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(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups (CGA) IAL #95 - Françafrique: to eradicate war destroy imperialism! (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 04 May 2013 14:57:47 +0300

Since January 10, the French government initiated the military operation Serval in Mali in order to stop a proclaimed jihadist column that threatened the integrity of the Malian territory and fight against the broader Salafist fundamentalism. This is true for the French neocolonial State to restore the authority of the residual, the Malian government in a strategic area for the imperialists who govern us. ---- Sahara_: a desert rich in natural resources ---- The Malian Sahara has deposits of gold, bauxite, uranium and precious stones. Only gold is actually used but the uranium deposits are highly coveted by Areva developed in neighboring Niger. The extraction of gold is well underway since Mali is the third extractor gold country of the African continent to the delight of shareholders of AngloGold, South African society.

Northern Mali also has deposits difficult to use but very important, hydrocarbons around Gao and Taoudeni. Becoming profitable, they are beginning to be explored by several oil companies including Total 1.

The French government sent its soldiers have protected this gold mine underground he intends to benefit from other Areva and Total. More broadly, the French government wants to stabilize the entire Sahara and avoid the domino phenomenon especially in neighboring Niger or the socio-political situation is similar and where Areva extract most of the uranium to the French plants.

Social misery and political imbroglio

The Tuareg people composed of approximately 2 million individual · e · s is the majority people of northern Mali as the rest of the Sahara. Even more than the populations of South Mali, Tuaregs live in extreme poverty (on average Tuareg households have incomes of half of the South). To this is added a misery importante2 political marginalization leaving the population to thank you a barbarian army as evidenced by the numerous abuses of malienne3 army.

Faced with the Malian government, there are three "_pôles politiques_" around these courses AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb), Ansar Dine and MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Asawad). AQIM and nearby structures are derived from the organizational reflux Islamist guerrillas in Algeria, Pakistan ... Many fighters from a breakaway faction of the Algerian GIA. This policy trend, composed of international fighters low social support but enjoys a Sahara conducive to guerrilla and trafficking of all kinds to finance armaments. For example, Mokthar Belmokthar was nicknamed Mister Marlboro as the head of a cigarette trafficking. The specialty of these armed groups is the removal of occidentaux4 hostages.

Ansar Dine is a religious fascist organization that has developed in the cities of Gao and Timbuktu which focuses the poorest Tuaregs. Ansar Dine has a real social base for the organization from a historical leaders of the Tuareg opposition (Iyad ag Ghali) and arises as a fighting force against the Malian state to an idle population.

Finally, the MNLA claims self-determination and independence Asawad summarily Malian Sahara. MNLA is a political force claiming laïque5 and placing them in the continuity of previous major Tuareg uprisings. If the central claim is "_libération nationale_" MNLA based on social demands found little resonance in the population of northern Mali.

At different times, different groups of these three political trends will either combine or object, making complex analysis of the situation.

The reduction of military armed groups Serval operation function to restore the authority of a State which serves French capitalist interests or in the case of cornering MNLA to force an agreement in favor of the State Malian military leave to ensure future political and / or some members of the executive committee as in previous armed conflicts.

Mali: submerged part of the iceberg of the French imperialist state in Africa

Along with the operation Serval, Francois Hollande welcomed indéboulonnable dictator Paul Biya of Cameroon on January 30. Like the Sahara, Cameroon has a rich soil in which the happiness of the French capitalists as Total operates several oil fields in 2011 and further increased its turnover from 334 million in 2011 to Cameroon.

Today the French government maintenance of military ties and privileged diplomatic with many countries in the former colonies as Gabon with two permanent military bases, Chad with military support during the uprising of 2005 ... These special links allow the French state to promote domestic enterprises for the extraction of raw materials (Total, Areva), obtaining construction contracts and / or management in the construction industry (Bolloré, Buygues) and trade feedstuffs.

On agricultural production, hexagonal companies make profits with exports growing as pineapple, cotton ... and the purchase of land to market biofuels. In Mali, 2.5 million hectares are "_ouverts investissements_ the" lands that are historically derived from flight colonial6.

Mali, an additional series of bloody history

This is not the first time that the army of the French State intervenes directly on Africa since the 60s to maintain political order.

The most recent episodes are intervention in Côte d'Ivoire in favor of Alassane Ouattara at the expense of Laurent Gbagbo and supporting the Chadian dictator Idriss Deby with the involvement of the French army organization and military intelligence .

Among the bloodiest episodes, one can note the logistical support to the military dissent Biafra in Nigeria in 1967. The goal for the neo-colonial state was to weaken the Nigerian federal government was a serious competitor to the supremacy of the French state in the region. Military support to the breakaway army led war directly by one million dead, one permanently ruined economy, increased authoritarianism of the Nigerian state ... Mitterandienne the left supported the coup Blaise Compaore in Burkina Faso in 1987 with the passage of physical extermination of reformer Thomas Sankara.

Of all the indignities caused by French imperialism, the prize goes to complicity in the Rwandan genocide. Indeed the French government diplomatically and militarily supported the racist apartheid regime and Habyarimana which emerged the Hutu power, genocidal party in 1994 that the French government secretly facilitate the decline towards the end of the genocide through turquoise7 operation.

To end poverty and war, kill the impérialisme_!

Unlike qu'assène a large part of the media, Serval operation was not intended to reduce the influence of the religious fascism if not then how to explain the very cordial relations with religious monarchies such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia? The sole purpose of this operation is to strengthen a strategic territory on a bending power. All the pseudo-humanitarian and democratic discourse that surrounds this military operation is only there to legitimize the imperialist war in the eyes of the French population.

Indeed, in the past the French State has participated more or less actively in the progressive liquidation of opposition and competitors and to the benefit of murderous regimes like that of Habyarimana in Rwanda, Mobutu in the DRC, Omar and Ali Bongo Gabon ...

In Mali, as in all other relays French imperialist state States, French capitalists maintain great misery to ensure large and lasting benefits for the flight without consideration of the basement, on speculation in food products, ownership of farmland ... On this misery proliferates fascist groups like Ansar Dine and nationalist MNLA impasse.

Only the struggle against the capitalists who steal land, minerals, oil and against states that brutalize day will emerge from barbarism imposed by the neo-colonial order. The construction of a power as the popular movement of the Voiceless in Mali, as syndicalist CGT-B represents Burkina Faso, although the limits of these movements, progressive face of French imperialism openings. The construction of a massive confrontation on a class basis that the fight against poverty, is also the only response to community decline and the rise of religious fascism in the Sahara.

In the common struggle against capitalist exploitation and state oppression, we can fight against French imperialism alongside our comrades to get another withdrawal of French as well as the dissolution of permanent bases, pillar of the troops French imperialism in Africa ...

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