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(en) Brazil, Anarchist Collective Black Flag - Molotov cocktail and slumping state: the oppressed classes suffering its consequences (pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 15 Feb 2013 20:54:03 +0200

"The torture was not a method to boot information, but a ceremony of confirmation of power" -- Eduardo Galeano, The Book of Embraces ---- The headlines proclaim all the time, out of Santa Catarina, which happens since October 2012, when the agent prison Deise Fernanda de Melo was murdered in San Pedro de Alcantara, municipality of Florianópolis. Deise was married to Antonio Carlos Alves, director of Maximum Security Penitentiary. Warning signals from criminal organizations of St. Paul, in the same period, have left 20 deaths in less than 24 hours, such links between the PCC (First Command of the Capital) and PGC (First Group Catarina), are not real as claimed . ---- Contrary to popular belief, in late 2012, the actions made by PGC faction that originated in the largest complex of people in the southern state of seclusion, the Presidio Santa Augusta in Cricklewood, where is the first attack claimed by Faction PGC assume coordination at the state level, even within the prison system in SC.

A faction created to oppose the CCP, which would rival members inside prisons Santa Catarina, the PGC, the inner walls of the prison of San Pedro de Alcantara, decides to respond to the attacks and police mainly to draw attention to the complaint of torture by correctional officers and riot police, who remained invisibilizadas actions for most of the state population.
It is in this context that the population is bombarded by images of buses torched and dozens of attacks against public security organs. To date, the mark of 98 attacks were carried out in 30 cities. Meanwhile, the governor Raimundo Colombo (PSD), in an attempt to give an explanation for the crisis in the bourgeois media security for now to charge him, dodged positioning itself alien, implying that he had control over the situation. For the government, the attacks were isolated incidents that led to the chaos that we experience so far. Instead, the chaos remains in the street.
Employees (as) are induced to gather in their homes by nightfall. The mornings are cut with sounds of sirens from police cars, the working class is approached by military police to fulfill their role of oppression in the state. In the capital Florianópolis set up a state of siege permanent links between mainland and island-passers are addressed without the least precaution, mainly on the outskirts of the city and the hills. The COP (Central Police Operations - Capture) Florianópolis is ahead of the uphill slopes poorest (richest areas there has been patrolling), as the Massif Morro da Cruz, who has 16 communities around the city center.
Among the polarization of naturalized violence by organized crime and state repression, civil war generates camouflaged victims. In Joinville, beyond the police approaches to the working class, there was the murder of worker Jean Oliveira, 22, shot in the eye after a non-stop blitz. The mother Sue Messiah Onofre is the loss of his son at the hands of the strength of state oppression. Meanwhile, in private transportation, military police are armed inside the bus to make the "safety" of private equity companies.
However, despite all that tabloid bombardment promotes, there are few analyzes that explain the situational context of a crisis beyond the prisons in SC. In that same vein, traditionally converge "public opinion" Santa Catarina, ie in defense of the war against the "impunity" - we saw repeatedly in the days of Free Pass Movement against students, workers in strikes (the) public transport, health and education - now the elite opinion-forming, ever more angry, screaming at full throttle for "death to poverty and crime." As a hydra that takes different forms, the social problem remains the same. Attacking the consequences in order to hide the causes, because the origin of this problem, which is social, has a name.
In the scenario of torture, systematic violence to men and women in prison condition, the Human Rights Center "Maria da Graça Bráz" Joinville (SC), along with other human rights organizations, reported by various media the inhumane conditions that the prison system was organized. Even the HRC warned the possibility of prison situation explode in the streets of Joinville, a fact that demonstrates this reality believable, even to 25 other cities in Santa Catarina. Public opinion catarinense awoke to violence in the prison system Catarina after the disclosures of allegations of torture and images leaked to the TV and social networks inside the prisons to the Human Rights Commission of OAB (SC). For one of the judges corregidores sticks criminal executions, the prison system is outdated and amateur, not to mention that the structural flaws are in ruins - a culture that nurtures abuse, lack of medical care, lack of water, electricity and rights.
In contradiction of the capitalist system there are no winners.
The result is inefficient responses of the state, trying to intimidate and control the attacks against him, but is unable to recognize that the source is in its own chain of reproductive violence. Private interests and the failure of governments systematize the failure of a democratic apparatus. A State that is complicit and reacts more violently, in a ceaseless cycle perpetuates inequality and impunity, as seen in cases of abuse, torture and extermination.
The state of Santa Catarina, economically stagnant, is facing its worst crisis in history, between the previous government of Luiz Henrique da Silveira (PMDB) and Raimundo Colombo (PSD), strikes in Education in Health and Safety in the overflow now only pay attention to the incompetent administrations of oligarchic governments and business. The governor Raimundo Colombo, on 06 February, went to Brasilia to request aid from the Federal Government, and Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo, has made available 300 vacancies in federal prisons for possible transfer in addition to providing the National Security Force, which should arrive next Friday (15/02).
We analyze that how the treatment is given to issues of priority order, the only concern is to segregate urban centers (through cleanups and removal of social communities) to feed the wave of investment in tourism and real estate speculation.
The more violence related to trafficking groups, the greater the repression against the population, since nothing in the rule tends to fight for workers (as) who already suffer directly from the actions on the part of the capitalist system and the armed wing of the State official and parallel. This demoralized government, witnessed the repression against the workers (as) in the strikes, the criminalization of social movements and the closure of state schools. While the dome of public safety are revealed the new "heroes" in defense of the people, the police action unmasks the institutionalization of governmental incompetence and corruption. The governor defends himself by saying that the wave of violence that has been generated due to the action of his government in the war against drug trafficking.
In this discourse of good versus evil, organized crime x state, the biggest victims are oppressed classes, the people who do not have the basics, you can not expect miracles by governments that do not represent. In light of these events, the public transport companies in some cities, have already given warning that the government will push for the damage caused by the attacks are reconstructed through rates even more expensive, as it signals Florianópolis, Joinville and Cricklewood.
We understand that urban violence, and in particular the crisis of public safety in SC, reached dramatic levels, with raids on slums, curfews, power abuse and torture. Gov. mind when he speaks of true crisis, concealing and hiding behind his press advisers, comes only to demonstrate their inability to recognize that the problem the state faces is, above all, the result of social inequality and domination State.
In the capitalist model, the growth of trafficking and organized crime, along with the accelerated process of urbanization of cities in Santa Catarina, reflects social exclusion. The issues of housing, urban violence and the lack of jobs, giving new centers and slums in cities exclusion are inextricably linked. With the lack of income and minimum conditions, access to basic services is precarious state, which is also a form of violence and social injustice.
In this sense, we see security-related elites and population connected to insecurity. The growing traffic in Florianópolis map shows that the exclusion is linked to private appropriation of urban public spaces, which are visibly explicit social and territorial differences. The problem of housing in the cities of Santa Catarina, with small occupations homeless and countless slums without urban planning and housing, favors the logic of informality and, consequently, crime and insecurity. The State, trainer and generator social and political violence, is the main culprit.
We let our outrage to the current government administration Colombo (PSD) and other supporters of this system which, in our view, only begets more violence, leaving a scream and a warning to the population. There are opposition parties, we are the people! Enough of systems that produce and spread violence!
Anarchist Collective Black Flag
February 2013
Posted in: Social Analysis , CABN
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