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(en) Brazil, The pro-imperialist Yoani Sánchez and debates in left field: a libertarian socialist opinion by FARJ* (pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 15:53:37 +0200

The coming of the "activist" Yoani Sánchez aroused attention of many, reigniting a debate not only about the Cuban government, but also on key issues for workers and those who struggle. Modestly, tried to give our opinion on the subject. Although the debate rekindle and manages many passions, allow ourselves some considerations. ---- Let it be clear: a pro-imperialist defending "freedom" in very distant landmarks of the working class. Firstly, we must say that there are arguments quite plausible that Yoani is rather an agent of U.S. imperialism and receiving support (financial, logistical and political) of the U.S. government and / or anti-Castro groups in Florida to promote his attacks on Cuba (broad technological support, translation, resources, etc.).. The blogger argues, regrettably, a sui generis capitalism (see interview quoted at the end of this document), all that we condemn and oppose libertarian socialists.

Thus, it must be quite clear that Yoani is an enemy of any advances popular. At his coming, for example, was welcomed and applauded by the most reactionary sectors of the right and the country that rode the "popularity" of Yoani manufactured. It is worth noting, too, the huge emphasis the media monopoly of RJ (Globe) and SP (Leaf and ESP). This emphasis was not given, for example, the military reported that U.S. war crimes, Bradley Manning (who is now imprisoned in the U.S.) and, either, Julian Assange, who revealed the bowels of imperialism with wikileaks without any enthusiastic advocacy by the bourgeois media.
In this case, Yoani and the corporate media in their struggle for "freedom" of expression, fall into the mindset and demands (neo) liberal more awkward because readily attack the social achievements of the Cuban Revolution. We position ourselves in this sense, in opposition to the action of this character, which is being used by institutions more wicked world stage and that, to all appearances, seems to be enjoying it. Here, for example, was welcomed by MPs clearly linked to the political right, which help them to oppress our people. If the bourgeois media and sectors of right give all support to Sanchez this indicates that want to silence other voices, including voices critical to isolation / bureaucratization of Cuba, but that did not flee the milestones of a socialism that also discuss the real socialization of political decisions . At this point, we are decidedly with the working class and its fighters. Repudiaremos any form of imperialism, both massacring our people and people in other parts of the world.
Fundamentamos these issues from a reference class, socialist and libertarian, which we will not give up. The freedom required by Yoani Sánchez is not even remotely the same required by us anarchists. There can be, as well as highlights Mikhail Bakunin, and socialism without freedom, either, socialism without freedom, this equation, which saved the ironies, is admitted as impossible for liberals and Stalinists and other considerations that guides below.
Besides the report of the actions of Yoani regrettable, it is a necessary debate and fraternal issues dear to left field and popular fighters. We know however, that when an organization makes this debate, Stalinism often "put in the same bag" criticism of his modus operandi by the left as "right-wing criticism." On this historical procedure, we can only lament its deep political shortsightedness and lack of self-criticism. We talked to from a particular place. The place of those who fight, those who reject imperialism and posing modestly your small part in barricades against capital.
The Cuban Revolution, which returns the polarization Yoani and pro-Castro or Cuban was a milestone for the imaginary and the advancement of popular struggles in Latin America. The anarchists, despite the lack of historical or silencing their participation, closed ranks with the Cuban people. Staged the revolution along with other popular sectors, actively participating unions that existed in Cuba on the eve of the revolution and struggles that followed. With the coup Castro, these same fellows who were together in the fight, were betrayed by the authoritarian model disagree implemented gradually by Fidel Castro and some members of his staff. The list of libertarian socialists persecuted by the Castro regime is long. Tamargo and Rolando Suárez Ventura, shot; Sebastián Aguilar Son, shot to death; Eusebio Otero was found dead in his home; Raúl Negrin, beset by persecution, committed suicide by firing up the fire. ' On the other hand, were arrested and sentenced to prison the following comrades: Modesto Piñeiro, Floreal Barrera, Suria Linsuaín, Manuel González, José Aceña, Isidro Moscú, Norberto Torres, Sicinio Torres, José Marcos Warrant, Placido Mendez and Luis Linsuaín, latter two officers of the Ejército Rebelde (Rebel Army). Francisco Aguirre died in prison, Victoriano Hernandez, sick and blinded by torture prison, committed suicide, and José Alvarez Micheltorena died a few weeks before leaving the prison. " Casto Moscú, as quoted above, was arrested at the headquarters of ALC - which housed members of M26J during the revolution. Managed a reprieve and went into exile in Mexico. These people were all notorious anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist. There were aligned with that crush our class, but still were persecuted for defending libertarian socialism.
The sectors Stalinists, as we have seen, as soon as encastelaram in power, destroyed the diversity of left currents existing in Cuba and limited depth the better chances of the Revolution. Crushed, thus allowing ideological heterogeneity discussion fraternal and democracies in left field. Socialism persecuted by the Cuban revolution on the horizon soon turned into a primitive state capitalism on the island that still depends on sugar production and tourism. Many advances and achievements of the Revolution were held today and are a credit to the Cuban people, as in health and education. But the kicker produced by Stalinism prevented the people to build popular power indeed. The revolutionary process in Cuba should not be confused with Castroism, which is nothing more than a policy of centralization of power and bureaucratization of the historic and heroic Cuban Revolution. We support the Cuban people and the Revolution and firmly repudiate U.S. imperialism. At the same time, we stand always critical alerts and Stalinism and bureaucratic red crushing the historic achievements of the silent revolution and leftist opposition that attempt to radicalize them. The bureaucratization of revolutions is always the first step of defeat popular. So it was with the USSR and, it seems, if the Cuban people can not print out your role of bureaucracies, so it will be with the island of Cuba.
Direct democracy, we anarchists advocate, assumes the role and federalism as tactics and strategy that shapes people's power and build the instruments of working class struggle. Socialism for us can not be built without direct democracy and freedom, either without classism, direct action and popular protagonism. In the USSR, for example, Leon Trotsky opened, accordingly, a broad road to Stalinism, militarizing the soviets (workers' councils) and brutally repressing workers who defended them. Leading the Red Army crushed the Kronstadt Commune and Social Revolution in Ukraine. The Trotskyists, where talk of democracy, do so with a heavy "corpse" history on his shoulders.
The defense of direct democracy, the people's power and classism passes by our performance in the popular movements, unions and students. In this way construction of this direct democracy and popular bases just bumping with bureaucratic practices that open the doors to the lack of freedom and the possible return to the political scene right after the revolutionary processes. Therefore, we advocate broad popular participation and direct democracy, building a power emanating from popular bases, lest they encastelem in popular movements (labor, rural and student) to do the vanguards let people decide on their own destiny and the freiem revolutionary processes.
We will fight forever, as an active minority, all forms of imperialism and bureaucracy, as well as put ourselves permanently from energetic bourgeois democracy that oppresses the workers of the world.
All support to the Cuban people! Yoani Sanchez out! By direct democracy and popular against bureaucratization!
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* Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro Member of the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination
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