plans, the assemblies agreed that we will have an international work
meeting to coordinate and plan the European wide activities on January the 25th and
another one for the German Mobilization (âactivist meetingâ) on January the 26th in

With this in mind the European Blockupy Action Conference decided:
The opening of the new ECB-Building in the end of 2014 will be the place for a transnational action of massive protest and civil mass disobedience. Regardless of how the weather and what the exact date might be: We will be there â from all over Europe and beyond. Our common aim is to prevent the opening ceremony of the ECB and set a strong sign of resistance against the policy of the Troika. It is our party and we will make it âa special eventâ. Our action therefore will consist of several days of protest and resistance, which will include:

ïThe effective blockade of the opening ceremony of the new ECB building with the
means of mass actions and civil disobedience. That includes actions in the whole city
of Frankfurt to prevent or at least massively disrupt the arrival of the leaders of the
European crisis regime.

ï A camp (or a similar structure for accommodation) with spaces for assemblies and
discussions and to host the preparations for our protest.
ï A big demonstration on one of these days of action.
ï An action-day on which we will take actions of civil disobedience to connect our
struggles, confront the Troika-policy and show the different aspects of the struggles
against capitalism and for the commons.

Question and points which need to be dealt with (among a lot of other things) in the future process are:
How can we support coming to Frankfurt and joining the protest by people from
all over Europe and beyond? Are there possibilities for financial support? How can
people participate, who wonât make it to the (non-)opening of the ECB in
What is the exact wording for our action plan? How do we coordinate our
different actions in Frankfurt in a way that we reach the goal of effective
resistance and creating safe spaces at the same time? What is our common claim
and consensus?
What is our common perspective after the (non-)opening of the ECB in 2014?
How do we integrate more people into the Blockupy process?
We call for an international week of action in May 2014, starting the 15th of May until the thlast day of the European elections on 25 of May. There were some objections from
activists from Greece that actions right before the elections might be difficult for them. A transnational work group has been founded, which is connected through an e-mail list and will deal with this question and substantiate the plan of the week of action.
Our common aim is to show that democracy does not happen in the institutions of the state,
but that democracy is created in the fights, the actions and the assemblies of the people in the streets.

The action week shall consist of the following features:

ï We want to have decentralized actions on a local level during the whole week/time
frame - including different struggles for the commons (i.e. healthcare, housing,
migration, care work, education, labor conditions in the textile industry) as well as
different forms of actions and civil disobedience like assemblies, demonstrations,
occupations and other forms of direct actions.

ï There will be one common, central day through which we send a strong sign by
focusing our efforts on several big actions on a regional or national level. The date of
this common, central day of action has to be decided yet.

ï We invite everybody to participate in the coordination and mobilization for the
week of action. Blockupy considers itself as a driving force in the process towardsaction week, but of course not as the only political actor. The week of action is an
open process.
ï In this open process we will agree on a common slogan, hash tags or key words for
the week of action which express our common goals â such as the commons,
solidarity, democracy.....

A question which has to be answered (among a lot of others) in the future process is:
ï What is the exact date for the âcentralized action dayâ? Suggestions so far were the
17th or 24th of May or just âthe day before the electionsâ. The decision should be
dependent on the regionâs and movementâs ability to mobilize as well as on our
efforts to coordinate the best date for all.
As we want to form a transnational social movement coalition (or even a coalition of
coalitions), we aim to build a European-wide Coordination-structure, that will help to realize the plan for a truly transnational, participatory and transparent mobilization process. It shall not be the place for top-down decision making or a closed shop, but a clear and continuous structure, enabling and supporting the organizing process.

The coordination structure will be formed finally on a meeting on the 25th of January in
Frankfurt. It needs to be built up by all networks and organizations from every country, who want to participate in the Blockupy 2014 mobilization (meaning the ECB Opening and the
action week).

Therefore it is necessary, that different groups and networks etc. from all the
participating countries/regions should think about sending delegates to the Europe-
wide structure. In some countries own regional/national coordination structures will
be formed, in order to integrate more groups in the Europe-wide process.

Our perspective is to work together even after the (non-)opening of the ECB in the
end of 2014 â how so and if, will be only decided after Blockupy 2014.


Finally we took some decisions about a possible platform of content:

ï The main focus remains on the fight against the ECB and the Troika policy.
ï As Blockupy is on the way to become a transnational process we will change the
wording in our calls, claims and on our websites accordingly.

ï We will focus on the keywords of Commons, Democracy and Solidarity to frame the
perspective of our protest. This list of keywords is open to additions which may be
agreed in the coming discussions and meetings.

ï Moreover we will formulate a clear critique of nationalism, anti-semitism and racism
and all reactionary forms of Euro-skepticism. We will make clear that nation states,
the national governments and the border regime are equally targets of our struggle
as the institutions of the Troika.

Question and points which need to be dealt with (among a lot of other things) in the future process are:

ï Do we want to formulate more concrete demands like a European basic income, a
minimum wage, a reduction of the weekly work time or the -the expropriation of
certain corporations or branches?

We welcome comments, remarks, and additions. Please write to international@blockupy-
frankfurt.org; or subscribe to the international Blockupy mailing list at international-
subscribe@blockupy-frankfurt.info and get directly involved.
The Blockupy coordination group
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