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(en) Aurora worker anarchist magazine #26 - May 2013 - May 1st is the day to fight! (pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 06 May 2013 00:17:20 +0300

EDUCATE, ORGANIZE, EMANCIPATE! ---- A final word about the laws and rules will be the people and the individual action that will allow Community union in favor of self-government. Without intermediaries whose role is restricted executive provisional delegation when necessary and act under the control assembléario. Administration the economic and social issues is inevitably work of local groups and functional required to a life decentralized, autonomous, non-bureaucratic, simplifying the process of action. It is important everyone to participate and when it has delegated they are temporary and rotating, so that all can participate in the process, if the student said model assembleário (assemblies as revolutionary engine, with the massive participation of our people).

And direct democracy is part of the structure
Federalist, as well as the popular power that
TONARA faster the end of the class struggle.
Democracy is makes the people so
directly, without intermediaries. Thus, elections are
an affront to emancipation of our class and must
be denounced as such, an institution that
maintains the structure of oppression and exploitation.

-------------------------------------------------- ------

May 1st is the day to fight!

Decided at meetings of workers - Congresses
Workers - even in the nineteenth century the intensification
of the struggle for 8-hour workday for men, day 6 hours for
women included the prohibition of night work for these and
labor regulations for minors, and shall have
priority study for these (children should be in school and not in
work), we especially during the months of April and May 1886 in
USA the intensification of this struggle that had been developing for years
in all places on the planet where you gave your labor exploitation
so employed. Clashes with police checked
resulted dozen workers dead and several wounded, it
occurred in many U.S. cities and not just in Chicago.

Not satisfied with the bloodshed, beatings and imprisonment
of workers protesting in "meetings" and made strikes,
rulers of duty (State of Illinois) led to
mock trial and subsequent execution in four workers
the preposterous accusation of incitement and attack the police,
in fact even when these were present in
checked clashes with police. In Brazil these movements
not gone unnoticed by the working class, both which are
records of meetings relating to remind the 1st May struggle and grief,
already in 1890, although meetings of the auditorium, so the principle
indoors. In Rio Grande do Sul, no record in newspaper
Porto Alegre, "The Hereafter," directed by Dr. Francesco Colombo
Leoni, demonstration on Public Square in 1892.

Generally in cities possessing ports like Rio de Janeiro, Manaus,
Santos, Recife, Salvador, Corumbá, Salvador, Rio Grande, Pelotas,
Paranaguá, public acts of protest and claim
proletariat in the first of May each year, is registered in the press
local and national levels throughout the 1890s, perhaps because of their greater
contact with social movements organized in other countries and
the wider dissemination of ideas of self-organization work. This type
manifestation logo calls attention employer and the courtiers
State, so that with the help of the Italian government in the city of São
Paul, many workers are arrested by local police for being
organizing, in April, public demonstration on the
May Day 1894 and following some prisoners are sent
then for the Federal District, the city of Rio de Janeiro, where
remain several months in prison without police record and very
less regular judicial process, in stark contrast to
Federal Constitution, which as it is today, was ignored by the time
such powers that be.

Regardless of the willingness of employers, the state and the
reactionaries of Churches, the proletariat
continued discussing and defending the journey up to eight hours
daily work. The first day of May, there was a day of holiday as
is today (2013), but a day of struggle where the proletariat decided not
work and usually effected manifestations of public character.
During the month of April thousands of pamphlets were printed and
the doors and distributed within the plants, with
newspapers more stocky which recounted the martyrs of
Chicago. All this being done by workers and workers
willful / as, with the support of their own unique and exclusive
workers gathered in associations not subject to
State, Political Parties and the Churches. Aware of this the bosses
reacted before the failure of the police response, scoring for this
festivities on the date of May Day, providing
transportation for workers and employees, along with
their families, their farms, which were held barbecues,
widely distributed liquor and hired bands including
music to enliven the festivals, in order to keep
workers away from the "agitators", "dynamiters" and
"Blowers" strikes "pernicious".

In the public sphere, the "Barnabas" were dispensed enjoying the so-called point
optional and as the Labour Movement and was agglutinated
amplified throughout Brazil, the state 'gave' gradual
"Advantages" to their servers, such as the 8-hour workday,
extensive including the workers hired public entities with
the sole aim of keeping them away from the influence of all
socialists, libertarians, social democrats, Marxists, etc.. Same
thus, the hosts of the military corps dissatisfaction, anger and
insubordination in view of the delay in payment, bad
nutrition, physical punishment, exile, were a constant
throughout the Old Republic. Layoffs
officials also can not be ignored in view
Memorials to labor demands, protests by delays
payments, political persecution, etc..

Each year the first decades of the twentieth
century, not only the workers organized themselves to
protest on Public Square on 1st May, as used
these "meetings" for deflagration - initiate a - General Strikes,
in order to get the 8-hour workday and better conditions
job. The reaction Employer and State were a constant total
thousands of workers were blacklisted and controlled by
security schemes initially own the factories and
followed by police on that treadmill. Besides unemployment, the
arbitrary arrests hovered over all, under the false information
that they were strangers, the practice illegal and unconstitutional
expulsion of the Brazilian territory. The police action was repressive rule
proletarian in any event, and as a result, dead,
wounded and dozens of arrests which are not evolved to
necessary police investigation and subsequent prosecution.

The State, in the hands of oligarchs, on the popular dissatisfaction,
the uprisings, citizens concerned with the freedoms
individual and collective, the Democrats shamelessly used the
disastrous state of siege, the banishment to the "Siberia" Brazilian
(Acre), Penal Colony, like Three Rivers, Fernando de Noronha,
of Concentration Camps as the Oyapock and "Bastilles"
the type of Cambuci (SP). To all this the Workers Movement
Brazilian endured and resisted, promoting hundreds of "meetings",
strikes, unions sponsoring totally disconnected
State and bosses, printing dozens of newspapers and millions
flywheels, among other initiatives such as social theater, the
festivals, Modern Schools, cooperatives, boxes annuity to
sick and needy, funeral assistance, etc..

Constantly alert the repressive state before the labor organization
and strikes General goes to mask their actions, and in their
invested inventive turns - institutionalizes Date -
May Day in day festival (1920), declaring the National Day
work, thereby concealing its character of mourning and protest.
With the long dictatorship Vargas (1930-1945), and the sanctifying
'Labor Day' and not the worker / the operation is prohibited
entities free workers, passing tow totally
Unions to rage corporate state, through the Ministry of
Work, preventing the first day of May as a day of mourning and struggle.
In periods of representative democracy and not leave the state
or fails to protect the unions, which have only
legitimacy and power operation is linked to the state and
subservient to its laws, regulations and ordinances.

This situation anachronistic, fascist and greatly based on
nefarious Institute one union made the date of the proletariat stay
completely forgotten by almost all working men and women of
Brazil. In the 80s some unions still gave the official
work or pretend to sketch some sort of protest, rally,
march, but it soon gave way to bingos, raffles, free pass in
mass transportation, celebration of religious cults,
barbecues in recreational venues, leaving aside the independence
Unions in the State, and the more severe the struggle for
8-hour workday. To remember that in Brazil, the journey
is still more than 8 hours daily (44 week) plus the
possibility of turning slave over 88 hours overtime per month,
being that the routine is the "time bank" that legitimizes further
overexploitation, causing the worker and the worker
not entitled to rest on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays,
besides undergoing grueling and long working hours
the convenience and interest of employers.

It associates exploration Ramjet-Employer, the peleguismo
these new "yellow" entrenched in the State Unions do not give
up the Tax Association - Tax Association - and it breaks the
bosses mostly no longer takes care to provide
Masses, barbecues, work uniforms "free", buttons,
shirts, hot dog and soda, to "their" workers,
with the aim of keeping them equidistant from the agitators, "incendiary"
and all sorts of "misfits" social. For us libertarians fight
remains the same nineteenth century, we can not conceive or
accept the exploitation imposed on us by political parties, by
Bosses, the Churches and the State and what 'dead fish floating to
favor of the current 'scabs by refugees in unions
bureaucratic pretending to organize workers.

We follow denouncing the limit of our strength, combined with our
organizational capacity that the first day of May is a day of mourning, the
flags of struggle of workers remain the same as
pretérioto. We argue anyway intolerance with
slavery, fight for better health and education, associated with the
right to claim, to self-organize freely and protest
when and how they want workers and workers in
behalf of their rights and demands, but greatly against all
form of exploitation.

Pietro Anarchista

Caxias do Sul, April 2013.
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