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(en) Anarkio.net: Brazil, The function of social control parties (pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 11 Apr 2013 10:13:17 +0300

Since the formation of society as we know, we have witnessed the formation of parties, which are organizations that seek, above all, control of society, to achieve the objectives set by the party in history, parties have an important role, both the control and maintenance of a particular economic model, social, political, as in conquest and imposition of a new model. ---- The totality of these parties, so far, proved to be more in tune with your organization and consolidated as a strength within society. The forms used were from the electoral model, where clashes occur in war propaganda masked until the route of fact gaping by militarized parties. Both ways, for politics are valid within the context in which they are understood and required necessary. ---- The partisan model in Brazil, for example, is the institutional base. There is no way candidatx be without one, even after change, there is no way to be elected without having to register a party.

These parties, both right, left with the criteria have to work and be recognized as such. None of them can theoretically maintain an armed militia, or threaten national sovereignty or deny the foundations of the constitution. Most of them demagogues, whether right or left force discriminatory proposals, try to promises, deceiving society who possess the key to social change and elxs that can make a difference.

The parties argue that many changes are placebos and reformists who pretend to solve the problems, but no more than create a greater dependence of its social programs. Many parties have become dependent on the state, the funds to live their parliamentary office and clientelism that generates, because the parties, ensure first favoritism to his "investors", entrepreneurs and employers who invest in the party hope and certainty see their investment returned in the form of laws that favor, exclusive services and other benefits that the state can offer through partisan interference. Very little will revert to the less organized, exploited and oppressed. The case is continuing their production and playback system. And accept the model, voting. In this part, the vote, this acceptance is therefore mandatory, like an exercise in citizenship, which is not.

What differentiates indeed and would produce major changes is the abolition of partisan model, by organizing our people in order to deny, oppose and fight the parliamentary reformism does not ensure that the solution of the basic needs of our people, on the contrary, serve the system by keeping it running.

And make no mistake, waiting. The usual practice is to wait derived model docilization Judeo-Christian, that makes people wait for a "savior", a charismatic leadership that can turn water into wine, bread on earth. But what we see is that this waiting and hope deposited in certain parties, as the most suitable and saviors, that even the most leftist, deceive our people seek and use of this Judeo-Christian discourse, in this case, disguised as "enlightened vanguard" to get along in the process. Parties said revolutionaries in history have we had a great demonstration that when you take control, the power, they serve themselves and very little is passed on to society, population.
For the population, the anarchist ideas ever proposed that society organizes itself directly without intermediaries, who are the parties and the state. Xs anarchists realized long ago that social control made by these two instances only meet the demands of large groups of influence, power, dominant and very little to offer and oprimidxs exploradxs, plus control and crumbs.

Our people can get organized enough to not need political parties, directly managing all that concerns him, producing as directly and dividing the work and needs of each, abolishing property ownership (preserving the property use), abolishing inheritance and redistributing the wealth accumulated, all this does not need party and state. In the process, these two instances not only hinder, with turn into enemies of the people, seeking to retain control of everything that is created collectively. This theft, in capitalism, profit is called and left a confiscation of the goods that are redistributed, first for the instances owners of party and state. We can not submit to this logic, and yes, we must show how the political parties of left and right are a major obstacle to the emancipation of our people, then left to languish as they are parasites of society.
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