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(en) Brazil, On Venezuela and before the death of Hugo Chávez: Follow creating People Power!!,by rusgalibertaria / MT - CAB (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 09 Mar 2013 21:43:29 +0200

Its repercussions in Latin America and worldwide. ---- A strong emotion strolled around the world, as a ruler dies and militant unique characteristics. Quite controversial, and controversial polemicist, political statements of vigorous, creative, tireless in their say and propose, powerful charisma. Brought to the scene social policy the name of socialism when they few or almost no one, the level of government in a capitalist structure, made mention of that name, much less after the fall of the so-called real socialism. With Marx and God in his mouth launched an original socialism of the XXI century. While discussing what content has such a concept. He was then being as follows, on the throne of infamy, the neoliberal model. Your doing the political scored with a very personal stamp.

Paternalistic ruler, personalistic, authoritarian settings were more frequent than it used to its trigger. Created mystical and hope most of its people and also partly of other peoples of Latin America. Shouted energetically strong, with some contradictions, their anti-imperialism on the great Latin American homeland, independence, about the People Power created primarily from above. Wove from his government, with enough of your brand, political relations with various governments around the world. Made a policy of solidarity with the Latin American countries and even beyond this area: sale of oil under favorable conditions, and other types of assistance, eg for recovery industries that would lead workers, as in our country. As likewise, proposed and persevered in building new organizations in Latin America basing that with it would result in more independence, which could bring significant improvements to the quality of life of people.

It is a fact that is in view of his figure is scaled so that today moves crowds in his country and different expressions and manifestations in our Latin America and countries around the world. Only the proof of example, let's say Iran declares a day of mourning, Argentina, Ecuador and Brazil three days of mourning, and residents of Russia carry flowers to the door of the Embassy of Venezuela. There are notes expressing sorrow and pain, from the Vatican to China. His death becomes an unusual event.

Pain of people, pain that hurts.

In numerous people coming out to the streets in Venezuela's term pain, sense of loss of something dear. At the same time, within the marked pain, which is a trademark path ahead hereinafter, which was a line. So live it, feel it and say it. "Today, our duty is to continue even deeper with socialism, the struggle of the project that the commander gave us," answers a reporter estrevistado a while. Others say similar things and struggle and socialism mentioned again and again. Which subjectivity is produced in this social experiment of the low? Hard to respond quickly and less today. If you live in the dimension of emotion, anxiety, feeling assaulted. Also rebellion. What brought these winds so fluid, so contradictory, with hope for broad sectors of the real low? Where there was broader support for Hugo Chavez. Ideological elements that are produced? Because these elements will express themselves in close tomorrow?

It is precisely here, in people, in the low itself, which resides in Venezuela and everywhere, hope initiation of processes for a better tomorrow, fair and supportive.

Anarchism history shoulder to shoulder with the people

The FAU is an heiress that anarchism strongly that immigrants have brought to these lands. Sowers of those who put everything to change this system brutal, unjust and even dementia. They said so right in the publications of the time, that nothing could be expected from this cruel and exploitative bourgeoisie, because we had to fight for another company. What they said led him to practice. There were tucked up to the shoulders within the bosom of the people who felt to belong. They had no doubt that was his place. The sensitivity of those social libertarian militants who came from different parts of Europe perimitiram make quick contact them with feeling, with all those imaginary "national", who had never heard of unions, let alone libertarian socialism or anarchism. But how well they related warlords and political parties created to keep blatantly privileges. In everyday life, living with the same problems of his people, suffering that overexploitation, giving, in fact, an example of fellowship, offering things like a desire to weave with coworkers sensitivity squeezed, the first unions were creating, explaining that could be achieved a better world, who must struggle to wrest decent living conditions and the preparation of a proper tomorrow. Then, the unions were taught reading and writing, there were lectures on various topics, formed dramatic themes, rose pots in solidarity during strikes. In doing so, then knead this dream was building up another subject. There came not only from books, the action came everyday practices that were performing, participation that were taking employees who did not know the word "union." Of course, that militancy was inserted deeply and proposed guidance in daily social tasks. Proposals wore those desires. But it is well known that desire is not pregnant. That daily work was actually organizing representations, ideas, behaviors, while producing certain changes in the imagination of the low. This was the case here and, at least in most countries of Latin America.

Today, the imagination of the bass is richer, contains many experiences and raw materials, and its subjectivity is both more complex. Contains elements of rebellion and general understanding of the injustice that surrounds it. And so sometimes earns the streets. Also, always more fruitful results that are participating in social events of that is in a state of resignation and oblivious to their surroundings. How is the imagination of the low in Venezuela, when there was much talk of Popular Power, when there was much talk about imperialism, when certain forms of social participation have been effective? What we do know is that quietism and resignation not produce any degree of resistance, the possibility is real social policy in action, however contradictory and confusing it is.

Imperialism and popular power

They are concepts, both of imperialism as the people's power, they were in talks with frequency of Hugo Chavez. Here are still present in the discourse at the moment on the lips of statesmen and popular activists. The content and implementation are already flour another story.

We can say that many people who wanted to spend the horizon of linguistic imperialism term. Suggest, sometimes they say, that is something that belongs to the past of capitalism. It is suggested that, in this post-modern social relations have changed with the degree of such problems already dissolved. If today there is something that is clear is that the existence of dependency relationships, everything that constitutes an imperial policy, is a constitutive component of the capitalist system.

Who gave up for dead imperialism is not for gravedigger. Imperialism lives and overwhelming as ever. Meanwhile, the states of the industrialized countries have increased their roles in various fields. There is no contradiction here that many of these countries are in crisis and that designate how they are playing for millions of unemployed workers.

True, today there is another form of state capitalism, has not ceased to engage in some previous office and took care of others that considers strategic for this step. A stage where the fierce financial capital travels the world leaving trail of misery.

International financial capital that daily crosses the political and ideological. Bankers have no trouble paying the billions of dollars they stole them. The structures: economic, legal-political and ideological-cultural lining today a very specific articulation. To this must be added the very important use of information technology for the benefit of the powerful. All this concerns the effects of replacing the themes in this, the ongoing processes, the current state of the imperialist structure.

There is no doubt that we keep talking about imperialism. But do not lose perspective, tactical programs aside, that consequent anti-imperialism should be anticapitalist.

The imperial bloc, despite its internal situation, continued operating at all times. Not in Latin America or elsewhere in the world. Here are today trying to make their projects throughout the South there attacks and campaigns ranging from subtle to grotesque, on which each country tries some minimal degree of political independence. In terms of our America's imperial penetration into various tips. In economics, they known by treaties, such FTAA in the previous step and then to the resistance offered, are popular as substitutes, the FTA and TIFA. Militarily are the various policies of the Southern Command Ideologically, first-order instrument to structure all politics, no production of "theories" general and partial to justify all their actions. The only thought is composed of a variety of discourses that span multiple domains.

Contrary to what the media says, the U.S. introduced and continue putting bases in Latin America, with the Amazon and Brazil surrounded, finance repression and drug trafficking in Plan Colombia and, more recently, in its penetration in Mexico, are always latent the "classic" CIA coups and destabilizing policies. Add up the wars, military interventions, massacres.

We discount the traditional intervention of the IMF, World Bank, the former World Trade Organization and the IDB. The global projects and all these mechanisms prison and predation.

We know it is impossible to separate the structure and the imperialist interests of transnational its headquarters. So we are in a historical moment where the world's 500 largest companies control 80% of the circulation of wealth, goods and services. And within the services we put a computer that is well known, the way it is used, the singular and relentless service that provides the entire policy of domination, with the constant creation of new mechanisms and symbols.

The purpose Venezuela's something about Latin America today

Before the implementation of this new phase of capitalism and its brutal and systematic imperial practices related to it, you can not say that people have been quiet. Just mention in passing and, generally, the so-called "Arab Spring" popular revolts, as in Greece, Portugal, Spain and even to the U.S..

But we want to emphasize our area. Briefly remember the strength in our Latin America in the last decade, where, under different social and economic conditions, in short time, the people of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela, staged violent confrontations, often desperate, breaking the circuit of misery and injustice that brutal imprisoned at a high level. Daughter of the situation of fierce neoliberal policy in the latter period. The Caracazo was almost a precursor of these popular uprisings.

With varying degrees of intensity, questioning the situation was becoming urgent choice in the fight. A fight is not usually driven by political apparatus of the traditional left, but the kind of direct action popular. Governments have fallen, others have had to rethink their design continuity to appease the anger and try not to change anything of substance. Thus, despite the complicity of governments in Latin America with the continuity of imperial projects, continuity that took various forms and degrees, the political landscape of the continent was a little rough. However, it can be observed that after replacing "progressive" held in various countries, in many of them, no relevant changes in the fundamentals of domestic politics or the dependence structure. Of course we do not mean by this that all things follow the same, would not clear. There are a number of elements that make up a distinct political conjuncture. There are reports that there are attempts to create structures and institutions in Latin America to limit this dependence and reformism is strong in countries like Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador. While a set of international factors have brought some positive effects for the economy of most of our countries. Definitely are issues that deserve a deeper treatment that left him here today.

People Power

In these years, especially those of low strap of Venezuela, were up developing a series of popular activities. This was taking organizational forms: collective, communal councils, communes, etc.. This, as a whole, was called People Power. The party bureaucracy was growing interference and increasingly replacing the authentic representatives of these formations popular. There was, and still having protests collectives and communes claiming autonomy and gains take effect. We have the recent plight of indigenous claims to their land and resulted in the murder of activist Sabino Romero vile done by contractors.

Moreover, we know that the Bolivarian movement is not homogeneous, and its composition is fluid. Different political and ideological approaches are not scarce. In a moment of discontent from below, those who work in social organizations in communities who rejected the growing control of the party bureaucracy, and a popular event, Hugo Chávez was reading a letter from Kropotkin to Lenin. His greatest support area was being affected by bureaucratic behavior. This opportunity appeals to emphasize a different practice of Popular Power. Let's see.

Hugo Chavez says: "It seems to me vital to take this as a reference to what happened in the Soviet Union only began the Russian Revolution." Begins to read the letter:

"Without the participation of local forces, without an organization from a low of workers and peasants, it is impossible to build a new life for themselves.

It seemed that the Soviets would serve precisely to fulfill the task of creating an organization from below. But Russia became a Soviet Republic only in name (comments: 1920, it started badly, no?) The influence of the ruling "party" on people (adds "party quotes, fake party"), which consists of newcomers, because communist ideologues, are mainly in large cities already destroyed the influence and constructive energy that the Soviets had, at present, are the party committees and not the Soviets who carry the direction in Russia and your organization suffers the effects of any bureaucratic organization. To get out of this mess Russia must retake the entire creative genius of local forces, in every community, which in my view may be a factor in building a new life, and the sooner the need to resume the path, as better . People then will be ready and willing to accept new forms of social life, if the current situation continues, even the word 'socialism' will be turned into a curse. "" We have to look at it, "he says in a tone of strong criticism their militancy.

The empowerment of the people, the Popular Power is no doubt, with a consequent effect a political factor of the first order. To view appropriately politically and theoretically this concept, which quickly define as the ability of a social-political force to accomplish your project, there are issues of strategic theory and we should consider. Today we will briefly and for a specific situation that is calling.

Different approaches and guidelines may arise from the concept of People Power. For example, there is an entire concept around the concept of vanguard that may cause the opposing practices that tries to put into action. The concept of the vanguard that was an entire paradigm for almost a century. In fact, this concept shows us the criterion that there should be a single direction: the party for the class and all the people. Today would be at least in some places, the party for the grassroots movement. Has the belief that the population, the established historical subject, whether class or popular movement, must remain subordinate to the Party. That the "mass" or working folk in general alone can not create instances of deliberation. Also, the belief that within the capitalist society can not be generated from below, the basic conditions for its dissolution. Very not matter, then, with this design, the degree of development of self-organization, self-management, continuous instances of popular participation. It is not, at bottom, creating a strong people, but a strong party. Full political reductionism, son, on the other hand a general conception of the whole reductionist.

An ideology for People Power

This is a bet process to produce an ideology of rupture. She articulated with political practice accordingly.

And the ideology comes not from outside, occurs in the heart of practices, ideas and behaviors that people vai conducting through its various confrontations. The production of a new technology and socio-political "speeches to know" corresponding to the release can not occur without displacing those who make the rule. It is the task of political deconstruction. Are speeches that should come into confrontation and should irrigate all cases in which the people protagonize resistance struggles.

A strategy of Popular Power is not an entelechy, or something that comes with the right spell. It is not an isolated act. Requires modification of practices, of rupture, of discontinuity, in areas such as economic, ideological, political and legal, the general culture. It be hitting and breaking this vast network of domination. All these ideas are materialized in a popular process with active participation. A people who compondríamos as a broad spectrum of the oppressed and exploited at this stage, designated as historical set of Oppressed Classes. A people who suffer within the structural changes, fragmentation of importance that must be overcome. Where new structures of domination have been developed and emerging elsewhere than those traditional. Necessary, indispensable, build bonds of solidarity that bind, that make the unity of their struggles constitute a basis of the first order to conform to a social force capable of effective and confrontations take steps in quality. We are not talking about gradualism or linearity or to make the enemies one by one. We're talking about systematically oppose, strategically, a universe that includes the new historical reality, the changes that were emerging in complex processes. The new militancy that this situation imposes.

Our Latin America had in the last decade, for example, various experiences of struggle. She enriched her backyard ideological.

In certain historical moments are produced weighing an integrated set of ideas, representations, notions within the imagination of different social subjects. Is this articulated set of fictional character, and that takes the form of "certainties" that is championed by the same social subjects. This is what these guys can turn into protagonists of their own history or taxpayers and / or disciplined by the dominant forces or misleading strategies that call for stillness, silence, "discipline".

Thus, ideology has to do directly with the historical constitution of social subjects, and how they express themselves in society. This is very different from the notion that ideology is the falsification of reality, precisely because it is a fundamental component of any social reality.

The ideology has in its constitution elements of nature unscientific and contribute to increase the action, motivating the basis of circumstances that do not derive strictly from them. The ideology is conditioned by historical conditions, but not determined by them mechanically.

This relationship between ideology and the production of historical subjects, that relationship did not exist, there would be no ideology or subject, which is shaping up vai moments of ideological force. As well, the subject / historical agents expand and lead the hegemony of the corporate bodies, from the force of ideologies.

These moments can be expanded to up coming totaling at other times ideologies overlap in the same company or are living in isolated areas. Facing the fruit of neoliberal fragmentation, breaking the isolation of ideological representations with emancipatory potential is permanent task of a political organization with turnover intentions.

Thus we can conclude the importance of ideological struggle, mainly present in historical times on our continent today. Where the operation of neoliberal ideology, with all means operating working computer, which gives the right turn of the institutional left will increasingly entering into the system.

In short, a conception and practice of Popular Power has its specific production, has its own universe. He has his own production. To play as a transforming force, constraint of junctures, producing progress destructuring is a necessary condition: you must always maintain their independence. "The class independence" was said at other times of the historical development, we would say today, adjusting to the new environment: the independence of the oppressed classes, ie all movements.

But we want to stress that pointing this category, especially taking into account the particular characteristics of each social formation, its history, its transformations, without neglecting what he has in common with other countries, especially in the area and obviously the constraints that global established power structures.

It is well known, the dominant meshes can crush, manipulate, mold. Inserted in its bosom, parties, ideologies, movements, stories, knead and then return them as good followers of former and current breeders. The mechanism is repeated again and again. And many are reiterated as incommensurable forces turning that wheel nuts. In these devices is that we have to shoot with proposals and actions of different content. With a firm step enabling consistency.

You are more notice that the infinite movement of the same dynamics and logic can not create something new, just rebuild the existing, with greater or lesser fantasy.

To allow other social relations, the facts seem to indicate the need to use other materials for the new building. Another approach, another perspective, another logic, other practices, other mechanisms. Another starting point. Nothing original, is the new civilization that developed former socialists. This process should rest and establish themselves in a fierce independence of the oppressed classes. Of a people building their destination in pace enabling historical conditions. The traps, the relationships, the very tacit and explicit alliances must be made from this perspective of independence. Since it can not be isolated, as should be among the people and social events in complex and variable, it acquires a factor of strategic importance of the first order.

With all these changes and social losses, against the culture that proclaims the end of ideology and history, declaring capitalism and its institutions as the only possible reality, is that the ideological struggle currently earns strategic dimensions to produce a new subject history, able to cope with such dominant conceptions based on direct action. From the ideology, the power of ideas, can you mobilize the hearts and reasons collectively articulating them in an expression of resistance and progress to the extent that convenes several social and turns them into agents capable of rewriting history and designing a new world. It all hinged on subsequent political expression.

Inserted in our people, living their everyday problems, and hopefully we will build effective tools for increasing spaces socialism and freedom.

Arriba los Luchan that, ever.

6 marzo 2013

Source of translated text: http://www.cabn.libertar.org/?p=879

FAU's original text: http://federacionanarquistauruguaya.com.uy/2013/03/07/sobre-venezuela-y-ante-la-muerte-de-hugo-chavez-seguir-creando-un-pueblo-fuerte/

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