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(en) France, Alternative Libertair AL 11th Congress - Accommodation: Refuse speculation! (fr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 10:05:49 +0200

Housing is a major concern of residents and inhabitants of the neighborhoods. The struggles of the housing, even if they know the ups and downs, remain at a fairly higher than many other fronts of struggle. Moreover, the economic crisis generated and maintained by capitalism will, in all likelihood, increase housing difficulties and therefore the intensity of the struggle on this front. ---- Housing, a fundamental good in danger ---- The park office is insufficient today, 1.2 million households waiting for social housing in France. Housing available at a reasonable price are often far from workplaces, poorly served by public transport and lack of public or collective services. The owners allow themselves increasingly delusional requirements for documents to provide, guarantees and rent on the pretext of being victims of bad payers.

The state leaves do to protect speculators, friends of power. Thousands of square meters remain unoccupied to keep prices artificially high. Worse, it violates its own laws. Thus, the Opposable Right to Housing (DALO) is still not implemented: once recognized priority beneficiaries waiting for housing for very long. The authorities refuse to requisition empty slots.

Speculators are building fortunes on the backs of poor housing and tenants forced to devote an ever higher their income on housing (11% in 1960 to 27% in 2010, according to INSEE). 20% of households spend more modest housing a portion of their income twice as high as the 20% richest. Even homeowners who purchase a principal residence for living and not for speculation are squeezed by financial institutions that require interest rates too high.

Too often, social housing is built on minimum technical standards, source of excessive consumption in terms of energy and fluids. This has a significant impact on the budgets of occupants and occupants, but also in environmental terms.

Libertarian alternative claims ...
The accommodation must be recognized as a fundamental right and the means must be implemented so that this right is respected.

On the front of the housing as the other social fronts, Alternative libertarian articulates a share of immediate and urgent claims and secondly a social project articulating long-term claims.

The urgency is: Blocking rents: rents blocking can quickly undermine the speculation on housing and takes the rate of profit that the owners hope to get. requisitioning of empty homes and public control of land (including expropriation): it is at the same time to meet a specific need immediate classes, and to take ownership speculative. The struggles of the housing allow concrete object property use and property speculation. A punitive tax on unoccupied square meters, whether commercial or housing, and unused land. In fact, many homeowners prefer to pay the tax on empty homes rather than lower rents in order to maintain the speculation. Actual implementation of the SRU law (Law on solidarity and urban renewal), which defines the rate housing in the cities, accompanied by a very significant increase penalties for municipalities that do not apply. This claim can increase the supply of housing. It also allows management to move towards a public housing premise in a social service housing. Municipal executives, especially mayors, who do not meet the level of social housing should be revoked and rendered ineligible. implementation of a policy for new buildings but also the renovation of environmental standards concerned minimize environmental impacts and energy as well as reduce the economic cost of occupancy.

But the real solution to the housing crisis is the socialization of housing, that is to say, the implementation of Communism, self-management and direct democracy within the housing and therefore: Putting implementation of socialized housing service, funded by rents, the owners (depending on the floor area per person) and businesses (depending on the surface area), and the expropriation of speculators in favor of socialized housing service. This claim is clearly not in the context of project libertarian communist society, since it is assumed that private owners. Nevertheless, it is a concrete step and identifiable before the introduction of a generalized social housing, managing all resources and housing need. This service will also support socialized land management for the benefit of the community, instead of private interests. Allow access to housing for everyone is only a first step. Today, Libertarian Alternative is part of a dynamic collective struggle for the establishment of socialized public services allowing you all access to basic needs such as energy, heat, water ... This access Universal include the provision of a free share of these services unit corresponding to that group of people define as "normal", given the capacity to provide social and ecological balance. 's limitation rents to 20% maximum income. The notion of "wealth produced" can easily replace that income. It must be said that housing is a public good, it has a cost in terms of wealth produced. Housing can not be free: construction, maintenance, improvement require a portion of the wealth produced collectively. But housing is also a key asset, which should be accessible to everyone and evenly distributed. The prohibition to buy a home if it is to live. ownership and use need to be contrasted property and lucrative speculation. Have housing and be able to adapt to the taste and needs nothing scandalous: it is the property use. But derive income housing, or have multiple homes in order to speculate, it's capitalism. We refuse and fight any commodification of housing.

Reinvest the front of the housing
The most accurate claims have no chance of success without fighting organization for wear, popularize and implement effectively. Many organizations operate on the front of the housing, and are mainly three types of steps: The charity (or charities from the world), whose objective is to address the urgent "humanitarian" without addressing a priori causes of bad housing (capitalism, speculation ...) Squats, which do not fit in a logic of obtaining new collective rights organizations struggle and social transformation on the front of the housing, which demanding new rights for all and all for housing, and often use the squat to correct deficiencies emergency shelter and housing, and denounce the capitalist mess multiplication of empty buildings. These can enroll in time and provide a fulcrum for major struggles. For example, the CREA and the campaign "Zero street children" in Toulouse. They are often the target of repression.

In the latter category, an organization stands: Right to Housing (DAL). In fact, it has a wide geographical location, with groups all over France. It has a recognition of both media and public. It promotes self-organization of ill-housed, and are homeless. It implements direct actions requisition. But it does not only defends a conception of the struggle of charitable housing (that is to say focused exclusively on the immediate resettlement of ill-housed es), it articulates with a claim to new rights for all and all (but not be limited to institutional actions, unlike other organizations).

Right to housing occupies a special place in the landscape of social housing struggles. Obviously, there may be places where this organization is less interesting than it is nationally. However, it remains a place of organization on the issue.

Libertarian alternative must not neglect its own expression and its intervention as a political organization, the front housing.

But, as on other fronts of struggle, activists working Libertarian Alternative development of mass organizations, pluralistic (not extensions, screens or transmission belts particular organization). To do this, organizations of social transformation should be preferred as strategic line of action on this front of struggle.

Posted January 30, 2013 by commission congress
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