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(en) Germany, Federation of German anarchists (FdA) Gai DÃo special edition #6 - Time for Plan A - What is the Federation of German-speaking anarchists? (de) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 01 Oct 2013 12:47:46 +0300

The Federation of German anarchists ( FdA ) is a federation of anarchist groups, local federations and networks, as well as some individuals in their region no anarchist groups exist. Currently, there are FdA - Members mainly in the east, west and south-west Germany, and the German-speaking Switzerland. Generally is the FdA all interested persons and contexts in German-speaking, ie Germany, Austria and Switzerland openly supporting the principles of the FdA. ---- Why in German? ---- German Speaking in this case means the geographical speaking, that Germany, Austria and the northern part of the Switzerland. Even though the anarchism has always been an international movement and is yet exist nation-states and different language areas, which is reflected also in the anarchist organization.

This means that we first pragmatic organize ourselves in a particular area in which such Organization makes sense, ie in the case of the FdA in the same room Mother tongue.

Practice has shown that, for example, specific projects or campaigns are possible across language area, a permanent working however, made ââmuch more difficult by various language skills or only a few privileged people with appropriate Skills will be provided. Yet of course we do not think that our work - just as the society that we want - can stop or national borders and - of language needs. Besides us, there are other anarchist federations and Mergers in Europe and the rest of the world, according to
organize similar lines.

However, we do not want to stay in this status quo, but rather to develop ways and means to compensate and overcome language differences at best. We are aware that different language skills not only on the opponent, but also lie to ourselves.

Why organize all?

In general, we think that there are a variety of reasons, to organize themselves into a political context. first it is a personal enrichment and support that has continuity. A group that meets regularly develops trust among themselves what a respectful and honest manner possible together. At the same time a group is far more capable than one, or several scattered individuals. Continuous work, or the realization of major projects thus falls much easier when used tasks or resources required to as many shoulders will be distributed.

In addition, most of us who are active in grassroots political groups launched sometime at the boundaries. a lot Projects can not be realized because such infrastructure,
the financial resources or the human resources are lacking. In addition, can make a certain frustration in the long run wide, when their own work locally stagnant, no visible results or by pulling generally lost as a small group unable to act or feel. There are a variety of groups, projects and people who have similar ideas of a have future world and the way there. For us, it appears therefore logical that these groups and people exchange ideas, network and close together, either for pragmatic reasons, to pool information, resources and contacts, but also to be content and themes to discuss and exchange.

And why nationally?

Most of us who are active in grassroots political groups will eventually come up against their limits. Many projects can not be realized because such infrastructure, financial
Resources or human resources are lacking. In addition, can make permanent a certain frustration wide when the own Work on site is stagnating, pulls no visible results on the ground or is generally lost as a small group or feels unable to act. There are a plurality of groups, projects and people who have similar ideas of a future
Have world and the way there. For us, it therefore seems
logical that these people and groups are
exchange, networking and close together, it is
For pragmatic reasons, to provide information, resources
and bundle contacts, but also content to be
and thematically to exchange and discuss

How do you organize yourselves?

Organization for us is not an end in itself but a tool in
our commitment to a liberated society. This results in
our request to an organization, the ideals and
Principles of targeted company already carry within themselves.
Specifically, this means, for example, we no hierarchy-free
Society with a hierarchical organization can achieve
tion and want.

We organize federally, which means on the basis of voluntariness, mutual solidarity and their own obligation to widest possible autonomy of the members. For the FdA that means
convenient that all member groups and their respective personal make local work according to their own wishes and ideas and perform and at the same time and share common than FdA continuous with each other, support each other and implement joint projects. On the same principle we organize ourselves under and above the FdA. Thus, the Anarchist Federation in Berlin, for example, already an association different groups in Berlin, during the IFA is an association of federations from different countries and language areas. The work within the FdA basically works by Delegate with imperative mandate, ie discusses a group
upcoming Th emen, planned or proposed actions lyrics
and sends a person for a FdA meeting that previously there
developed position of the Group and represents the state of the debate
explained, if no common position has been found. When decisions or the distribution of tasks, the person shall be responsible, really the opinion or decision of the group

However, this is only our minimum requirement. As we informal
Exchange and meeting in person deem as important,
want to be as productive work and no organization beyond a small group of Delegate, we try as many individual members in the work, discussion and structure of the FdA integrate.

How does your work involve?

The federation provides a common platform for the exchange of experience and a nationwide, continuous cooperation. We support each other in larger
Projects or problems, whether through material resources,
special know -how or the exchange of contacts.
The relatively large, geographically widespread facilitates
Mobilization on various topics and actions, or the distribution of
Material and allows, for example, relatively easy to organize tours, tours or other coordinated information

In addition, we will try our individual
To bear knowledge and skills together and to share, such as the collection of tutorials on different resource pools Speaker * inside * inside Translator
or specific addresses and contact points or by text, music and image archives.

In addition to practice, we discuss various theories and
Approaches and try our understanding of anarchism continuously develop and adapt to current conditions. This includes current events and our position to
as well as long-term perspectives and goals, or the permanent
Reflection on the status and purpose of our organization.

What is the Federation deutschprachiger
Anarchists ( FdA )?
19.10. AZ Wuppertal, Markomannenstr. 3, 42105 Wuppertal,
from 19.00 clock *.

We publish articles, pamphlets and books and participate with articles or speeches on current debatt s. Among other publications, such as posters, stickers or
T-shirts are our greatest journalistic project our monthly
Magazine that GaidÃo.

Although officially "our" magazine, she still sees itself as autonomous project. It is not the sole organ of our ideas and Views, but rather an open forum, which reports on the present and the future is discussed. Since 2011 she regularly appears. It was at the beginning a pure online medium, so have a diverse, positive feedback and the desire of some * Editor inside meant that since the beginning of 2013 they
now also appears and is regularly subscribed.

Our field of work is, as well as our choice of means and forms of action, non-specific, but not arbitrary. All members wear issues with which they are currently owned or emp zukÃnft strength want to deal in the Federation, whereupon discussed in
how much involvement or support is possible.

In the German speaking we try with different structures and emancipatory projects to network, together to discuss various topics and mutual support in various battles to
afford. We support national mobilizations and demonstrations Solidarity and participate
in various forms of struggles and protests (not only) of the radical left.

We now work again reinforced
at the international level in the IFA and put
solidarity actions in this framework
be initiated in our area to effect.

We also work selectively with anarchist structures
neighboring countries together and try to expand and intensify this cooperation. In addition to practical
Actions we are working at this level of structural problems
of international cooperation, such as various language skills or access to material resources and try to develop a solution and tested.

How can I become a member?

Each * r, or has the interest to participate in the FdA,
can contact us at any time, either via e -mail ( fdaorganisation@riseup.net ) or you personally, ie each Group, network or federation that is part of the FdA. Special requirements or conditions to join us, there is not to mention that you naturally the ideas of anarchism Find and our principles, projects and ideas and well worth supporting should. If you live in a city / region in
which there is already FdA members, we would be with you in this
Contacting, if this has not already happened anyway. the
Local people would then depending on the need, or
meet several times quite naturally to you, so that you may
can get to know each other, you all the questions that you as around

the FdA have, and can get rid of both sides finally
decide whether a membership for all makes sense. practically this would
membership in the FdA in this case, on entry into the
respective group work. This has the ulterior motive that
We have had the experience that a merger of
majority of these individuals in geographical size few
Makes sense. Many people simply do not have the capacity to
alone sufficient to bring the FdA, constantly on the
to be updated to go to meetings, on projects
participate, especially if they are still involved in other projects locally, or anyway a little time through wage work, family or Have training. In addition, discussions and decision-making far more time consuming and sometimes not even feasible when the center of dozens or hundreds of individuals be performed, as previously in local contexts.

If you come from a region where there are no members FdA are, or you for some reason not part of a local Group can not or will, of course that is no
fundamental obstacle. If this applies to you, simply log
with us, then we will find a solution together.
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