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(en) Mexico, Anarchist Communist Group: Fantasies. On a "theory" of success-failure (ca) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 02 Mar 2013 11:18:21 +0200

We spent our days looking for power in the ruins and scrap, but eventually we realized that was not where we should look. What I could pursue inhabit this miserable world is not ours, and whose environment is a "snuff-movie" eternally "play". Its outline is here, in a star to explode that each of us carries on his shoulders. We can say that now, we've lost a curse world and with all the strength of our souls, we are ready to conquer a new one, your own. ---- U.H.P ---- From an early age each individual receives a "crash course", or rather, a master key to overcome the present life. From small, being socialized, begin by imitating bourgeois dynamics, which are imposed to survive. Parents unwittingly train their children to be raw playback of all parameters required by this class society.

It "educates" the child to refrain from being a radical change agent, is instructed to be a decrepit and vulnerable automaton that obeys the laws of the market and the state laws.

After parents, the school and the mass media are responsible for filling it with heavy doses of bourgeois ideologies (citizenism, heavy drinking, fashion, lifestyle, etc.): "Purchase, consume, like, imitating, competes Superate respects, resign yourself ... "are favorite words commonly used in schools and televisions.

Fantasy is another element that is used to promote the operation of the existing order. Putting these in all the dream idea what in the miserable reality may or may not satisfy. Beforehand is the impossible to overcome the "should be" (ideal) to the annoying "be" (reality). Being rich, attractive, happy, charming, clever, or, have a car, a couple enviable RSE, a big house with pool and garden, a career ended, a PhD, travel around the world, hundreds of friends, in order success. Aspirations eccentric Capital, through its publicity and education, deposited in the consciences of all, by passing them as absolute, unquestionable and irrefutable.

Dissatisfaction, boredom and emptiness, real feelings that are experienced behind society's advances spectacular environments in education, politics, art, media, etc.., That by not providing the concrete in the satisfaction is sought through fantasy, falls into despair of not getting what one craves. In positivist school education does its job in content of rationalism, progress, welfare improvement. In the media ideology of happiness, liberating consumption, the american dream. In politics, liberalism, democracy, and laws citizenism. In everyday life mystical ideologies of "order" what you want to be, that in a mind game imagining desired argues that, sooner or later you will get.

The fantasy is impregnated brains easily because it is accepted and approved by everyone from the owner of a company, to the activist "anti-capitalist".

Fantasy is the desire to convince us what we need. Uncritically goes through life fantasizing about what it is not, you do not have or do not feel. Looking remedy that dissatisfaction at all costs, toiling at work to get money and buy a "need" item of the moment studying and studying to progress (in this shitty life) and bask in the high wisdom and culture get a cult , a strange religion and radical or a group of friends, to meet the woman / man of your dreams, etc..

The world of Capital is an unsustainable reality rationally, it's crazy, but whatever madness may continue unabated thanks to the idea we have of it, the spectacle which handles fantastic and the dose is deposited at all to be continued .

Reject the world of fantasy and the break between is and ought to be, and therefore, the privilege must be before being, ie of materialism succumbing idealism, is a difficult but powerful at the destruction of consciousness Bourgeois, who has put strength to survive and revitalize existing operating order.

It seems to fail in the world of the bourgeoisie is to turn away from a compendium of requirements that are imposed on us, as having this or that, be this or that, feel this or that ... and if consciously manifest this "failure" would be challenging to frustration and compulsion hell that holds the bourgeois world to infidels and sinners who dare to challenge him.

But what failure?, Is the Tramp?, Does the drug addict?, Does the lecherous drunk? Well, it still is conditioned failure, permitted by bourgeois society, a "failure" to control and ensures the proper functioning of society is no other than the civilization within it keep their loved antisocial freaks, drunks and perverts of all kinds, provided they do not involve any problems, take some therapy, or rot in designated brothels.

Above all, success and failure are two sides of the same ideology that promotes bourgeois society, well, you're the "success" will live in a nice house, car of the year will have an attractive partner, status, taste, etc.. If on the contrary, if you rebel against this nonsense, then you have another option: the "failure", that is, be a druggie, a gang, a rapist, a drunkard, or a vagrant, whatever you want, as long as you disturbed and brutalized enough to become aware of the real workings of life in general and yours in particular.

Thwart the degradation and self-denigration, has nothing to do with locked into a kind of social purity, political and moral. It has to do with taking first position in the life of human beings before the debacle of the social and spiritual under current conditions of survival. And this stance is far beyond fantasizing about the success or failure stuck in, is a position of constant break with what is limiting and oppressing us, not in search of a supposed "happiness" and fleeting pleasures, but as constant struggle against everything that we're sinking in frustration and compulsion of modern life, community life outside of man.

Anarchist Communist Group
Origin: http://www.anarkismo.net/article/24994
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