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(en) National Note: Coordination Brazilian Anarchist (CAB) - demystifying stereotypes and clarifying misconceptions (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 02 Feb 2013 09:39:23 +0200

A bit of our conception of anarchism: demystifying stereotypes and clarifying misconceptions ---- In July of this year was held the 1st Congress of the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (ConCAB), in the context of 10 years of building a Anarchism and organized specifically inserted in the struggles of our people. The Forum of Organized Anarchism (FAO), instance throughout this decade that brought together various organizations Especifists Anarchists from all over Brazil to discuss issues that allowed the accumulation necessary and requisite agreements for us to move forward in the task of building an Anarchist Organisation at National fulfill its initial function and, since 1 CONCAB, ceased to be a forum to become a Coordination.

A new stage was thus open for militancy especifista Brazilian: provide a space for coordination involving nine different states of Anarchist Organizations, Federalist base and keep building - from concrete and practical in that it will expand its basis of agreements - drive greater strategic and organic to enhance social inclusion within our people. In this sense, are over 10 years of Anarchism rescue while current libertarian socialism, organized politically and socially embedded. It is the redemption of old but already atualÃssima maxim that says "emancipation of workers will be the workers themselves," but also the allied organization's historical practice of anarchism as a party, as the Alliance of Socialist Democracy Party and the Federalist Ala Anti-authoritarian of the 1st International (Bakunin, Guillaume, Malatesta, Cafiero and others) and also our sister Uruguayan Anarchist Federation, which remained active during the Uruguayan military dictatorship, maintaining social inclusion worker, student and organizing an apparatus armed fought the bloody regime of blood that stained our Latin America.

However, our rich history that is intertwined with the history of the working class is often attacked or undeserved: often it is the simple ignorance or reproduction of speeches simplistic and reductionist, but often it is the bad faith of the prejudice and the need to build policy on the basis of slander, lies and self-promotion. Recently, we had the last contact and text that refers to "anarchists" in this way is a statement released by PSTU Curitiba, entitled "Our differences with the current Socialist Struggle (LS) / Other Octobers will come", which is analyzed stance of this group cited in the title of the note in the elections to the DCE UFPR and with them the Collective Breaking Walls (who owns the anarchist militancy Class Struggle Anarchist Collective - CALC, a member of the organization CAB). Regardless of what motivates this and other speeches, judge convenient to go public to give our position about the stereotype of the "anarchist" once again played at the expense of truth. So we stand nationally not to enter the fray of who is more revolutionary or has the true interpretation of the period in which we live, but because we feel a need to clarify what we consider misconceptions, inconsistencies and unknowns.

Our involvement while CAB is for a set of reasons that are usually served in materials such as referred to above: generalization and stereotyping of anarchism; accusation that we are a sect that left and we would have no responsibility, that we are anti-partisan , that'd be sectarian and intransigent, possessing, therefore, defamation and attack as the only way to build militant possible, we make alliances only with those who think the same as us, we possess in our history only anarcho-syndicalism as an expression and organizational policy and, even more, we attack any labor union, student and popular as being bureaucratic and unnecessary to fight. Also note that today we usually, "anarchist cult", would be limited in the general student sects more or less marginal and without actual insertion in the working class. We will give our views on everything until now reproduce.

First, we Coordination Brazilian anarchist tradition are part of a political organization called Especifismo. Especifismo because we defend as Anarchists of the need to organize ourselves politically as such. This need is expressed through a Political Organization Anarchist Federalist and tables, with entry criteria, militant training, endowed with a Minimum Programme, Strategy and Short and Long Term Goal Finalist. We are not, therefore, a sect. Yes we are, within the history of socialism, a party, as the Italian Errico Malatesta said: "We, the socialists, anarchists, exist as a separate party, such as program substantially constant since 1867, when Bakunin founded the Alliance, and we We the founders and soul of antiauthoritarian direction of 'International Workers Association. "Especifismo The expression is" home "in Latin America with FAU (Uruguayan Anarchist Federation), founded in 1956 and attended their training in old anarcho-syndicalist militants who organized themselves in foru (FederaciÃn Obrera Regional Uruguay); older fighters of the Spanish Revolution; young student and labor activists in the country and some who lived with the remaining group of anarchists expropriators who performed several actions in the area of ââthe River Plate.

The defender was FAU specifies the organization of Anarchism, by an organizational structure that organically vinculasse militants under a Declaration of Principles and Elements of Strategy and that could develop inside tasks pertaining to economic analysis, political-military training (projecting al development of an apparatus armed materialized and was called OPR-33 - OrganizaciÃn Popular Revolutionary Orientales 33) and of course, social insertion in the mass movement. The FAU throughout its existence (remains active today) played an important role in building the CNT (National ConvenciÃn Trabajadores), participating through unions or the basic direction of the entity itself, the construction of ROE (Student Worker Resistance) , Trend grouping that brought together much of the militancy and militant base class (anarchists, Marxists, Leninists, etc..) who opposed the direction of the PCU that was majority in the popular movement, and developed, at first by the MLN-T (through the Coordinadora) and then for a job himself, shares of expropriation of banks, abductions of bosses and figures linked to the dictatorship and support for popular mobilizations.

We share the CAB this tradition because it was through her that in the early 90's when the debate reorganization of anarchism, began the construction of Anarchists Specific Organizations that still work for their growth and greater inclusion. Therefore, we are not Anarcho-Syndicalist or Anarchist Student, why not make the defense of unions and student organizations anarchists, but rather the need to organize ourselves politically to intervene in the Labor Movement and Student. Thus, we are not opposed to the existence of entities 'representative', be they local, state or national, as we are not, in principle, contrary to the contention of the directions.

However, we can not just political calculation alleged enforceability of the class struggle of the dispute of the directions of the movements so that they are indeed revolutionary, why not bet our chips that direction (the direction) of a particular social movement is the result direct political group which directs. We do not deny the influence that this group can exercise, but do not make it a condition for the success of the fights. If we are in favor of a proposal combative, yes we need a Political Organization prepared to step in and take care of certain tasks the Popular Movements could not cope, do not think, however, that this organization is a Revolutionary Vanguard or direction because more qualified to synthesizing the desires of one class Socialism supposedly "scientific". Therefore, in our perception, the dispute is subject entities that have the ability to intervene and encourage the organization of Oppressed Classes, role these entities must meet, as well as the very scenario analysis Frente Social lived in each. Otherwise, the occupation of an entity becomes just a bureaucratic ritual that gives no role nor our class builds social force for a radical project.

Thus, we are not espontaneÃstas, thinking that the popular organization will come by itself. Contrary to what some say, we contribute to the strengthening of this organization, with modest but steady efforts, the popular movement, trade union, student and rural in various states of this country. We bet on the need for a political organization working consciously and intentionally in the development of popular participation and organization, be it labor, student, community etc., But always considering the decisive struggles, the accumulation necessary for a revolutionary sense that really put into question the system of capitalist domination - and the state as a key part of this system of domination - the Force is expressed in the Social Organization of the Oppressed Classes through their own organization tools, defense and attack our class enemies. Our design, has historically been confronted with the ideology of Statist Socialism, rightly believing that the destruction of the state depends on the advancement of the organization of the oppressed classes and the forging of a revolutionary subject that points in that direction.

"The old socialists spoke of building a new civilization. Durruti said we carry a new world in our hearts. Allude to values, a new way of life, new social relations. If history teaches anything it is that it does not take off, requires building a new social subject. And for this construction is key to active participation, transforming this subject. If no contact has taken with new, even if incipient social relations, this guy can not have other social referents which were known or which tends to reproduce. Is building social force and taking active participation in it that can form new embryos of civilization or the "new man," the other guy. Say this is the theme of how consciousness becomes, to use the classical language. From what has been seen by the economy itself does not transform consciousness. What the subject lives and daily lives as, historically, within the framework of certain devices, would be the main element of change of your consciousness. "

"Another historical subject not come from nothing, as not magically appear, must be the result of practices that internalize other issues that clash with the ruling. Effective participation, self-management, direct action, the federal form of operation truly democratic, solidarity and mutual support, require mechanisms, organizations, regular practices for their development. "(Document Theoretical Wellington Gallarza and Malvina Tavares - According theoretical FAU -FAG)

That's our goal Finalist: building a new society from a revolutionary process that destroys the system of domination while building and management mechanisms driving this new political and economic society. It follows that our defense of Popular Power, as a period of transition in the midst of a revolutionary process that consolidates new relationships, institutions and mechanisms of their own people. For this we need today, a Minimum Program that makes mediation between the lived reality as it is and our goal Finalist. In the words of fellow Italian Camillo Berneri "Politics is calculating and creating forces that perform the approximation of reality to the ideal system by formulas stirring, systematization and polarization that are stirring, compelling and logical in a given social and political moment. An updated anarchism, conscious of their own strength and combativeness of construction, and the opposing forces, realistic romantic at heart and the brain, full of enthusiasm and able to temporize, skillful and generous in their support conditional, capable, in short, to save his forces [...]. " This is for us the CAB Anarchism and therefore wrote this text for clarification, frank debate and political positioning.

We are aware, as active minority, the numerous shortcomings and obstacles that we must face and that face. However, we are also aware of our sincerity, modesty and firmness in what we propose. Over those over 10 years of comings and goings and steps taken to mature our design, we have participated in varying degrees in several fights, constructions, struggles in Latin America and in the world and regardless of differences with other traditions of Socialism we demand respect. We are together and side by side in the fight for Socialism and Freedom and it does not turn aside.

Anarchists and Revolutionary Greetings!

Brazilian Coordination Anarchist (CAB)
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