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(en) France, Organisation Communiste Libertarie - Courant Alternatif CA #227 - THE FIGHT NO TAV ARRIVES IN LYON (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 17 Feb 2013 19:49:13 +0200

The fight against TVG between Turin and Lyon (TAV Italian for "Treno Alta Velocità"), began some twenty years of the Italian side in an Alpine valley has now become famous for the battle: the valley Susa (Susa Valley in Italian). Mobilization in France has remained low and very timely for years. But want more strong to invest in this fight on our side of the Alps has led to several days of action culminating in a Franco-Italian event Monday, 3 December in Lyon. ---- Completion of the TGV Lyon-Turin was decided in the early 1990s in Europe, with a number of other high-speed lines (LGV) in order to realize the interconnection of major European cities. The Lyon-Turin at the time was part of an HSL project connecting Lisbon to Kiev, as saying that the railway network "speed" of Europe scheduled at this time was rather ambitious ...

Following the various crises of recent years, most of these major projects have apparently been abandoned or put to sleep, but the TGV between Lyon and Turin is still current and preliminary work is underway or been made.


In Italy, an opposition to the railway line forms at the outset. Combining information, actions, discussions and sabotage, it remained "minority" for many years before developing into a popular movement established in various localities of Val Susa. At the turn of 1990-2000, was particularly harsh repression against the no-tav, with fixtures police and murder by the state of two anarchists in prison. But all this brutality failed to destroy the struggle, and it grew to become massive and still determined. People will be rooting through the construction, for people in struggle, the now famous "presidio", these buildings self serving as a meeting place, meeting, discussion with all those involved in the fight against the TAV. The struggle continued unabated. In December 2005 was held a great victory of the movement that succeeded in retaking the presidio Venaus the cops kept after expelling the occupiers. For many years, the Italian State and public contractors working on the site trying to conduct surveys and preliminary work, but the movement did everything to prevent it, including confronting police who regularly occupy the land. In addition, the ongoing repression by both police brutality, mass arrests in the valley or in the demonstrations, often by heavy charges brought before the courts. Today, more than 50 people are in custody and awaiting trial.

ROUGH START IN FRANCE In France, things were much quieter for power. Environmentalists state at the outset promote the Lyon-Turin aspects of "environmental", citing the possibility of freight transport (including road-rail) night when the TGV do not circulate. In fact, in the 90s it comes to a strong trade development between France and Italy, and the track is then seen as more "green" and safer than highway that would carry additional growing trucks. This could potentially profitable that even the LGV was reluctant SNCF (there are too few travelers between Lyon and Turin, and will probably run at TGV loss on a track very expensive). However, actions of solidarity for the struggle in the Val Susa took place, particularly against repression: for example the occupation of the Italian Consulate in Lyon in 1999 in support of those arrested. Nevertheless, do not take the fight in the Rhône-Alpes. In January 2006, a demonstration against the TAV is organized French side, Chambéry. It is a success because bystanders are more than 5000. But there are 90% of Italians among them ...

However in recent years a renewed interest in this struggle manifests itself on the other side of the Alps. Especially during the big demonstration in February 2012 which includes 75,000 people in the valley, with a significant French presence. Solidarity actions took place shortly after, in support of the movement and particularly in relation to fellow victim of what can only be called an attempted murder: he was electrocuted and fell from a power pole after a person has given power knowing full well that there was someone perched on the tower ...


December 3, 2012, the Chair Italian Mario Monti came to Lyon to meet François Hollande to discuss including TGV Lyon-Turin and reaffirm the commitment of both countries to build high-speed line. For several months, opposition began to develop in the region, supported by various collectives and individuals. For Franco-Italian summit, a week of activities, concerts and debates was organized on Monday 3 ending with a demonstration in the city center of Lyon. Many people had expected to come from the Val Susa to participate in this event, but as we will see very massive repression was to prevent the maximum mobilization.

For the meeting between Monti and Holland, in the prefecture of Lyon, the surrounding neighborhood was closed and said "red zone" occupied by all kinds of livestock in uniform (police, gendarmes, RAID, GIPN). A rally was declared a few weeks in advance on the site where a demonstration was eventually leave, but this place is located in the red zone, he had to find another place. The rally has been called up Brotteaux, the seat of the old station of the same name and is located near the train station Part-Dieu (gare largest province). This place, neither too close nor too far, allowing both to gather many people, chat with passersby, and possibly from procession to walk a bit. But the huge police presence would not allow it.


The first Italian from participating in protests were expected on Saturday, two days before the event, including leading a debate on the struggle of women in the No-Tav. But as of Thursday evening, and CRS riot police had set up border controls have been strengthened during the weekend. Shengen agreements were suspended for several days between France and Italy, to allow the French government to repress a maximum of Italians on their arrival in France (under the pretext of having been involved for example a No-TAV demonstration ...). So much of the Italian ne es s expected during the weekend could not come to France, and prevented from participating in or facilitating discussions planned. French cops, besides their own file of "undesirables" were obviously used a list of activists provided by the Italian Government to repress individuals at the border, proof of good cooperation policies of the two countries (which was co- Monti welcomed by Holland and over the top!)

The city of Lyon, the State services not idle during the weekend preceding the demonstration, while safety devices are in place, activists are monitoring and / or control, and squats that will Italian host-do-s are placed under heavy police surveillance (taking photos, discussions cops, "census" of people, etc). The day of the event people will drive even adopted by the GIPN and civilians rebadged a "RAID!"

Following these difficulties, we begin to expect the worst for the day Monday. And it was with good reason. The dozen cars Italians reached early in the morning on the border with France to arrive at around noon rally scheduled. But the cops and police cars have blocked for many hours to carefully monitor and search their occupants. A bus will be suppressed even at the border. In the end, the Italians arrived around 15:30, so we thought to share with them a bowl of hot soup for lunch. Meanwhile the square was filled with people from the late morning, and cops and police had begun to implement an inordinate encirclement. With the arrival of Italian cars in the middle of the afternoon, the net tightens and no one can enter or leave the gathering place. This does not preclude taking the words, slogans, songs, etc., but any attempt to move in procession or shake the gates balance by batons and tear gas jets. A helicopter rotates continuously over the gathering, and many police in the streets around the area to check the place. The spectrum of the prison Bellecour comes to all the spirits [1], and individuals remain trapped in limbo. But here it is apparently not the power to stop or control a maximum of people, but rather to prevent taking initiative and completely block the protesters in the square. Indeed, the Italians are well back home at one time or another, even if the police intended to place in the police in case of mass arrests, it would be very difficult to pick a thousand people present . The police therefore pushed the Italians to ride in cars and buses to leave the place, while preventing other protestors sneak enjoying the movement during loading those who slip between two cars leaving the place. The Italians then try to stay there in solidarity with the French, but the cops are pressuring drivers for they exude. A bus will even temporarily led by a French policeman time to leave the place! The cars are driving a little further, and searched in search of French who try to break this open-air prison. The cars are then escorted by dozens of vans and motorcycle in the city and on the highway, until L'Isle d'Abeau about thirty kilometers from Lyon. Other protesters begin to emerge around 19h in small groups, with or without identity check. Randomly exits close sometimes brutally without one knows why, except perhaps to prevent a junction with small groups begin to form outside in support "imprisoned" . At 21h everyone is out and the device is largely collapsed, and there were two arrests. Others were arrested for simply being (re) set out in the trap and in the late evening after an identity check.

A MIXED REVIEW But repression is not limited to the gathering, since thirty arrests had taken place in the morning. In particular, a large twenty individuals out of a squat are surrounded by a dozen police vehicles to be arrested and taken to different police stations. All these people will spend the day, some come out the next day or even the next day! But thanks to their collective determination, the majority of those arrested emerge without giving their identity and refusing all fichages (photo, fingerprints and DNA). So the conclusion seems to be that all police deployment (total 1300 servants of the State for a thousand demonstrators) was to make a show of brute force and prevent it can happen anything during the day. In the end only one person is left with a summons for assault on officer (most likely to "cover" the cops who beat her violently). The No-TAV are rather satisfied with the mobilization unprecedented in Lyon against the project, but we did not find against the parade total lock operated by the police. That said, this method of confinement begins to elicit reactions from various collectives and individuals in the following which is from the "prison Bellecour" movement pensions in Lyon, and reflection continues to do longer trapped next time.

Meanwhile, in Italy, repression does not weaken fifty people, sometimes in detention for months, should go to trial in February after many adjournments. It should be noted that the trial will take place in Turin in a special room called the "bunker" in the prison de la Valette. This "bunker" was opened for major lawsuits against armed formations (Red Brigades, Prima Linea, etc). Doing in this room No-TAV trial, the Italian state wants to assimilate the movement a kind of extremism "terrorist." This does not bode well for the future ...

No-TAV among other

1] See the article "Prison Bellecour" CA No. 224 of November 2012
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