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(en) France, Alternative libertarian AL 11th Congress (Toulouse, 2012) - General orientation .... the world .....the euro area (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 02 Feb 2013 13:37:59 +0200

What resistance to the crisis in the world? -- The widespread austerity in the euro area -- The worsening of the crisis that Alternative libertarian has analyzed could be applied in many ways politically: nationalist tensions could lead to the implosion of states (Belgium credible option) or the emergence of ultra-systems preservatives such as Hungary, technocracies could replace traditional parties such as Italy, left reformist governments (such as Left Front in France or SYRIZA in Greece) could come to power, to break with the logic of liberal capitalist economy and boost through nationalization and some wage increases, the eurozone could explode, or bleeding ... after a white European proletariat speculative attacks could stop and the capitalist economy could resume its course. Finally, capitalism could once again, trigger armed conflict out of the doldrums and to silence the social protest.

These scenarios are all so complicated by the rise of an ecological crisis: global warming, loss of biodiversity, the excesses of the agro-industry could more quickly than we can imagine , lead to food crises, especially in the South, not only mas.

None of these options is excluded and we must beware of any mechanism. It is really impossible to know today what the outcome of this crisis, because that will determine ultimately what is the resistance of the workers' austerity cures. From this point of view, resistance past or induce early reflections.

Greece austerity laboratory

Greece was the country hardest hit by the crisis. The struggles are rapidly increased in response to austerity, punctuated by very general strikes followed. This has resulted in a great political instability, but has no stopped austerity. Some workers are among the most radicalized tried to get out of the defensive posture, taking up self in a hospital, a newspaper, or trying to attack the Greek parliament without being massively followed in this process. Since the resignation and depression settled.

The range is broad anti-capitalist forces in Greece with a significant presence of anarchists more or less federated-es are particularly well established in Athens. It appears that the insurgency strategy has been developed since the beginning of the austerity policies is not sufficient or effective to turn into a real alternative. This situation is exacerbated by the lack of a project alternative society brought together.

The excellent scores achieved by the electoral coalition SYRIZA made credible the accession to power of a government breaking with the liberal logic of austerity cures. Nature abhors a vacuum and the discrediting of PASOK (Greek Socialist Party) has created a space that has Syriza care giving body to the expectations of Greek classes. However, the proposed policy is far Syriza project failure attributed to him, right and left, in France. The outright cancellation of the debt of the Greek state was thus replaced by a renegotiation of the latter in order to avoid a break with the European Union. The priority remains therefore to Syriza out of the crisis through routes "realistic" rather than embark on the path of capitalism output, for example by encouraging the takeover of companies by employee-es and popularizing slogans break short, encouraging popular initiative.

This initial assessment, although it is transient and nothing is done, imposes two conclusions. First, without tangible alternative political project driven by social forces and embodied in actual experience and practical solidarity, there may be many struggles, their scope is limited. And struggles not generate themselves this alternative project, unlike that Alternative libertarian could imply in the past [ 1 ]. Of course, the generalization of struggles echo gives more alternative projects, but there is an echo, it is still necessary that there be a rallying cry. The role of political organization is precisely to build resistance, but also to radicalize around unifying claims, slogans and breaking a social project alternative.

This returns to the Greek situation. This country is experiencing one of the best locations in Europe anticapitalist. But no project alternative does emerge, the anti-capitalist left is unable to act or speak in unity. The question here is not whether a few Greek comrades could do differently, but whether we can avoid such a situation in France. If struggles are widespread, it is not the time to simply pull the cover itself, it will also act in unity to organize resistance and the emergence of a social project alternative to capitalism. Front anti-capitalist alternative proposed by libertarian take on its meaning while the idea of ââself, that Alternative libertarian wants to put at the heart of political debate in the "left of the left" could find multiple translations concrete.

The rise of nationalism in Europe

The economic and social crisis has caused a number of changes in many countries, by changing the lines of political forces. If we can only rejoice in the strength of the struggles that took place during this period, we can only worry when they can not, for the reasons mentioned above, in reverse order things. It is also from this helplessness progresses far-right groups in many countries. The recent Greek elections have been the occasion of a breakthrough to 6% for the neo-Nazi organization Golden Dawn. Similarly, in France the National Front has significantly increased its electoral support. The results of the first round of presidential elections have confirmed an outbreak of the extreme right. This vote is now firmly rooted in specific social and professional environments and is more than just a "protest vote." Indeed topics brought by the extreme right, which has adapted to the crisis in his speech mÃtinant "social" grew in consciousness and even beyond that of the FN electorate. Add the worrying rise of extreme right "extra-institutional" shows the progression of these political forces is undeniable. The economic and social crisis has done only increase the elements relied on the extreme right: social isolation, violence, etc.. If an action can be performed specifically fascist, do not forget that the real obstacle to this groundswell is the development of class solidarity. Class solidarity that goes through the building, the creation of mass organization of the workplace, education and life. More it recedes and the extreme right and progresses more practical solidarity, visible on the far right there will be less credible.

Hungary is a right-wing government is implementing a program xenophobic flirting with dictatorship. Projects and political traditions of the far-right formations are varied, ranging from populism in Scandinavia as Islamophobic fascism openly claimed as Greece. We must continue to develop practical solidarity at the international level, one of the remedies against the inevitable downturns xenophobic and nationalistic.

An ecological crisis regressive

Too often social struggles and job protection are organized around a fact type response productivist social difficulties. The ecological struggle is sacrificed on the altar of the emergency and the social struggle. Gold wins sustainable ecological struggles go through the necessary questioning of the organization and the nature of production and the economic system of exchange in progress.

Libertarian Alternative for the answer to this contradiction through an interpenetration of environmental concerns and struggles of social struggles. It is a fundamental orientation Alternative Libertarian for years to come.

The actuality of the revolution through the "Arab Spring"

The popular uprisings that erupted in North Africa in response to the high cost of living and unemployment are quickly transformed into real revolutions because of the intransigence of the dictators in place and aspiration of the people, especially young people, to democratic change and social. The evidence is there: when classes are massively burst into politics, nothing can stop them. These revolutions must bring attention, especially as a large part of the French population, including immigrants, is interested.

If the overthrow of dictatorships was the common goal of demonstrators and protesters, many other claims have emerged over strikes and occupations of places that shook Tunisia and especially Egypt and these countries are still crossed by many social conflicts. After the first democratic elections in these countries, Islamist groups have gained power. Understand the current process application able to distinguish the different Islamist parties involved: the Salafists, Ennahdha in Tunisia and the Muslim Brotherhood, themselves sharply divided among themselves, are not equivalent, it is in their relation to Western imperialism, their desire to impose Islam as a way of life or universal repression of social movements.

One thing is for sure: these organizations are the best defenses social demands voiced by the youth and employee-es, and Egyptian presidential elections, which were placed in the second round the candidate and the candidate of the military the Muslim Brotherhood, are indicative fighting that remains to be done for the Arab revolutions do not end in a return to order. The creation of centers of political and union relaying claims regardless of social institutions, ability to resist physically if necessary the military and radical Islamists, will be the challenge of the coming years. Therefore watch, and relay support the development of such centers and work with immigrant organizations or support for the South.

In several countries of the Maghreb, real libertarian communist organizations are being organized, particularly in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. It is an important element in the revolutionary struggle and in particular for his internationalist dimension. Beyond the usual political support, this situation calls for a specific solidarity, to mobilize the network to Anarkismo it helps significantly to the funding of these organizations, especially if they need a means of communication, printing ... Alternative libertarian, through its international commission will address in this direction to organizations Anarkismo while approaching libertarian communist organizations in the Maghreb for their needs.

Response capability of U.S. and European imperialism has been reduced in recent years due to the crisis and the emergence of other imperialisms, Chinese first. So they tried to take control in Libya, providing military support organizations to air anti-Gaddafi, the National Transitional Council. Libertarian alternative then clearly denounced the real motives of this intervention and the risk of escalation. This position was correct, even though it had probably overestimated the risk. In the absence of an international network, it should be kept in such situations to position elements on which it has no control, with respect to small groups (eg arming rebels), in favor grids readings (motivations of foreign imperialisms, nature organizations on site etc..). Finally, these imperialist tensions could make urgent the need to reactivate a broad anti-war movement.

The Indignant-es: a model imported in France?

In several countries of Western Europe and the United States, the crisis has led to a generational renewal of the social protest movement Indignant-es, particularly massive in Spain, the United States or Israel. Start demanding a "real democracy" quite compatible with capitalism, it has gradually radicalized to call for the occupation of public spaces by "99% against the 1%" slogan certainly gear yet "class ". These movements were able to grow when they forged links with the traditional social movement (trade unions, poorly housed, precarious workers), demonstrating once again that it is unavoidable. In France, Indignant es have instead claimed an apolitical and a total asyndicalisme or even a muddle with the recovery of certain themes or right-wing conspiracy. It is clear that it did not.

99% have rebounded in late 2011 in the United States and Spain working on the front of the housing. It is not sure that France wins the rebound, but if this is the case Alternative libertarian must intervene without a priori, arguing in particular the need to connect with the social movement, and vice versa.

Rising tensions in India and China

Finally, the evolution of the crisis will also depend in large part on what happens in emerging countries more competitive. BRICS [ 2 ] along well realize the weakening of U.S. imperialism in international institutions, including the questioning of the hegemony of the dollar. However, their economy still depends largely on the markets of the United States and the European Union and China seems already to go before a sharp slowdown in growth.

On the other hand, economic independence and energy of India and China through alignment with the Western imperialist policies conflict with important perspectives. We must remember that these development policies are not only to provide infrastructure to people but also to ensure the growth of capitalist profits, which will lead to the same consequences as in the Western world, ie a social crisis coupled an unprecedented ecological crisis. The transition to a liberal democracy will therefore be in a tense with the possibility of reversal of oligarchies in places. Regimes in China and India, very different in their nature, and now walking on eggshells, especially when faced with waves of strikes resulting from economic crisis but also face protests against polluting industries. It is a major ecological and social awakening. These conflicts could cause titanic political, ecological and economic very important in these countries and beyond. It is therefore necessary to analyze more carefully, especially in the press Libertarian Alternative.

The need for an international libertarian communist pole

Libertarian alternative put on record for many years the combination of its current international, which has recently led to increased involvement within Anarkismo. At the same time, current policies libertarian tradition emerge elsewhere in the world, including Europe, Latin America and North America. They deduce as Alternative libertarian, their involvement in the social movement the need to overcome (without denying) references of past policies to build an anti-authoritarian socialism of the XXI century.

The globalization of the economy and therefore the current crisis and the need to develop struggles internationally, should encourage continue strengthening political expression Libertarian Communist International, especially via Anarkismo. The International Secretariat is mandated to follow the Alternative Investment libertarian Anarkismo to encourage and continental meetings and international exchanges between organizations (newspapers, invitations, support) and common expressions (press release but when leaflets and posters the opportunity arises).

In France out of the wait
Wait a majority population but many struggle

The Tenth Congress of Alternative libertarian was held open for the 2010 social movement against pension reform. Since that defeat, the majority of the French work was held in a wait. The elections of 2012 led the government to defer the bulk of austerity and the exploited are waiting for a change of majority electoral slow rain of blows. France has not yet felt the full effects of the crisis and it is rather the fear of it has structured the electoral debate.

However, many struggles have developed, large employers and governments who benefited without waiting for the crisis to begin restructuring, and that on all fronts: against dismissal, the case against public services, against extreme etc. right. A complete description would be useless here - see activity report Alternative libertarian and numerous articles published in the monthly Alternative libertarian. The problem is not so much the lack of struggle but their dispersion, their lack of visibility, sometimes their weakness, and lack of political project able to see the possibility of another society and ways to achieve.

Unionism change that

The trade union landscape has changed somewhat since the collapse of the movement retreats in fall 2010: the unity of the Inter stole gradually brightness, genuine reformist pole or support or apolitical / corporatist (Unsa, CFTC CFDT, CGC, FO ...) increased the elections to the public in 2011.

However, the class struggle unionism remained, grew in places and is present at various levels and sectors in the CGT and to a lesser extent in the FSU. It is claimed as such by Solidarity and the CNT. In the private sector and in some sectors of the public, most of the struggles have been at the initiative of the CGT, FSU and Solidarity. But it remains largely minority unionism is not capacity to constitute a danger to the state and the bourgeoisie, and the union bureaucracies that accompany them, each in their own way.

This paradoxical in appearance, due to the ongoing crisis of capitalism and its subsequent developments in terms of deconstruction / segmentation of the proletariat. By occupation and union cultures that are developed, it can be translated, either by advances in the ability of workers and collective workers to develop comprehensive responses to the crisis, either by hand or defensive responses corporatist support the lesser evil, which promotes the growth constant Unsa or FO and maintaining the CFDT.

The fragmentation, division and competition from various syndicalist currents of class struggles make it even more random abilities to create true dynamic control. It is the same lack of credibility and visibility are the exploited of an alternative to capitalism.

The unity of the union class struggle is crucial to change the lines of force currently favorable to supporters of a more or less integrated unionism capitalism and its social machinery.

This unit should be able to build already in the professions and the various jurisdictions where unions are driven by common class struggle. Moreover, it is more likely to settle during times of struggle.

Development of Solidarity, current class struggle and alternative unit in the CGT and the FSU, with all activists and anti-capitalist revolutionary of these unions, thus appears as a priority.

These political tasks have nothing to do with having to form political factions which act hidden in unions (that Alternative libertarian this fight). They have meaning only when, on the basis of their grassroots activism and ideological expression of their sensitivity, the unionized workers attribute democratically and transparently union responsibilities revolutionaries. This is before them and to themselves that they are held accountable and that they and they derive their legitimacy to speak on the basis of discussions and the broader democratic trade unions. Libertarian alternative thus turns back to both model the fraction (illegal) and trend (formal) to say that there is an alternative to these two types of expression of divergent currents within unionism mass and class. Therefore, libertarian communists do not hide their ideas and practices. They fight and they lead the respect and the development of trade union democracy and recognition of their legitimate power to be part of the movement of workers organized.

This also means that the aim of this self-management unions should not be confined solely to the defense of self-organization and struggles for union democracy - even if these two points, vigilance is still needed. A union project is to build around the self, of the class struggle, what is meant by "social transformation". It can meet the interest of many trade unionists.

Other currents are also places of trade and development exist. The trend continues to be inter-Emancipation actress field labor in Education. Approaches base unit, should be promoted, may also contribute to these exchanges.

Solidarity took the first initiative to call only a national demonstration on 24 March 2012, affirming the existence of a militant trade unionism and the need to anticipate the outcome of the election to fight, but failed to mobilize beyond the fringe activists. The ability of the organization to drive timely mobilization interprofessional regardless of other unions will be decisive for its future.

Closer to the ground, it is also the future of this organization is being played. The development of local Solidarity as the progression of unionization in the private sector show an interprofessional increasingly asserted. In the decades 1990-2000, libertarian communists took their place in the construction and animation of several federations or national unions SUD. Today, with 100,000 member-es, the question is indeed a change of scale, to participate in the construction of a mass alternative unionism, which speaks to all and all employees, insecure and deprived of including employment.

This alternative unionism, also at work elsewhere in Europe (CGT-E in Spain, Italy Cobas ...), it may be a "revolutionary syndicalism contemporary" anti-capitalist perspectives opened for hundreds of thousands of employee-es, rehabilitating firmly general strike and direct action against the austerity policies? This is the challenge that is Libertarian Alternative. Join this dynamic is to go in terms of content such practices well beyond the status of union opposition may still exist in the central bureaucracy.

Within the CGT, the activists libertarian communists launched in April 2011 a public expression across a blog called libertarian Communist CGT. These comrades have met some resonance because of their alternative approach in the CGT unit and beyond, without hiding their differences when appropriate with the overall regulatory policy and Keynesian written off since 1995 in the confederate congress of the CGT.

The development of this expression and its impact on the CGT as a real willingness to stand with the current class struggle of the CGT, may be medium term key support for trade union unity in struggle, interprofessional and democratic.

On other fronts: the need to recreate mass organizations

Because of the decline of social movements such as Ras l'Front, AC! or DAL in the 2000s, Alternative libertarian been led to greater participation in "organizations cartels", national or local, on several fronts, including fascism and racism (UCIJ Moreover we then d here). Within feminist and environmentalist movements, it is the increasing bureaucratization of mass organizations (respectively CNDF and Nuclear Exit) which led Libertarian Alternative to intervene collectively with other political organizations inside or outside of these associations. Activist networks are not infinite, these situations arise naturally in the coordination of existing organizations. But they never really attracted to step back from Alternative libertarian.

The fact that many of these initiatives are success does not mean blind Alternative libertarian these situations can not be sustainable. Eventually, these frameworks unit is moving towards independent mass organizations, political organizations will be attracted to other priorities and it will all start from zero in the next mobilization. Political organizations in South America have been able to sustain such large socio-political fronts, but these successes are specific tradition of social movement in these countries, and their compatibility with the French social situation is far from guaranteed.

On the fronts where no mass organization exists, Alternative libertarian should aim ultimately recreating such organizations. Where they exist but are partly bureaucratized leave them is certainly not a decision taken lightly. Alternative libertarian strategy is to create social movement organizations whose purpose is to collect as much as possible, independent institutions, not expanded appendices Alternative libertarian. The decision to leave an organization collectively mass should be a debate within Alternative libertarian, ensuring that all means are implemented to recreate such an organization.

Sequence election marked by an escalation of the right relative to the extreme right, ended with the victory of the Socialist Party announced. In this regard, some government announcements that preceded the elections are not likely to jeopardize the analysis already developed by Alternative libertarian campaign promises will soon give way to a policy of crisis management included in the capitalist framework and characterized by fiscal discipline. Faced with this austerity announced the French work could be forced out of the wait. Reasonably anticipated amplification struggles. The challenge will be to not let these isolated struggles and argue about the need for confrontation scale to make a good stop to austerity and reverse the trend. This implies in particular to develop and support the struggles in businesses and neighborhoods, foster convergence initiatives (occupational, geographical or between fronts of struggle) and discuss the content demands. In short, develop, unify and radicalize the struggles and the emergence of a political project of revolutionary transformation of society.

We will not focus here on the creation of a capitalist Front, which seems more appropriate than ever in the current situation. Adopted texts on the subject during the ninth and tenth congress Alternative libertarian and coordination at federal intermediates remain relevant. It should, however, come back here on the French political landscape, which has evolved over the past two years and brings new challenges.

Left Front: emergence of a flickering genuinely reformist pole

Across Europe, complete conversion of the socialist parties liberalism and the collapse of the communist parties leave the political space for recreation broad reformist left parties. In France, after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts, the Left Front, which seems poised to succeed in this space.

The Left Party is proposing a social democratic policy very consistent that complements the implementation activist PCF. In particular, it has clearly decided between reform and revolution, as well as the roles of union and political organizations (unlike NPA) claiming that the social movement can make a real difference in delegating policy to institutional parties. Talents of tribune MÃlenchon did the rest.

The future of FDG is not written but its electoral setbacks threaten already the alliance between PCF swept parliamentary elections and PG media whose leader has seen its credibility dented. Its ambition to develop an implementation and electoral positioning vis-Ã-vis the government PS-EELV will be marked with the seal of a permanent ambiguity obligation to denounce the policy of austerity, while leaving the PS, whose survival depends Elections to municipal PCF 2014. However, if the economic crisis and a Keynesian empire becomes the last resort to boost the economy, FDG could take the bull by the horns and be called by the PS to participate in power. These contradictions will be at the center of debates internal FDG and determine its evolution and must therefore temper hasty and simplistic comparisons with 1981 or 1997.

Numerous employee-es follow the dynamics of FDG, especially in the social movement, and should therefore answer their questions and take advantage of this growing politicization. The development of another political pole, capitalist and self-management, is necessary but not enough: we must seek these employee-es on their ideological ground in arguing against the proposals-FDG, especially in demonstrating the need for an autonomous social movement, struggle magnitude and real steps to break with capitalism.

What assessment of the failure of the NPA?

The NPA was the first to suffer from the rise of FDG, which led to the split. Nobody can rejoice in the failure of the NPA, especially as the vast majority of activists and militants who leave leave policy. Libertarian alternative was skeptical when the constitution of the NPA on the bet of leaving a big blur on the political project, intended to clarify based experiences. The lack of a clear position on the institutions (and the revolution), full series of defeats in the social movement, was fatal to the NPA, which is mired in endless debates on elections and reformist organizations to report . The leadership of the system has increased beyond measure trends these divisions, preventing overtaking and leaving aside many activists and activists whose concerns were far from the power struggles.

On the other hand, while proclaiming "party of struggle", the NPA has often attempted, proactively, to replace the social movement. It has not led to reflection on its intervention in trade unions and associations, often simply trying to make instruments for policy. Reality has quickly caught: voluntarism has exhausted activists and activists, trade unionists and left gradually, the NPA is unable to support them in developing intervention and analysis contrary to their realities often continuing to analyze unionism simply as a first level of awareness, and the union leadership as brakes struggles which aspire militant bases. The NPA hope seems out of its internal crisis by focusing on the orientation in the social movement, but always substitutiste logic, which should be pointed.

The NPA is experiencing a growing isolationism and strong internal tensions since the start of the anti-capitalist Left. It would fit in a Front capitalist who opt for a balanced approach: pluralism without confusion, in the context of a strategic plan defined.

The libertarian movement and the capitalist Front

Recent years have continued to see the center of gravity of the libertarian movement to move to the libertarian communist ideas in a way neither linear nor mechanical, and sometimes unexpectedly. Thus, after a near explosion in the years 2002-2004, the Anarchist Federation has regained strength thanks to a new generation of activists fairly open and not prone to dogmatism. The FA has sent positive signals by investing in Fair to self, not only in a libertarian, and by opening up the initiative of Saint-Imier in the summer of 2012. Two years ago, a symbolic but significant dispassionate way she had reported the death of George Fontenis showed a desire to turn the page now owned quarrels history.

The situation is sometimes different locally, but it shows that it is not vain to work together with these organizations to the impulse of a capitalist Front.

A first meeting with the Libertarian Alternative CGA has better mutual understanding. Points of agreement and disagreement are of course was booked, and more meaningful discussion will probably be necessary to consider the CGA nationally inscribed in Front of a capitalist impulse.

The Alternative face a historic choice

Alternative libertarian started thinking and common intervention with Alternative and other organizations on the issue of self-management, with the initiative Resume city then self Fair. This is a first step in the consolidation of anti-capitalist.

The need to work to revive the unit self-management and environmental themes persists today. Alternative wish the emergence of a third pole in the FDG, environmentalist and self-management, in addition to the PCF and PG. Such a pole can never gather a small part of the environmentalist movement and self-management, because of the electioneering assumed orientation and lack of clarity on the ecology of FDG. It defends such an extension of the cooperative management of small businesses, but the nationalization of large companies is still a cornerstone of its social project, self contradictory, which must extend to branches of industry and living spaces to make sense.

The entry of the Left Front Alternative risk however ordered to play alongside the SAF, the role of "spiritual" self-management and ecological state of reformism, played by heavyweights PCF and PG. It is not clear that within the Alternative, which still represent a current socialist self-management history, this outcome is considered unanimously as an apotheosis.

A fringe Alternative, clearly anticapitalist, stubborn and self-management to management in republican institutions, can find an extension to its action in a capitalist Front government clearly independent PS-EELV.

Front against capitalism and revive the project self-management

To provide the means to put self at the heart of political debate, it is crucial to increase public initiatives and put forward in the framework of a capitalist Front, a self-management dimension widely shared by potential partners Alternative libertarian.

In addition, the publication of historical or thematic small notebooks on public self may allow both to develop in-house training on this subject and further disseminate analysis and project libertarian communists. About the dynamics involved with the Fair self, it must be extended regardless of FDG, and that whatever the choice of subscribing to each organization.

Develop an expression and mass intervention
Political activism and union activism / associations: a critical articulation

Libertarian alternative has invested heavily in social movements from December 95, and often to the detriment of the specific intervention and, therefore, its own development. This trend is somehow reversed in recent years: the battle of 'no' to the European Constitution and mobilization of youth, especially against the CPE, were the opportunity to intervene directly and more large-scale strengthen Alternative libertarian, particularly in young students. It is clear that today too few CAL develop a direct political intervention and is well established in the trade unions and associations. This is often either one or the other. Similarly, trade unionists participate less than in the past to develop the political line of Libertarian Alternative.

This discrepancy can lead to substitutistes term trends from the CAL without implantation in the social movement, as already discussed above. Or political organizations can not replace the mass organizations, and the lack of presence in these organizations usually means the absence of mass intervention, so the inability to be able to validate a revolutionary orientation with employee- are not the only activist circles. And it is not for nothing that the libertarian alternative strategy consists articulated its action time revolutionary political organization (which will be discussed later), to develop mass organizations able to stimulate the struggles extent that the foundation is not a political affiliation but a position in the class struggle.

It is important that Alternative libertarian renews debate among its members on intervention in the social movement and union. Openly, placing above cliquishness union or organization. But also so as not to ignore comrades who, for reasons of insecurity in the wage, remain on the margins of the union. It is a necessity for the entire organization "speaking the same language" and remains in tune with the social movement. At a time when many and many activists from the youth movements of the 2000s, entering the workforce, this issue is crucial.

The task is nothing but obvious act collectively there is a problem is the first step. Many activists and non-union activists working outside large public administrations, where trade unionism is not as protected in them. The Tenth Congress of Alternative libertarian was officially recorded the need to accompany these activists and activists, but this decision has not been applied to the margin. Must generalize. Also revive discussions on trade union intervention requires a dose of voluntarism on the part of trade unionists in the production of texts debates, articles and the presence federal or local meetings.

Aware that the class struggle is not limited to the fight business, activists and militants are heavily invested in the associative world from the creation of Alternative libertarian alongside homeless and badly housed since 1991, and undocumented, etc.. Unfortunately, the relay does not seem to have done and the recent investment in certain struggles was a reflection of the lack of follow-up weakens the hearing Alternative libertarian and his actions when he did not condemn a relative bandwagon dealing with more established organizations. Investments in militant struggles spot when they are under the spotlight are not satisfactory. Again, a real collective effort is necessary to prioritize, analyzes, strategies. The link with the trade unions in these protests is a major asset.

Out leaflets and newsletters policy

However, summarize intervention mass trade unions and associations intervention would be a mistake that would return to the beginning of Libertarian Alternative, where the organization hoped to develop only through intervention in the social movement. It has instead stagnated for years.

In fact, most activists and trade unionists and activists expect something of a political being only an information network within mass organizations (although this is important). Libertarian alternative must also be a space for sharing their practices and strategic coordination. It must also provide a mass political expression, claims and project specific policy and a strategy to make it succeed beyond professional sectors or fronts of struggle which involved its activists and militants. If members do not develop Alternative libertarian such an expression, association and associative action will help advance class consciousness, but organizations are developing a "more" political benefit.

Develop professional newsletters only focused on the activity of the sector leads to the same impasse: Generally these reports are somewhat radicalized versions of those unions that activists and militants of Alternative libertarian help animate, making the demonstration that the political organization is not inherently useful.

We must therefore develop newsletters speaking policy, which could be monthly variations tract Alternative libertarian whose publication should be smoother. The ephemeral pamphlet The Match was from this point of view in the right direction. The priority of these leaflets should be available to all and be all conceptually, thus avoiding the verbiage activist. Mark the difference in its expression with other anti-capitalist political organizations is necessary, but space is ideal for this journal. These leaflets are also an opportunity to promote claims and slogans of Libertarian Alternative to illustrate the project.

The collective federal government, which is responsible for managing federal public appearance of the organization, is mandated to tract monthly newsletter for policy to be widely distributed and propose an analytical simple and clear the political and social situation.

This implies that Alternative libertarian has more internal debate on its demands and slogans in order to support any argument they could generate. For example, Alternative libertarian highlights the requisition and self boxes that close. With the deepening of the crisis, in times SCOP become possible, as SeaFrance and Fralib and an organization such as FDG highlights the resumption of business cooperatives. Must redÃbattre this slogan, dig in order to explain the difference between self-and co-operatives.

Rhythms activists and priorities

All this leads to the question of militants in rhythms of Alternative libertarian. Keep head union activism / associations and political activism can be very addictive. Libertarian alternative may be tempted to run voluntarism to compensate for its low permanent implantation. This is actually the best way to exhaust the activists and militants, morally, socially and physically.

CAL must collectively determine their priorities: the development of events, the collective unit where they work, collages and leafleting markets or management companies, schools or facs etc. Determine its priorities to suit the current in the permanent emergency, is the surest way to spin mobilization mobilization never be initiated or animation, so being in the trailer. Certainly, one present in CAL maximum struggles is visible, but it also gives the image is of a highly demanding in terms of availability, so elitist, or the image of fire-wisps that leave the vessel at the first reflux . Better follow some mobilizations A to Z, by discussing collectively at each meeting of CAL.

This applies to both local and federal. From this point of view, the CAL is currently insufficiently turns political campaigns decided collectively. Libertarian alternative is a federalist organization and CAL opposing direction are not forced to wear it. But a majority orientation should logically be backed by a majority of CAL, which requires a bit of voluntarism from them. Admittedly, the current deficiencies in terms of Libertarian Alternative animation teams complicate this relay. But the local version of a federal policy adopted by the CAL should normally be at the top of the CAL (which of course does not mean that all of the CAL intervention should enroll in the federal direction). CAL and unable to decline orientation should report their difficulties to other CAL to advance joint development.

The collective federal government, which is responsible for coordinating the response of CAL, is mandated to produce summaries of activity of CAL during regular federal coordinations. The activity reports of CAL will include focused around major areas of intervention decided collectively federal coordination, as well as local interventions that can lead the CAL.

[ 1 ] For example, with the slogan "All through the fight," which in itself is insufficient.

[ 2 ] Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Posted January 30, 2013 by commission congress
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