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(en) Le Monde libertaire #1688 - Israel, war and philosopher (fr) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 05 Jan 2013 16:45:35 +0200

Good war must be preceded by a propaganda offensive hysterical. This time it is Judith Butler, famous for its work on gender, which makes the cost. ---- On several occasions, we noted that, given the economic and political impasses accumulated in recent years by the government of Israel, the war seemed to be a desired outcome, probable, possible. But all good war must be preceded by a propaganda offensive hysterical. This time it is a philosopher famous for its work on gender just pay the price upon delivery in Germany, an awards for his work. The French press has remained silent on this very subject. If Mediapart merely reproduce the translation of written text in response by the philosopher Judith Butler, accusations of anti-Semitism against him, he must go to the website legrandsoir.info to have all the information about it.

It should be noted that the translator Trocmà Elisa is a parent Righteous Among the Nations, one of those who hid during the Occupation of thousands of Jews on the board Cevennes. Prices and philosopher Adorno prize is awarded by the city of Frankfurt am Main in memory of the philosopher Theodor W. Adorno (1903-1969). The latter had to flee the Nazis, his father being Jewish, and fled to the United States. As Horkheimer, Benjamin, Marcuse, he was part of the intellectual movement known as the Frankfurt School, whose project was, in 1920-1930, to achieve a critical social science. Adorno has worked extensively on the avant-garde, as well as jazz Schoenberg. Awarded every three years, September 11, the award deemed exceptional contributions in the fields of philosophy as music. Among the winners, there are also many sociologists such as Norbert Elias and Bauman Boulez as a musician or a filmmaker like Godard. Heloisa For our companion Castellanos, co-editor number Refractions on feminism, "Judith Butler, since the publication of her book Gender Trouble has become an obligatory reference, although it was not the first to formulate a theory of the kind. "

She added: "The first research on gender back to the 1940s and in 1968 Robert Stoller, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in North America, uses the term in its clinical research on the problems of transsexualism, trying to understand the difference between sexual identity based on anatomical and biological criteria and subjective identity. Judith Butler, philosopher, feminist theorist is considered THE gender (French translation of the English term gender), power and body, his theory is based on what is called the French Theory, namely the French postmodern thought including Foucault, Derrida and Lacan. " Heloisa ends by asking this question: "What is gender? It can be defined as gender. It is a historical and social construct of gender in a two words, male and female. In turn, queer theory critique cutting binary hetero / homo, masculine / feminine and supports the existence of a continuum of genres, from feminine to masculine, through an in-between. "These are jobs that have thus earned Judith Butler to receive this award. A Jewish philosopher and anti-Semitic? During this discount, a wave of hysterical accusations burst on the media scene. Judith Butler was accused of "moral depravity" by the general secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Stephan J. Kramer. As this was not enough, he rajouta she "hated Israel." A website Alyaexpress News accuses Butler of supporting terrorist groups Arabs. A comment related to this article, argues that "Europeans remain what they are: anti-Semites argue pathological masked." Many interventions indicate that the American philosopher supports the boycott campaign against Israel.

BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) wants to be, according to its title, a "citizen and non-violent response to Israel's impunity." Various articles in the Jerusalem Post accused him of supporting Israel = Nazi comparison. Supporters of the interior are yet emerged, such as Professor Neve Gordon, a supporter of BDS Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva. The latter wrote: "The witch hunt against Judith Butler, well orchestrated, is an attempt Backstab - based on half-truths and lies - to silence criticism of the ardent political abuse of Israel concerning political rights the occupied territories. "Basically, what about the anti-Semitism of Judith Butler, for his support for Hamas and Hezbollah and negation, according to these critics, his own Jewishness? Yes, because she is Jewish and more! Judith Butler's response in this text published almost confidentially, the philosopher explains the origins of his commitment to justice. "I received a Jewish education at Temple in Cleveland, Ohio, under the supervision of Rabbi Daniel Silver, where I developed strong ethical foundations on the basis of the Jewish philosophical thought.

I learned that we are called by others and by ourselves to meet the demand and suffering, to work so that it is relieved. But to do this, we must hear the appeal, finding the resources to address them, and sometimes suffer the consequences of speaking as we do. I was taught at every stage of my Jewish education that is not acceptable to remain silent about injustice. " Accused of Anti-Semitism, because criticizing Israel, this is what she replied: "It is false, absurd and distressing that anyone would argue that those who make a criticism of the State of Israel are anti-Semitic, or if Jews victims of self-hatred. Such charges seek to demonize the person who articulates a critical point of view and thus disqualify advance his views. "This tactic to silence that person is unspeakable, unnameable. Everything she says must be rejected or perverted in advance so that the validity of his speech is denied. Such an attitude refuses to consider, examine the view expressed, refuses to discuss its validity, to take account of evidence provided, and draw a firm conclusion on the basis of listening and reasoning.

Such accusations are not only an attack against people who have opinions unacceptable to some, but it is an attack against the reasonable exchange on the possibility of listening and speaking in a context where the you could actually consider what the other has to say. [...] This is what happens to many people who emit a perspective critical of Israel - they are branded as anti-Semitic or even as Nazi collaborators; these forms of accusation aimed at establishing forms the most durable and the most toxic stigmatization and demonization.

[...] When a group of Jews describes another group of Jews as "anti-Semitic", it tries to monopolize the right to speak on behalf of the Jews. " Accused of lack of solidarity against the State of Israel is what she said: "In the United States, I was alarmed by the number of Jews who, appalled by the Israeli policy, including occupation, the practices of indefinite detention, the bombardment of civilians in Gaza, seeking to disavow their Jewishness. They make the mistake of believing that the Jewish state of Israel represents the Jewishness of our time, and identify themselves as Jewish means unconditional support to Israel. " Accused of being subservient to Hamas and Hezbollah, Butler responds very clear that this is false: "My remarks on Hamas and Hezbollah were taken out of context and severely deformed, damaging the integrity of my opinion openly expressed and always topical. I've always been in favor of non-violent political action, a principle which I have never wavered. A few years ago, a person in a university audience, asked me if I thought that Hamas and Hezbollah belonged to the "global left" and I responded on two points: "- These political organizations are defined as anti-imperialist and anti-imperialism is a feature of the global left, we can then, on this basis, described as part of the global left. "- As with any group of left, have to decide whether you are for or against this group, and they need to critically evaluate their positions. "I do not agree or do not agree with all groups of the world left. These remarks were made ââafter the conference I gave that evening, which highlighted the importance of public mourning (collective) and political practices of non-violence principles I develop and defend in three my recent books: Life precarious warfare systems and divergent paths.

Non-violence is not a peaceful state, but a social and political struggle designed to make efficient and articulable rabies - it is a "fuck you" carefully crafted. "She added:" I do not condone the practice of violent resistance, as I do not condone violence of state, I can not, and at any time. " How Judith Butler obvious she solidarity with those who suffer: "One of the reasons why I support the BDS is that BDS is the largest non-violent political civic movement aimed at establishing equality and rights to self-determination for the Palestinians. I am a member of the advisory board of Jewish Voice for Peace, member of the Kehillah Synagogue in Oakland, California, and executive member of the Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian peace in the United States and the theater in Jenin in Palestine. " At a time when it seems that public intellectuals have disappeared, here's one that takes risks.
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