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(en) Brazil, São Paulo, Rhizome - libertarian and autonomous trend (pt) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 10:19:41 +0200

Why libertarian and autonomous trend? ---- Before presenting the results of our discussions about what is the Rhizome, we highlight some important caveats: we do not intend to present immutable definitions and do not want to cling to rigid concepts. While we understand that there are settings that can imprison collectives, we argue that the concepts and definitions should get out of our collective practices, and serve to strengthen these, allowing the construction of discourses that express thoughts and legitimations about our action. That is, we understand that the definitions presented here are only a single photo of a long movie. We want to build a collective dynamic, ongoing construction, which maintain a self-critical and constantly renews itself: the rhizome is not, is.

Exactly why intencionarmos that our group is fluid and open to change, choose the concept of tendency to define ourselves. Trend because we want the actions and reflections of our group tend to a political horizon, in this case, the horizon of the libertarian strand. Trend because what unites us are some methodological and programmatic agreements - some consensus about the ends we want, and about the appropriate means. Trend because we believe that through our work in microrealidade university can contribute so rhizomatic in broader struggles. Trend because we understand that it is also necessary to have collective commitment and respect this journey in order that she give the best possible way - are against discipline as a means of taming the bodies, but rather advocate the importance of compromise, "proceeds" of if it fulfills the tasks with which we are committed individually and collectively. However, we would like to emphasize that we aim lightness in no way mean that the rhizome should work as an advantage nor as a cult - do not want a group uniform or uniform! The Rhizome we came striving to build on these initial six months is not restricted to a collective people of a particular philosophical or ideological position, the Rhizome you want is merely a group of students participating in the student movement and share some goals and some methods fighting. Yes we want to influence the movement some practices and strengthening specific aspects of this, however, does not want to impose our views and as much as co-opt people not only want to accept or deny other positions. We do not want to be neither vanguard nor the rear of the movement. We want to propose, criticize and collectively build, shoulder to shoulder.

By saying that the rhizome is not restricted to a particular current political-ideological not wish in any way to deny that we do have some current proximity to, for example, with different lines of anarchism with situationism with autonomism with zapatismo , with some lines heterodox Marxist (autonomy, councilists, Lefebvrians ...). We want to make it clear that yes Rhizome is a tendency, not a party, which is a sector of the movement, not a political group. So yes we need some terms of long term goals, some converging horizons, however, that while these agreements engessem group. That's where the second part of the definition of the Rhizome: Why libertarian and autonomous?

Libertárixs because we are against all forms of oppression, be they economic, political, ideological etc.. We are against the domination State (antiestatistas), we are against capitalist exploitation (anticapitalist), we are against the oppressions ethnic, gender and sexual orientation, and we are against the disciplinary institutions and ideologies that make us docile servants. We libertárixs because we understand that only through direct action, only with xs próprixs oprimidxs performing their struggles without relying not have representatives, can we achieve progress towards a society without domination. We libertárixs because we understand that we start building now, through our struggles, the society we want to live tomorrow - and by this, we advocate self-management and direct democracy as organizational forms. We libertárxs because we understand that my personal freedom is extended to infinity when it meets another, it is because we believe that individual freedom has to be complementary to collective freedom. We claim because libertárixs social freedom, not freedom selfish commonsense liberal. And also because we libertárixs understand that only with a broad alliance of social movements of different popular sectors is possible the transformation we so desire.

And because we libertárixs not want fights or coptar militant outfit. And Semos libertárixs, we identify with the different historical and contemporary popular struggles against the domination of society. And because we libertárixs, but we understand that there must be consistency between discourse and practice, and we're here to act, not to make empty speeches - the action and the way we act is intrinsic, inseparable part of who we are. And because we libertárixs not ever present a proposal ready, locked and unchangeable; understand that the path is going, that building is constant and ongoing. And because we libertárixs not read reality as a mere result of economic relations, but as a result of complex power relations of the different spheres of social reality. And because we libertárixs, when we look around and see so much repression, inevitably, raise the sleeves of our shirt, and we will fight courageously - to destroy everything that oppresses us! Until we build an egalitarian and free!

And because we libertárixs, are also autonomous. Freelancers argue that because the movements themselves must define their destiny - the paths should be decided by todxs of motion and movement, not in party offices, businesses, governments, or any other type of organization and institution. Autonomous because we want to emphasize the importance of the territorial issue in struggles contestativas.

For all this, we decided to engage in this collective project, and we are always open to todxs hoping to help build this alternative for the student movement.

Fighting for another university to build another company!
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