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(en) Brazil Libera-FARJ #156 - Libertarian News (Notícias Libertárias) (pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 10:17:52 +0200

ELAOPA 2013! The Latin American Encounter of Autonomous Popular Organizations reaches its tenth edition! A victory for the libertarian sector of the working class and organized on a continental level! An event done and funded by the organizations themselves, performed with complete class independence, autonomy of governments and bureaucracies! This meeting formed by organizations and popular movements in several countries of the South American continent is held in a very important for our people. First, it advances the strides a project of exploitation and domination of elites called IIRSA (Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America). This project is being played in Brazil from the federal government and state governments (CAP Mega-events, preparation of tourist towns).

The results are more inequality, more exploitation, oppression and worse living conditions for the poor and workers! At this juncture the importance of having a long-term project is fundamental. Strengthening popular movements and strengthen existing instruments, unions, communities and workers movements in the field! Fight! Create! People Power!

Launched the program in French FARJ:

Already available for the translation
French text and Social Anarchism
Organization of the program approved in FARJ
its first congress in 2008. We
This companion to Sam Berckman, the
Coordination of Anarchist Groups (CGA) of
Lyon, to whom we are very grateful. The text
can be downloaded at http://anarkismo.net/
article/23573. Remember that our
program is already translated into English,
available on our website, which will soon be
translated into Spanish.

Maré won collective space:
Long live people power!

The cooperative Roça! Tide, which has three
permanent members, one being the FARJ, and
many supporters, had an important
achievement to be able to buy a small space
in November 2012. After several weeks
works, with the support and solidarity
small mutirões the new space that was
was renovated completely abandoned
and is already working as a shop for
the marketing of organic products,
natural and economic collective and popular.
Additionally the space will have cultural events
as the inauguration on 22/12, when he had
a test block resistance "crosses himself
Giving "with contributions from Q Neguin
If not Kala (MTD "For the Base"). The purchase
the shop was made possible through loan
money the cooperative's own
members and it will be returned to
cooperative monthly during 2013. We had the
confidence in this act of purchase, despite being
a property not formalized politically by
being with a lot of support in the slums and
economically by count, since September
2012, with the support of sympathetic companions
Germany through the group "Desierto
Florido ", Tübingen (www.desierto-florido.de).
The contribution was for the payment of
rental store old so will contribute to
that this space can be the cooperative: a
collective space where you never have speculation
or exploitative relationships rental
at a time when speculation
Real estate is the strong tide, as in all
Rio's favelas that have or have the
possibility of political repression territorial
UPP named. More about Roça! here: www.

Construction conference book: Slums in fight:

Grassroots social movements and
groups operating in the slums of Rio
found in 15/12 to start construction
together a book that seeks to reflect
the grassroots in different contexts
local and thematic autonomous groups and
resistance of the metropolitan region of Rio de
January. The working title "Slums in fight:
reflections of the territories of resistance "
expresses the desire and need to reflect and
exchange on ways and methods of work
to strengthen the basic groups in their
bases. It is intended to publish the book still in
first half of 2013 by publisher and
Consequently bookstore (www.livrariaconsequencia.
com.br) and translate it into German with a
publisher in Berlin (www.assoziation-a.de)
confirmed to publish the book there. While
that the groups are in agreement that the most
important is the exchange and collective process
having scheduled further meetings, the next
to take place on 19/1 in the City of
God. Participate in the cooperative process
Roça!, Core Pre-Vestibular and The Neguin
If not that Kala (both BAT-Through Base), TV
Chatty Rocinha, the Territorial Laboratory
Manguinhos, The Movement Communities
Popular (MCP), Official Community
"News by those who live" (City of God),
Network Against Violence, among many others.
The process is articulated collective
by Nucleus Research Socio-Territorial
(NUPEST / Tide).

Cultural Tide Line at:

It was a success in the Line Cultural Tide held on 30/11
in partnership by The Neguin What If There Kala
(MTD "For the Base") and the cooperative Roça!
(Tide) with collaboration of "Seu Zé", owner
a bar in Centenary Square IV (Low
the Shoemaker / Tide), who regularly supports
cultural events on site (shows
rock with cinema held monthly).
The event is presented MCs and bands,
among them Bonde Culture of slum
Turkish Jorge (St. John Meriti), Repper Fiell
(Santa Marta) and the banda Mushroom Dub. The
Letters tod @ s they pass a message
policy that leaves no room for doubt:
overcoming capitalism will see resistance
and struggles at the base. Together and combative
built a new city from the periphery to the
periphery and to end the centers! For
2013 Cultural Line is scheduled to happen
bimonthly so the new store Roça!,
Hill timbau (Tide).

Seminar Training Policy FARJ:

Between October and December, held FARJ
a Seminar Training Policy presented
over three meetings. The
seminar aimed to address
central questions of anarchism current
especifista. Divided into three parts (Models
Organization Anarchist Organisation
Specific Anarchist and Labor and Insertion
Social), the seminar was attended
about 25 militants FARJ between members of
social movements nearby (MTD "For the Base!"
MST, MPA) and the tendency Popular Organization.
The meetings served to, and training policy,
approach with militants
interest in joining the organization to
might know more deeply the
history of anarchism and our especifista
method of action in social movements.

Seminar on UNIVERSE:

Between days 3, 4 and 5 December 2012 I was the
Seminar Labor Movement, Immigration and
Anarchism in Universidade Salgado de Oliveira
(UNIVERSE), in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.
The seminar was attended by
several researchers and the launch had
the book "Ideology and Strategy - Anarchism
Social Movements and Popular Power "by
authored by researcher and activist of OASL,
Felipe Correa. The workshop, coordinated by
teachers Alexandre Samis, Erica Sarmiento
Marly and Vianna, had the support of
Center for Social Research, which comes
developing interesting research
theory, anarchist and labor movement. We
the FARJ, we believe that initiatives such as
these are an important counterpoint to
Sad historiographical trend of avoiding the
anarchism of his union strategy
revolutionary. Furthermore, the new event brought
contributions to the study of the subject. The fact
many researchers attending the event
be militant social movements in
remember the inseparable relationship practical / theory
and wealth of a political practice
constantly enriched by theory and vice versa.

Kropotkin and the Agrarian Question:

120 years of "The Conquest of Bread" On 29
November 2012 at 19h in the IM-UFRRJ
New Delhi, there was a debate in
tribute to 120 years of the book "The Conquest
Bread ", the table was composed of teachers
and militants FARJ and OASL. The
event addressed the relevance of this great work
the struggles of workers and highlighted in special
contribution to anarchist theory of the peasantry.
Take this opportunity to thank the support of the class
Ozéias Oak Course
Bachelor of Rural Education /
UFRRJ. We finish with a hint of reading:
"Kropotkin revolutionary" (SET-120 Releases
Oct/2003) source: http://www.midiaindepen-
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