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(en) Portugal, Anarcho-syndicalist AIT-SP - Report of demonstration on 2 March in Porto (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 23 Mar 2013 19:52:05 +0200

There were many this time in Porto, many even posted up to 400,000 in this city, a manifestation which demonstrated the strength of a population already had enough to get rasca, always afraid the next section and the next austerity measure. In the midst of this sea of people formed a bloc with libertarian malta AIT / SP and other collective Porto, and individuals connected to this way of thinking and acting. Flag red and black anarcho-syndicalist and a theatrical action where comrades disguised as "troika" served as a target for hundreds of dots of ink dots that roamed these "targets" and end up "accidentally" hit the banks that were behind thereof, pure symbolism, while bold, which served to greatly tos passing and adhered to the action as a way to "put it out" the problems of everyday life afflicted with the "crisis."

At the end of manif, when everything seemed routed and people were heading to their homes with like "I want more", about the police action theater group linked to ask them for their IDs, given the illegality of the application, people obviously refused to identify himself. Tension mounts around the siege of the police, the people screaming, asking to drop the group, trying to enter the enclosure to say: "If they are caught then also want to be", and suddenly two arrests, arbitrary and without any apparent reason including a militant SOV-Port (AIT / SP). It's the last straw for those who watched it all indignant. People invade the siege and shouting "Get out, get out of here" just push away the police, an act of courage and indignation which clearly shows that nerves are on edge and things begin to change.

Already in prison fellow detainees were faced with two plainclothes policemen who accompanied the demonstration that quickly and do not recognize them as people who have launched any speck of paint on benches, and it was true, the riot police had arrested only two (they clearly stated that they would like to have gotten more people) and they were both wrong. Quickly communicate the same to the police command this but there was no way the command wanted someone were accused in the case and also that some person was denounced as possessed of what had been seized (for a shopping cart with paint balls unreleased), and there was the movie made, those two would be the scapegoats for everything that happened. And so the process went without abuse of power, without hostility, the two defendants were found and refused to sign the paper, then were taken to identify the d whole hand and digital photography, being released later. They tried to do a demonstration in front of the Police Station where they were prisoners, but police were able and protesters who managed to fool the whole time were in the wrong precinct. As the detainees were not allowed to use the phone there was no turning back about it. For now everything is fine, but let's wait for the course of this process to know what steps we take forward.

A militant Puerto SOV (AIT-SP) rally held on 2 March


About Us

The Union Craft Several Port is part of the International Association of Portuguese Workers-Section and is active in the Grand Harbour Region.

@ Associad or're not a union official, thou supporter or not a political party, you will find the SOV worker @ s @ s precari, students, desempregad if reformad @ @ s @ s like you fart from being exploited by the state, by employers, landlords or by the parties.
Without leaders or hierarchies, bureaucracies or without centralism ....

Basic principles of our activity:

- Direct management in meetings, whether at work or in the community, those involved and no one else. The positions are rotating, unpaid and mandates revocable at any time.
Direct Action
- Refusal to deposit in the hands of representatives, tasks and decisions that should take basic assemblies and sharing amongst themselves.
Solidarity and mutual support
- The problems of one are the problems of all.
- The exploited have no country - our country is the whole world.
- Independence from the state, employers, political parties, union leaders and other officials authoritarian organizations.

Unid @ itself Organiser @ s, we give them the "crisis"!

Declaration of Principles of AIT-SP

International Workers Association
Portuguese Section

1 . AIT-SP is an independent association of workers seeking to intervene directly, ie, without intermediaries or representatives of any kind, in defense of their economic, social and cultural rights.
With this alliance its adherents intend to be in Portugal, a vast and powerful Confederation of Trade Unions actually based on respect for the dignity of each producer, a union of unions that are not mere appendages or transmission belts of forces outside the world of work (parties politicians, for example), in which workers are not replaced, under the protection of his interests by a union bureaucracy.

2 . practice this alliance is based on concrete problems and interests, mediate and immediate, workers. Its action is simultaneously improving under the current social system, the living conditions of workers and the total emancipation of this class.
Not leaving to fight for immediate improvement of living conditions in the working population, this alliance demand that workers acquire through his labor practice, the ability to conduct a complete transformation of the current social environment. The building of a society based on LIBERTARIAN COMMUNISM, replacing the authoritarian-capitalist organization by a CONFEDERATION OF LOCAL communes, ECONOMIC, egalitarian and libertarian, is the ultimate goal of global or AIT-SP.

3 . AIT-SP supports in theory and in practice, the social union, freedom and solidarity of all workers.
The AIT-SP is opposed to any form of media coverage of the struggles of workers and believes that an attack on a party of the proletariat is an attack on all the workers. The use of the method and the use of DIRECT ACTION SOLIDARITY weapon are two essential aspects of the practice of union AIT-SP.
The AIT-SP uses the active general strike and other means of struggle themselves anarcho-syndicalism.

4 . Based on the conflict of interests that characterizes capitalist society, and as a method of taking direct action to fight the AIT-SP refuses to participate in social dialogue and called criticizes government intervention in social conflicts that oppose the workers to employers.
The AIT-SP does not make any cooperation agreements with unions that putting the general interests of the capitalist economy above the particular interests of the workers, the government attributed the role of arbiter of labor disputes, and therefore part of the organs of the consultation call social.

5 . AIT-SP defends the existence of full freedom of association and against all actions, government or employers, aimed at limiting the right to strike.
The AIT-SP argues that workers can make full use of fundamental freedoms: freedom of assembly, association, expression of thought, of expression, of recourse to strike, etc..
The AIT-SP is in solidarity with all workers who, due to their participation in labor struggles, are the subject of government repression and / or employers.

6 . A AIT-SP action takes place in a land completely foreign to the election races and parliamentary struggles. The AIT-SP does not participate in any kind of political struggle or make any agreements with organizations of a political nature. Particularly, this covenant does not make any cooperation agreements with organizations that, although themselves call themselves libertarian advocate the participation of workers anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists in electoral disputes and seek integration within the bourgeois representative democracy.
The defense of economic interests, social and cultural rights of workers is the only concern of AIT-SP.
7 . AIT-SP is an association internationalist. She argues for the existence of a practical solidarity among workers worldwide. As internationalist AIT-SP is therefore anti-military. The AIT-SP opposes that workers are cannon fodder of inter-state wars and inter-capitalist, who kill each other to defend capitalist interests or national states.
The division of human society on national states and the capitalist economic competition, AIT-SP opposes the union AGREEMENT FREE for all peoples, countries and regions of the world, bottom of the abolition of wage labor and the establishment of an effective SOCIAL EQUALITY .
The AIT-SP combat all maneuvers of the ruling class and exploitative (nationalism, racism, etc.) aimed at dividing the working class.

8 . AIT-SP gives special attention to the interests of the poor and laborious most exploited and discriminated against: women workers, young people in precarious work conditions, unemployment, "disabled", retired, etc..

9. Within this alliance there are no paid positions or functions. This alliance is no place for union bureaucrats, or rather to the defense experts of outside interests. For TIA SP-emancipation of the workers can only be the work themselves.

10 . This alliance is based on the principles of libertarian federalism. AIT-SP rejects any kind of coercion or imposition of minorities or majorities, ie based on the principle of autonomy of individuals and their free associations, and based on the principle of freedom of association and disassociation, the mutual-aid volunteer in free combination of effort and solidarity among all its members.
The operation and activities of this alliance based on pacts or agreements FREE, elaborated in its various assemblies (local, regional and inter-regional). In some cases and in some deliberative bodies, it is permissible, if not a consensus, make up a majority decision, although no adherent to the AIT-SP is forced to do something they disagree. Cooperation in the field of industrial action and the realization of collective union action based solely on free agreement. Workers, trade unions and federations of different levels of AIT-SP are AUTONOMOUS. No federal union of AIT-SP, at local, regional or inter-regional agreements should elaborate on the activities of the specific scope of action of a union. A federation of AIT-SP, a particular context, should not develop agreements relating to specific activities of the components of a federal union of more limited scope.
The application within the AIT-SP, the principle of autonomy is not incompatible with the fulfillment of federal agreements at various levels. A union that joins AIT-SP becomes responsible for meeting federal agreements as part of its action. Federal agreements relating to a particular area, can not be denied by federal agreements relating to a portion of this area.
In federal unions of AIT-SP, from different areas, there are no positions with executive or deliberative functions, but bodies with relationship and organic. The bodies of federative relations and governing bodies of trade unions do not interfere in the drafting of agreements relating to the practice of union workers AIT-SP.
The sections of the trade union delegates, delegates of trade unions and delegates from federal unions in different scopes, are mere MANDATORY. Delegates, the elements of relationships federal agencies and members of the governing bodies of trade unions are elected by the respective assemblies and plenary meetings, for a limited period and are revocable at any time.
Within the AIT-SP, an individual or association, can not accumulate various positions or functions, and applies the principle of rotation in assignments.

11 . might join this alliance employed and autonomous who agree with the method and means of struggle of anarcho-syndicalism and accept this covenant membership.
You can not join this alliance elements of patronage, people who have a salaried account, individuals employed in managerial and business administration professionals in the military, police, judicial and prison, elements of religious hierarchies, union bureaucrats, militant parties, individuals who exercise management functions in the various state bodies, elements of maçonarias, the "Opus Dei" and other sects of gender.
They can also join this association retired, unemployed and students.


Must have a minimum of 2 militants.

Conditions preferred :
- 5 or more militants;
- Existence of any involvement and / or ability to act in the workplace;
- Existence of a place open to the public that allows a stay regular, eg weekly, with time pre-set;
- Existence of some capacity for "legal advice", stressing always that this does not replace the use of the method of direct action, on the contrary, the conduct of labor disputes.

Must have a minimum of 2 militants.

Condition preferred :
- 5 or more militants.

13 . AIT-SP does not depend on any financial assistance from entities which are external. The AIT-SP is also independent in financial matters. Your recipes are the donations and contributions of its members and the issues arising from their advertising.
Each individual pays adherent to their union, monthly quota is the amount agreed in the relevant general meeting. Through regular contributions agreed in plenary meetings, the local unions support expenses related to the operation of various federal committees and ensure the payment of contributions to the AIT AIT-SP.

14 . AIT-SP not only supports the freedoms that the Portuguese people won after the fall of fascism on April 25, 1974, but also intends to expand them, especially in the economic and social.
The AIT-SP is willing to fight vigorously against any attempt to restore the dictatorship overthrown on April 25, 1974.

15 . A union practice of AIT-SP based on the principles of high moral. Its adherents advocate the ethical principle of coherence between ends and means. They totally reject terrorist methods and compulsive used, for example, by Marxists-Leninists and nationalists said revolutionary or the "1st World" or the "3rd world". The social revolution that AIT-SP advocates revolution that would establish a social environment based on individual freedom, social equality, cooperation by free agreement, mutual help and solidarity, has a foundation and an ethical character. Not only the goal, but his method and means signify a dignifying the human condition.
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