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(en) Turkey, Solidarity time for people being judged from the Mayday Trial (tr)

Date Mon, 21 Jan 2013 22:52:27 +0200

We are calling you to meet for the anarchists, being judged from Mayday Trial, in front of ÃaÄlayan Courthouse C Gate at 09.00am on January 25th, 2013 ---- 1 May operation and the trial is the final point of operations of passing through the sword of justice, which is one of the grinding devices of the state, for all anarchist and anti-authoritarians. So, not to let our friends alone and to show the fairness of exploiter, we are going to be in front of ÃaÄlayan Courthouse C gate, at 09.00am, on January 25th, Friday. ---- In the last 1st of May, after the actions in which dozens of capitalist establishments and companies, at â1 May Operationâ held on May 14th and 28th around 60 people consist of anarchists, libertarians, ecologists and animal liberation activists were taken into custody early in the morning and they were questioned for four days and appeared in the court at which 15 people were arrested. They were released on August 20th afterward stayed in Metris Prison for ninety six days.

As the state and its fair scales, a protector of liar world created by the money and multinational companies, continue its arbitrary applications incrementally, its efforts to repress and to grind struggles by aiming at opposing individuals and groups from all sides in order to eternize its authority and to protect the system of exploiters from the public by mobilizing its security criers continue as well.

The state, fed by this cruelty, with a special court of competent jurisdiction (ÃYM) which is a part of the so-called justice leads to make injustice widespread in broad section of society. As to point opposing individuals as actors of this theatre in the eyes of society, to eliminate or to put them alive in the tomb is continued.

The fair mechanism of the state that undertakes the mission for the revenge on behalf of companies threatened activists by judging them as members of âterrorist organizationâ although there was no evidence in the hands of the state. Hereby, the state made this attack to tag and repress a large group of people, which includes anarchist individuals and collectives from different orientations.

What happened?

On 1st of May, 2012 during the walk from MecidiyekÃy to Taksim within the frame of Workers Day in Ästanbul, some capitalist and state targets like banks, ATM, multinational stores and bus stations were attacked. After action, media fastened on anarchists claiming that anarchists put a damper on Workers Day celebrations. That leaded to accuse anarchist, ecologist and animal liberator people and trigger the state and its police force. Immediately after the anathema campaign of the media, âAnti-Terrorâ Police Teams started large scaled operations towards the people walking side by side on May, 1st . Here is the summary of experiences:

14th May 2012

Early in the morning around 5am, at concurrent operations by raiding the homes, 45 people were taken into custody by âAnti-Terrorâ Police Teams in Ästanbul, MuÄla, ÅarkÃy, TekirdaÄ, Trabzon and Äzmir. The homes were raided and searched and additionally private properties, computers, hard disks, mobile phones and flash disks were confiscated.

There were anarchists, animal liberation activists, ecologists, 8 months pregnant, 7 members of YeryÃzÃne ÃzgÃrlÃk DerneÄi, 1 member of PaylaÅma ve DayanÄÅma DerneÄi, 1 activist from Toprak ve ÃzgÃrlÃk Kooperatifi among the people taken into custody.


- Following the operations, Devrimci AnarÅist Faaliyet made the press release in Taksim Square to show their solidarity with the people under custody and to protest against state terror. Ätaatsizler, Toprak ve ÃzgÃrlÃk Kooperatifi, BarÄÅ ÄÃin Vicdani Ret Platformu, Demokratik Yurtsever GenÃlik, Ezilenlerin Sosyalist Partisi (ESP), SGD, Milyonlar Adalet Ästiyor Änsiyatifi, TÃm ÄGD, Toplumsal EÅitlik, GÃkkuÅaÄÄ KadÄn DerneÄi, ÄHD Ästanbul Åubesi, GenÃler Meydana Änsiyatifi, EHP, ÃÄrenci Kolektifleri, KaldÄraÃ, Sosyalist Parti and Sosyalist Demokrasi Partisi (SDP) supported this press release.


17th May, 2012

After 4 days of custody, 10 people out of 45 were released from police station. The remaining 35 people were dispatched to prosecutorâs office. 20 more people were released from the prosecution and the remaining 15 people were dispatched to court. The court decided to release 6 people with pending trial and to send 9 people to Metris Type-T Prison.

20th May, 2012

Ankara AnarÅi Änisiyatifi and AnarÅist KonÃnist Kolektif, organized a joint press release to protest against the operations in YÃksel Avenue.

23th May, 2012

YeryÃzÃne ÃzgÃrlÃk DerneÄi, arranged a press release to protest against operations and to reveal arbitrary and oppressive applications of the state in Änsan HaklarÄ DerneÄi. BaÄÄmsÄz Hayvan Platformu, BarÄÅ ve Demokrasi Partisi (BDP) Ästanbul Äl ÃrgÃtÃ, Devrimci AnarÅist Faaliyet, HalklarÄn Demokratik Kongresi (HDK) BeyoÄlu Meclisi, Ästanbul Barosu Hayvan HaklarÄ Komisyonu, Ästanbul LGBTT DayanÄÅma DerneÄi, Karadeniz ÄsyandadÄr Platformu (KÄP), Lambdaistanbul LGBTT DayanÄÅma DerneÄi, Senoz Vadisi Koruma Platformu, Toplumsal ÃzgÃrlÃk Parti GiriÅimi, YeÅil ve Sol were participated in press release to show their solidarity.


25th May, 2012

A group in Berlin organized a demo to show their solidarity with anarchists exposed to custody and arrestment terror. Anarchists holding purple-black and red-black flags highlighted in their German and Turkish declaration: âWe demand that all detainees should be free immediately and declare here that we are in over-all solidarity with them!â


27th May, 2012

Nine anarchist prisoners sent a letter from Metris Prison. Their message in the letter was that they would not obey to intimidation policies of the state. They implied it as: âWe know that the goal of the arrester was, leave aside the action, to transform us scary people which afraid of seeking their rights by menacing. However, the things they do not know are that our thoughts cannot be fallen by the dungeons of fetid civilizations and we feel ourselves stronger than ever.â


28th May 2012

In the second wave of operations, seven people were taken into custody from Ästanbul, EskiÅehir , Ankara and Bursa and brought to Vatan Security Directotare/Police Station. After being questioned during four days custody, they were dispatched to first prosecutorâs office then to the court on June, 1st. While two of them were released, five of them were sent to Metris T-Type Prison. The number of detainees increased from nine to fourteen. On June 6th, one more person was arrested and the number become fifteen.

29th May, 2012

The head chairperson of DÄSK demanded freedom for the detainees because of the claim that they had broken the windows of banks during Mayday celebrations. The head chairperson of DÄSK indicated that every person looking for oneâs rights is the victim of âAnti-Terrorâ Law and special court of competent jurisdiction. The head chairperson of DÄSK said that âThe mission of whole democratic and revolutionists opponents is increase the struggle against this dark mind and system tirelessly.â


-In Lyon, France a group of anarchists individuals organized a demo in front of Turkey Embassy in Lyon in order to protest against operations towards anarchists after 1st of May and oppressive attitudes of the Government of Turkey, with the demand of freedom for all political prisoners in dungeons of Republic of Turkey.


2nd June, 2012

â1 MayÄs TutsaklarÄyla DayanÄÅma Änisiyatifiâ which includes the families and relatives of prisoners organized a walk from Taksim Square to Galatasaray and made a press release. Sosyalist GenÃlik DerneÄi, HalklarÄn Demokratik Kongresi BeyoÄlu Meclisi, SDP, BDP, TÃPG, YeryÃzÃne ÃzgÃrlÃk DerneÄi, Toprak ve ÃzgÃrlÃk Kooperatifi supported the demo with their participation.


4th June, 2012

In Bern, Switzerland revolutionist groups from Turkey, communists from Switzerland and anarchists in Bern ZÃrich made a joint solidarity demo. It was for solidarity with anarchists who were taken into custody from Ästanbul, Äzmir, Bursa, Ankara and exposed to detention terror and with revolutionists arrested in Germany and Hungary.

9th June, 2012

Three high school students out of fifteen prisoners of operation sent a letter to opposing public. The message of high school anarchists was âWe are sure that this struggle will continue outside with union and solidarity even though the state thinks that it made us alone by arrestment!â


10th June, 2012

Twelve anarchists announced that they got into rotative hunger strike against pressure, the process without law and full of groundless claims.


12th June, 2012 (Transnational Action Date)

-In Exarchia, Atina a group made hanging banners action in a crowded road in order to show their solidarity with their anarchists comrades in Turkey. âSolidarity with the anarchists in Turkey! Damn on the state, army and law!â was written on the banner.


-Within the frame of Transnational Action Date, in Stuttgart, Germany to show their solidarity with anarchists prisoners and make them feel not alone a demo was done in front of Embassy of Turkey. âSolidarity is a gun. Freedom to Mayday Prisoners!â was written on the banner held.


-In front of the Embassy of Turkey, one more voice joined global solidarity action.âActivism is not terrorism.â written posters were carried. The government of Turkey was protested.


-As a part of global solidarity action, in Vienna Austria a demo was organized. A group of people made a protest to make the prisoners release immediately in front of the Embassy of Turkey. âAgainst prisons and cages for the liberation of humans and animalsâ was written on the banner holding by the activists.


-Within Transnational Solidarity Date for fifteen anarchist prisoners in Turkey, in Cardiff, England a banner was swung at multilevel parking garage in city center. Hundreds of bulletins were distributed. âLet the anarchists Mayday prisoners free in Turkeyâ was written on the banner.


-In Faslane Peace Camp, Scotland a banner was swung for solidarity with anarchist prisoners. â Solidairty with arrested anarchist comrades! Release YeryÃzÃne ÃzgÃrlÃk DerneÄi prisoners immediately!â was written on the banner.


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