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(en) Aurora Obreira #23 - The workers under permanent risk (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 16 Mar 2013 00:53:53 +0200

Accident in Brazil ---- Official records are far from portraying the reality of the working world in Brazil. It is estimated that just over a third of Brazilian workers are entered into the Formal Labor Market called, or has Work Permit signed what in theory - apparently - guarantees a minimum social rights. "According to the National Survey of Domicile (PNAD 2008), the number of workers in Brazil reaches 92.4 million people or more than ten years of age, and of these 31.9 million Portfolio has signed. "1 In this context, one has one of the largest problems of Brazilian workers, which results in bad conditions work that are offered to employees. The consequence of poor working conditions is reflected in national indexes degrading Accident Work that remain consistently high, so that only part restricted deserves record. The following data for the period 1998 to 2011, with respect to the Workmen's Compensation, which had official note in Brazil:

Source: Statistical Yearbook of
Accidents at Work (AEAT)
work done by the Ministry of
Social Security in partnership
with the Ministry of Labour and

In general working conditions are very risky - painful and dangerous
unhealthy - and supervision of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, whom
Racing monitor workplaces in Brazil, is insufficient. "There are about
three thousand Fiscal Auditors Labour who work in supervisory activities,
would require twice the federal civil servants, invested in this
function, making the monitoring of labor reality. Another component that
inhibits a more resolute action of the supervisory board is contingecimamento
federal funds, which sometimes prevents the movement of tax and
maintenance of field actions. Often labor inspectors must make
spending on their own with displacement and supply expenses and accommodation
supply. Following three companies that meet the "Standards
Regulating ", better known as NR (s) Ordinance. 3214 of 08
June 1978, which govern and regulate the workplace are full
exception. The vast majority of companies operates in hazardous conditions. It is
therefore, these hazardous environments, painful and unhealthy, poorly lit,
muffled, etc.. employees have to succumb to ensure their
livelihood. Adds to these factors and the long strenuous journeys
work, the constant lack of Personal Protective Equipment included in the
collective use. "According to the Department of Social Security Policies of the MPS, the
most frequent accidents are the wrist and correspond to 27.5% of cases.
Including cases of synovitis and tenosynovitis (RSI / WMSD), the percentage rises
to 30%. This shows that a third of accidents occur as a result of
lack of people skills or lack of equipment and processes
suitable work or employment of obsolete equipment. Are accidents that
could be avoided with relative ease. Investing more in training, in
safe work procedure and replacing obsolete machines. "4 In
particular, by way of example quoted in the Norm. 6, which is
true work of fiction, it provides training workers in the use of
Personal Protective Equipment. Herein lies one of the biggest gaps that
workers have to transpose because employers usually avoid providing
the equipment necessary to protect the worker and even when
provide, these are low quality. In summary does not have much equipment and
less training in use, which makes Norma dead letter.

Low education of Brazilian workers the bare fact of being exposed to greater risks

In Brazil there is still the fact that millions of workers are in
condition illiterate or semi-literate further provided that
functional illiteracy. Collecting data from PNAD 2008 we have: "Among
the employed, 7.8 million people (8.4%) had no education or had
less than one year of study, 8.6 million (9.3%) had 1 to 3 years
study, 21.8 million people (23.6%) had 4-7 years of schooling, and 16.0
million people (17.3%) had 8-10 years of schooling "5 A are correct
official data we have the total of 54.2 million workers without having completed
high school. In short the execrable instruction observed in Brazil leads to low
qualification that is one of the components in the harsh conditions of acceptance
work which also complicates the organization of workers in the rejection
precarious work. This is compounded by the fact that many workers are
or informally, they have the job, but that absent registration
(Formal) aggravating his miserable situation. "Among the 92.4
million people or more than ten years old occupied, 48.1 million (52.1%)
were contributing to Social Security in 2008 "6 In theory these are
supported by social insurance. Have the employee on condition of informality or
underemployment who suffers any accident at work without having proper registration in
Driver suffers double jeopardy because it is deprived of the few and insufficient
social and pension rights to which the worker is entitled appropriately
registered by the company. Besides leaving to earn a living and do not receive
no insurance and compensation for suffering concussion, still have to pay for
Treatment is generally very expensive. Even the formal workers sometimes not
have all their rights guaranteed, because in case of partial disability or
Total for work, notes that the company that no longer exists or exploited
is completely delinquent with respect to payment of taxes and labor, the
that can cause you inconvenience.

Occupational Disease

There are cases of companies where the worker, injured or even
occupational health problems, still working regularly. The fear
of losing their jobs and livelihoods in the consequent which is generally includes the
family contributes to the maintenance of this state. The occupational diseases
inceridas also may be that particular. "You can define Disease
Occupational disease as being caused by any work or the circumstances
the environment in which it runs. The Brazilian legislation defines illness
professional or work in Decree 2172 of March 5, 1997, Article 132,
Items I and II, and Annex II, equating to all legal purposes, the
work accident ".7 Sometimes the symptoms can be attenuated (made-up).
Often one hears that sector colleagues working under the influence of
or similar painkillers to reduce the pain, including use
without proper prescription. It is the fear of losing their jobs, getting away
and return to find his place occupied by another worker. Contributes
That only makes Social Security payments proportionally,
meaning a significant reduction in the worker's salary. Very common is the
fact in favor of the worker seeking to keep busy tending to
aggravate its already battered situation.

Registration Notification of Accident at Work

The change in behavior on the part of federal agencies (2007) allowed
add morbid accounts of 138,955 Accident more
that year, which did not deserve proper and necessary formal notification
obviously already required by law to employers, but
irresponsibly ignored even today. "In 2007 there was a
significant increase in records of occupational accidents. This fact is due to
first reflex official adoption of Technical Nexus Epidemiological Pension
(NTEP) the systematic granting of accident benefits. With the new
methodology established by Social Security, some illnesses, which were previously
recorded as non-labor accident, are identified as labor accident, based
the correlation between the causes of alienation and division of
worker. It is how these cases are presumed there is no need of issuing
CAT (Communication Accident at Work). " 8 In 2007 were registered
formally, as contained in the Statistical Yearbook of Accident
(AEAT 2007), 9 514 135 work accidents, which are added to those cited
138,955 without proper registration, but noted the calls made by
SUS and are classified as typical of drudgery work, totaling
of 653,090 workplace accidents. They are mostly Occupational Diseases. The
companies that omit the registration of workers are failing to contribute
to Social Security and, consequently, having a profit even criminal
greater. Not only is the super exploitation in the "shop floor" we still
Tax evasion of taxes by many employers which weakens
the already ailing public health system in Brazil. Aside from this
evasion is common for entrepreneurs deny access worker
casualty care services. It's called "no notice" of
Work Accident. With that workers no longer receive day
stopped on account of the company, following the social insurance and still run the risk
be dismissed because the warranty is impugned interim informally in
employment to the injured.

Fatal Accidents at Work

Looking also for the dramatic Organization estimates
International Labour Organization (ILO) necessarily have to take into account the
following data: "The ILO estimates (2008) that 6,000 workers die each
day in the world due to accidents and work-related diseases, a figure that
is increasing (these numbers to calculate in 2.2 million deaths
from accidents or occupational diseases). Moreover, each year
occur 270 million non-fatal workplace accidents (resulting in a
minimum of three days absence from work) and 160 million new cases of disease
professionals. The ILO estimates that the total cost of these accidents amounts to 4% of
Global GDP or more than twenty times the overall cost for investments to
developing countries. " 11 In short, the job without conditions, claims the lives and
the health of millions of people, and hypocritically "investors"
call it development.

The light of the available data also noted that Brazil is not only still
among the countries with the highest incidence of Accident as in
inserted between the greater number of deaths. "The statistics show that
between 1971 and 2000 (30 years), died in Brazil more than 120,000 people, and
other 300 000 were invalid, all victims of more than 30 million
work accidents recorded in the period ".10

Accident disability permanently

Material fact that is also appropriate to consider the mean of Accidents
Labour to permanently disable the workers involved
this misfortune. Official figures call attention to this tragedy, which plays
in absolute misery thousands of workers every year. The figures for
Obviously, do not show the real situation that the injured are in a position to
hiposuficiência permanent. Not enough suffering of the victim is still
family involvement, which many times is to serve permanently
rugged, thereby reducing household incomes, spending and seeing the
increase victim support.

LabourOrganisation accidents involving children and adolescents

In Brazil registered between 2007 and August 2011, 5353 cases of accidents
serious involving children and adolescents, of whom 4366 cases occurred
boys. In the monitored period, the country recorded an average of 2.99 accidents
bass per day involving children and adolescents.
-10 To equalize immodestly understand that this tragic situation,
only the direct action of the workers themselves, mediated by your organization
from the workplace, it will enable, through pressure and
mobilization to reverse this disastrous picture, considering that the state sees
paquidérmicamente omissamente and double the number of accidents in recent
years and even pretends to attack the problem through an advertising campaign,
revealing his face with the connivance of greedy exploiters.

Pietro Anarchista
Caxias do Sul, January 1, 2013.
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