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(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups (CGA) IAL #95 - Anarcho-syndicalism to the crisis (fr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 06 May 2013 16:11:10 +0300

Invited by the group of Perpignan, Friday, January 25, 2013, fellow Gaspar Fuster (CNT), Oriol Rigola (Negroes tempests) and MoisÃs Rial (CGT-E) came to talk to us about the current Spanish social situation and perspectives s 'open to revolutionary and libertarian in the period. ---- Of the unemployed, ---- besides! ---- The social crisis that the capitalist system engenders a private job six million workers in Spain. According to official institutions, the unemployment rate in January 2013 reached a record rate of 26%. Women are the most affected and unemployment reached nearly 55% of the youth population. According to the FundaciÃn de Estudios de EconomÃa Aplicada (FEAA), 1 million young old  e  s 16 and 19 are neither in school nor employed  e  s. And they were less than 400,000 just five years ago.

The Spanish government, willing to make sacrifices on the backs of the most needy  e  s, chose this time of great difficulty to remove the benefit of the DPR (the Spanish RSA) to any person who has never had a contract.

In Catalonia, for example, there is a one in four under the poverty line. At the Spanish State, 2 million households have no input of money because they include as unemployed or unemployed. As you can see, in addition Pyrenees, impoverishment is committed to forced march ...

The housing ...

Despite its low population (46 million inhabitants  e  s), Spain is a leader in terms of building 25 million homes across the country. But it should be noted that between 2.5 and 3 million of them are empty. INE even talking about 6 million vacant units. Precision is needed: in Spain, the average rental apartments managed by the public is 0.5%.

Since 2009 and the outbreak of the crisis in Spain, there are no fewer than 200,000 deportations! It is true that there is an average of 140 eviction notice on a daily basis throughout the country.

Recently a Basque Amaia EgaÃa, committed suicide at the arrival of the bailiffs when being evicted from her home. Narrated by the Iberian press, is dramatic, is unfortunately one example among many others. In fact, the housing crisis has generated a very large number of suicides over 70 in a single year for Catalonia. Meanwhile, the phenomenon of "squat" Housing has identified increased by 50% in Madrid, with a precision: the squatters are not only young ...


a cure

against unemployment?

Spain is the European country where the gap between rich and poor has worsened over the past few years. This shift has already begun under the socialist government.

In Spain, the cooperatives have a long tradition, living in the period, a definite revival. The Citizens take their own lives. Against the backdrop of "crisis", the various cooperatives resume that are no longer performed by the welfare state social functions. There are many examples in the health services, care for the needy and disabled persons, financial services in the areas of training, renewable energy, cultural activities, agriculture ... From the CEPES (Spanish association of social enterprises), there are 22,171 cooperatives in Spain.

Work cooperatives, consumer and user ...

"Just like after the Civil War, where many villages, which were without electric lights and running water (founded) cooperatives to self-sufficiency, this model can now be used to offset reductions in government benefits in many social areas. "

One thing is certain: there is no support or policy to promote the social economy or cooperative! These cooperatives are often created "for ideological reasons. This is a good model that gives priority to work for human beings and not the capital ... "

Nationalism and false solutions

Catalan nationalists, to achieve their desires for independence, chose to occupy gradually positions of power in Catalonia.

They created their own structures, parallel and competing with those of the central government. So there is a Catalan police (seen by the progress ...!) As there is a Catalan university. In this college, the student  e  s today are executives of Catalonia tomorrow. For now, they and they aspire to be the best  e  s for later to finally distance themselves from these "lazy" Spaniards. A blow to this questions - especially when they evoke and Catalonia Grande from Perpignan to Valencia, as others speak of a Greater Serbia ...

Even the separatists who say fight "for Independence and Socialism," focus national independence, abandoning any hint of social struggle (against bosses) in favor of the political struggle (elections). For independence, no boss    s, used  e  s  unemployed  s honest, have a common interest: the determination of the country.

Historically, these struggles of national liberation were the pretext for the local bourgeoisie to power through the lower classes, and then to exploit them for their own benefit. Do not dream, that want the Catalan bourgeoisie is to make profits so far are carried out by the Spanish bourgeoisie!

Our anarchosyndicalists for their companions, declared in favor of self-determination. And they want to push it to its highest culmination, that each individual  e. And for that, it is not to create new boundaries with new central government, police and army ... short of new states. Instead, they know they will "destroy them and all systems of oppression (including churches), which are the instruments of the bourgeoisie to impose its domination. If we want to create a federal corporation and self-directed, freedom and solidarity, we must provide the means for building a revolutionary organization and class libertarian, in a word. Anarcho-syndicalist "

The rejection of politicians

The Spanish  e  s believe less and less in politics as it is practiced. They and they are wary of politician   s. In this context, the libertarian ideas take a little more room in the debate. "People are less afraid of us," say our fellow libertarians. It is true that the many corruption scandals, splashing all levels of government and the Iberian political parties, dug a gap between citizens  no  s and leader  e  s policies.

Based on these findings, the Spanish anarchists  e  s obviously denounce the system with the impoverishment of the people, the growing wealth of the rich, the corruption of politicians, without omitting to criticize desire for independence Catalans. "This is a smokescreen, a movement of the Catalan bourgeoisie. The parliament is not representative. We support the independence of peoples and not a state. "

Added to this, in the "alternative" (which include the CGT and CNT, among others), there is a lot of world events. For example, in those of 14 November 2012 there were 100 000 people gathered in the procession "Red and Black", which was not seen in years. But these impressive processions, Madrid and Barcelona, ââshould not obscure the fact that anarcho-syndicalism is still a minority practice against the reformist central, bureaucratic and fully integrated management system.


"It happened in 1936 marked Spain, the anarchist movement is part of its history. This may be the catalyst for a new revolution. "

Group Puig Antich
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