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(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups CGA - IAL #94 - The conspiracy theories: danger and impasse of social criticism (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 23 Feb 2013 14:32:25 +0200

Conspiracy theories are back, including the Internet. It should be noted that the sites and videos of conspiracy theories flourish on the Internet and echo. While conspiracy theories have always existed, they have adapted to this new medium and reach a broad population. It is not uncommon to see the hints "conspiracy" of some speech event. Even in Saint-Imier, international meetings anarchists, some people were expressing their willingness to talk about the Bilderberg Group or the Trilateral Commission, as "THE" we need to talk about, surpassing in importance all others. In French rap also, there are full texts incorporating conspiracy theories: for example Rockin 'Squat (Assassin former member of the group) and Keny Arkana, two renowned artistsÂeÂsÂeÂs politicized, which have not hesitate to "denounce" the Illuminati secret group conspiring to dominate the world.

Conspiracy theories are often associated with anti-Semitism, racism and hatred of the other, one can imagine a kind of fantasy that can justify a strong, authoritarian, fascist attack a scapegoat. Historically the success of conspiracy theories have always allowed the expansion of theories of the extreme right, yet those that carry the speech is not always bad faith. That is why we consider it important to respond to propose a political discourse on this subject in order to guard against this reasoning. It requires knowledge and identify what kind of words and then analyze the pitfalls that must not fall.

The problem with these ideas, it is not so much false "truths" they convey that thought patterns and behaviors that result. If you begin to convince a small group of people diaboliques secretly managed to take control of the majority of power to a level barely imaginable, you can go from a revolutionary critique to anti- revolutionary. First, it centralizes our attention to this secret group, and attributed much of the ills of our society's destructive will. This is a critical system (patriarchal, capitalist, ...) becomes scapegoating. For example, the financial crisis of 2008, it is not uncommon to hear that she would be the result of unbridled financialization with some investment banks (including Goldman Sachs) as the Scarecrow . The idea that the capitalist system is operated by a crisis and, more important it is, the more these crises have serious consequences on people, going less well than that is to say, let's deal with the stock market and all will be well! It is clear from this example how conspiracy theories depoliticize the debate: an analysis of a system with its springs, its constraints and consequences are going to the discretion of such person or company and such judge or benevolence its alleged malfeasance. In the debates, this translates into a loss of time and saliva on blogs, it's called troll: make sterile discussion. Go check such information on a person or a business takes time and energy away from the real issue: the critique of the system.

Thus, the critique of conspiracy theories should not be limited to counter methodically the most outlandish theories and show that they are absurd. Must uncover the mechanisms of reflection on which they rely and share to get rid of. These theories may seem attractive to anyone: after all, would there not a global conspiracy of the ruling class against the class of worker  s  honest? We need to find intellectual defense tools that allow you all to quickly identify the value of a theory, discussion, debate and guard against confusion, inaction posed theories the plot.

What are conspiracies

Kind of scientific knowledge does not give immediate response and easy to search for the meaning, it runs through other means. We were formedÂeÂsÂeÂs learned, but this training is not adequate to acquire an ability to sort the distinguishing quality proposals and establishing criteria for both truth and justice.

Conspiracy theories may exist from time immemorial, but are clearly written with the end of the religious hegemony. After 1980, the plots change their appearance, they are reactivated by hybridization with esoteric themes (Satanism, magic, ancient civilization, aliens ...)

The plot mixes original domains such as geography (the hollow earth theory), medicine (vaccines) or more urban myths (September 11, 2001, Area 51, Bermuda Triangle ...) With the Internet, plot mute. It will promote the commoditization and extended their support anonymous enpermettant rumors across the web. The complotisme becomes an opportunity for people to have the impression of being at the initiative of certain arguments.

We can distinguish three elements:

1) The conspiracy as fact (conspiracy, conspiracy or event). In the legal analysis of Canadian law, conspiracy is not recognized as a crime-perfect process that can use a group, but these conspired tions exist in isolation. These conspiracies attack powers of official institutions (such as the CIA or the Trilateral Commission) or hidden (Freemasonry).

2) conspiracy theories (complotisme, large or mega-plot, large or superconspiration). The conspiracy theories like a self-sustaining political vision that all powers, forces are the result of conspiracies. It appears to be objective, not to restore justice, but to denounce the existence of groups, agencies or hidden intentions. Denounces the complotisme but gives no method to fight against the plot, it seems that his revelation is sufficient to remove the balance of power.

3) The theory, suspicion or doubt of the conspiracy (conspiracy systemic) is an explanation that is not necessarily linked to a membership conspiracy theories. It relates to situations scattered plot the long term, having a relationship with a particular power, aiming to expose the infiltration or dropping it (less common). These theories place greater emphasis on the aspect of "hidden" or secret. This award is sometimes given to a group, an agreement or a particular action.

Common targets. First, "Mage", Ventriloquist, and a Jew, Jesuit and Freemason. More modern Bolshevik and Nazi. Contemporary Bildeberg, Illuminati, Alien.

Types. It seems as if fear and mistrust is correlated (without necessarily being involved) to all kinds of conspiracies, those accusing the authorities (type "System") seem rather marked by the "irrationality" (belief in some esoteric phenomena) and those featuring minorities (such as "minorities", eg Jewish or Muslim terrorists). This is not a type of plot that succeeded historically to another, but the types that co-exist today.

We can distinguish three types of plots: those anti-system, those marked by the irrational (often related, it is true for those who believe in the past) and those type "Minorities". Real risks. Some targets, beliefs or have fewer social consequences than others. Accuse God or Extraterrestrials causes relatively little danger to the population, when the prosecution brought against sets of socially recognized (Jews, blacks, women ...) the risk is higher. Somewhere, the absence, blurring, or discretion (Illuminati Bildeberg, Freemasons) that surrounds certain sets reduces the risk, but not eliminate so far: the suspicion related to a misunderstanding of the political support can lead to dangerous groups, as well as the suspicion related to a misunderstanding in the past led to burn-called "witches".

The conspiracy theory is one method to grab inexpensive beliefs of the masses. The problem is not so much conspiracy theory ellemÃme, but lack the means to defend themselves, facilitating alienation, political incentives associated with some of these ideas.

The conspiracy theories and the crisis

The explanation of the economic crisis we are experiencing, as a global conspiracy is increasingly widespread. For a right-wing American and European anti-Semitism historically, this is an opportunity to redeploy a known speech and old. On the far left, the general evolution of social criticism to a critical anti-liberal capitalist provides a fertile ground for the development of conspiracy theories. By placing finance and banking as main enemy, and abandoning the critique of property in favor of a simple critique of speculation it is easy to give the taste of the day the conspiracy theories.

At the extreme right

On the far right, if the theories developed are not always anti-Semitic, they use the same story. Criticism of a "stateless elite", "global" is used to attract the lower classes, while reintroducing the issue of national debate on the crisis. References are sometimes explicit, as in Greece, where Tuesday, Oct. 23 MP Ilias Kasidiaris, spokesman of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, read aloud an extract of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the Greek parliament. In France without speaking of anti-Semitism, Marine Le Pen grows in a book published in January 2012 a thesis on the existence of a conspiracy globalist "attacking identities, cultures and nations and an economic crisis that will be a "global oligarchy." Behind a facade of critical economic crisis, which never attacks the productive capitalism, or a property, it is a nationalist discourse, xenophobic and supporter of a strong authoritarian state that is broadcast.

Contamination of the imagery and vocabulary conspiracy among anticapitalist

Far only affect the extreme right, the conspiracy discourse on the crisis often contaminates the speech illiberal and anti-capitalist left. If the ambiguity between some anti-capitalist discourse on the crisis is often not desired, it is very real. Sometimes for convenience, or to make the presentation more meaningful, some anti-capitalist discourse focus, not on a critique of the capitalist system as a political and economic system, but a few multinational or a few families of billionaires. Recovering vocabulary connoted as that of "hyperclass" instead of bourgeoisie or ruling class or focusing only on critical banks with the term "bankster" is a radical critique of abandoned property and a political system but also facilitates the ambiguity desired by some right-wing groups between a speech and a capitalist conspiracy or nationalist discourse. The idea of ââa conspiracy, a conspiracy

often based on an assumption, the authorÂeÂs conspiracy, the conspiracy would have total control of the situation. All cards are mastered.ÂeÂs some conspiracy grow through this logic and believe that the economic crisis protest movements are, too, part of the plot and are therefore handled. Since the control is total, the challenge is itself a manipulation, there would be no interest in participating in a protest movement like Occupy Wall Street, presented by some conspiracyÂeÂs as a manipulation of Georges Sorros. In this situation the followers of conspiracy theories is limited only to then expose a supposed hidden truth of a global conspiracy without offering perspectives, thus favoring the status quo face a crisis and a real danger.

One of the mistakes of conspiracy theories is to consider the ruling classes or parts of them as infallible, and thus forget that, like any social group, they are subject to internal contradictions. But we get very good at designing these contradictions within our own group, and this observation is one of the foundations of our thinking \ why class consciousness is too low? why some workersÂeÂsÂeÂs support pro-business party? etc.. As we suffer from internal divisions, the ruling classes are not spared, and fortunately! The pretext of the economic crisis is now used to implement a policy of social destruction. It does so much for the crisis a conspiracy. The crisis is a fault of capitalism that capitalists themselves  themselves can use or not in their favor, but to which we must respond. The last few years and said predictions of economists we have shown that far from being infallible, most capitalists have foundÂeÂs in a situation he or she  s  could not pants. The existence of these faults shows that if the capitalist system is a formidable opponent, he is not infallible, he can not control everything and can be exceeded.

Antonin, Florian, Xavier,

Montpellier Group
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