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(en) Greace, OCL*: The Battle of squats in Athens (fr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 10:23:52 +0200

On December 20, police evacuated the oldest squat in Athens (22), Villa Amalias. Since that time, the battle against the eviction of squatters has warmed significantly in Greece as more sites are occupied and attacked dozens of people arrested. ---- Today Saturday, 12 January, more than 10,000 protesters marched in the streets of Athens as a first response to the crackdown. ---- It now seems to be little doubt that the Greek State has launched a major attack against and squats and supported the anarchist movement in general. In recent weeks, more than Villa Amalias, two squats located in the center of Athens were attacked by the police. It may be the beginning of a larger operation. A leaked confidential report suggests that the Greek police for attacking 40 squats across the country.

After the events of recent days, it also seems to be no doubt that if the police should carry out this plan, it will have to fight for every building.

The expulsion of one of the oldest squat in Athens, Villa Amalias, December 20 was the first blow. Shortly after the raid took place against another local busy in ASOEE [University of Economics]. Just after attempting to reoccupy the Villa Amalias, Jan. 9, police targeted the squat Skaramanga. A plan for the police who leaked in Greek mainstream media suggests that the next step would aim of this attack up to 40 buildings occupied throughout Greece. The raid on Skaramanga was probably planned for a later date, but it has been argued in retaliation for the reoccupation of the Villa Amalias. Rather than being isolated raids, the events of the past week seem to be part of a strategy of repression directed directly against the anarchist movement in Greece.

Throughout the years of social unrest triggered by the continuous series of harsh austerity measures, the ideas and actions of resistance have gained importance in Greece. In recent months, there has been a marked increase in repressive tactics against any part of the company that could offer resistance. Striking workers were attacked journalists covering corruption were arrested, raids against migrants led to 60,000 arrests, and new weapons such as water cannons were deployed. These latest attacks show that squats will be the next target of state repression.

Faced with this attack, people do not remain passive and are engaged in the defense of squats and their communities. Day the most dramatic and hardest so far was definitely Jan. 9. Early in the morning, there was a bold attempt to reoccupy Villa Amalias. Dozens of people were able to introduce the building despite police presence. Quickly, however, major police reinforcements have been sent and the building was invaded again. This has led to the arrest of nearly 100 people who were taken to the police station shouting the slogan traditional "The passion for freedom is stronger than the prisons! " . In a statement released by the orders, they clearly demonstrate their determination not to give up in the face of repression: "We monitored the reoccupying Villa Amalias knowing that we would be attacked and probably arrested. We'll do it again as many times as it takes for this and any other social space of resistance to those below that could be attacked. We say again, tirelessly neither their arms nor their calumnies can not frighten us. '

Once the information on the occupation and attack the police have spread, other actions have taken place in the city. The offices of the ruling party DIMAR [Democratic Left] were briefly occupied in solidarity until also be invested by the police, leading to 40 arrests. The protests are then moved to the center of Athens with police using tear gas to evacuate people from the building of the Ministry of Finance. It was at this time that the squat Skarmanga was attacked with eight other detainees. Throughout the day, there were protests, rallies and meetings in support of active with squats and prisoners. At the end of the night, the police invaded the district of Exarchia, which is considered a kind of autonomous space.

The total number of arrests rose to about 150, which would mean the largest number of anarchists arrested in a single day for 15 years. Many of them face prosecution charges against the 92 Amalias Villa, who at the time of this writing, are still being held at the police headquarters.

Thus, it seems that we have entered a new and dangerous stage in Greece. The State has chosen his next target and people wonder who is next attacked. However, instead of fear, people have responded with courage and solidarity have strengthened. The events of January 9 show that people are not bowing and they resist all repression [and more than 1,000 people at a meeting of solidarity in Polytechnique, more than 1,500 people gathered on the evening before 9 the local police headquarters in Athens]. The original raid on Villa Amalias took place three weeks ago and yet the battle continues. The community of Villa has not been overwritten. In light of this reality, the plan to attack the police dozens of other squats suddenly seems very ambitious, because they will have to fight for each of them. According to the terms of the detainees : "Against Hurricane repression, we draw the storm of solidarity! '

Source : Battle for the squats in Athens

According to information available, the 40 people arrested for the occupation of the Democratic Left party government were released without charges. For cons, the 93 persons detained for the reoccupation of the Villa Amalias and 8 arrested in Skaramanga squat, a total of 101 people are detained and subject to prosecution without the details are yet known. We're talking about indictments for "public disorder" and "masked faces."

There are countless solidarity actions. In Athens, in various cities, regions and islands of Greece (burning barricades, damage to local political parties and banks, large banners hung visible, interventions "against-informative" in the studios of radio-TV, mini-attacks ...), but also in San Francisco, Mexico, Australia and even in Goa, India. A demonstration is called Saturday in Athens "in solidarity with the squats and Villa Amalias Skaramanga with all the squats and occupied spaces, with structures against-self-organized information. " Other events are called in more than a dozen cities in Greece.

The event, part of the University, is facing court Evelpidon where protesters have parked a good time to demand the release of prisoners who passed the judges. In the evening, a press release announced that 42 of those arrested would be released.

The first information and photos show thousands of protesters. 10,000 is the figure given by most of the comments (some say 12,000 or more). For its part, the police counted only 3,000 demonstrators.
This is obviously the most important event of the political and social area anarchist / anti-authoritarian in Athens for years.

A first report:

January 12, 2013: a cry of freedom, solidarity and hope in the fight against repression and totalitarianism

The mass demonstrations Saturday, January 12 in 14 cities across the territory of the Greek State had an initial response to the recent wave of repression unleashed by the regime against squatters, self-organized social centers, free radio and social activists. Tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the repressive apparatus of state and parastatal, the fascist society and the imposition of totalitarianism.

Athens: One of the most massive demonstrations in the history of the anarchist movement

In Athens took place one of the most massive and best organized in the history of anarchist and antiauthoritarian. For about two hours, more than 10,000 people marched through much of the city, shouting slogans against the repression, the role of government and police, and held in favor of the reoccupation of the squat Villa Amalias .

Today's demonstration was called by various collective anarchists, anti-authoritarians and libertarians, squats and social centers, neighborhood assemblies and some parties and extra-parliamentary left groups.
The demonstration was called at 12:00 in the Propylaea of the former University of Athens. The event was shaken two hours later. This time, it was not directed towards Parliament and Syntagma Square, but went to the court of Athens, on the other side of the city center. The more than 10,000 demonstrators passed through the squat Skaramanga, January 9 expelled, and the Faculty of Economics and Commerce in which 28 December 2012, the police raided, arresting 17 immigrants, breaking into the local Self university there and confiscating equipment free radio 98FM.

The demonstration is then passed to the court in Athens, where she stopped for about 30 minutes shouting slogans in solidarity with the 93 detainees who, at this time, were inside the court. This afternoon, for the second time in three days in detention, they appeared before a judge. The repressive forces of democracy have banned people from entering the court. Even journalists (with the exception of a small number of accredited), even the families of the detainees could not enter the premises of the court where the accused were facing the judges. This is a "detail" in this orgy more repressive remained completely unnoticed by the media disinformation Greek and international. According to information sent to us through media and information-against peers, 20 hours, 42 detainees were released under restrictive conditions.

After going through the court, the demo is facing Exarchia district, where it is dissolved. As mentioned earlier, the event has gone through several central areas that are densely populated, so a lot of people have been eyewitnesses to its massiveness and its combativeness, and able to compare what they have seen and heard the lies television and other media on the massive propaganda anarchist, anti-fascist and more generally on the social movement that resists modern totalitarianism.

Some of the slogans shouted: "Solidarity is a weapon of the peoples war war bosses" ; "The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons" ; "If we do not resist in all neighborhoods our cities will become modern prisons " ; "The cops are not the children of the workers, they are dogs bosses" , "Cops, TV, neo-Nazis, all waste working together" .

Source : 12 de enero de 2013: a grito de libertad, solidaridad y esperanza, lucha contra la in represión y el totalitarismo

Other photos of the demo: here and there

[Translations: XYZ]

January 12, 2013

Links: http://oclibertaire.free.fr/spip.php?article1287
OCL = France Organisation communiste libertaire
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