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(en) Brazil, Nuclea Negra, Elections Times - FAU Text translated (pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 09:31:01 +0200

The magazine titled "Zurda", linked to a new group * Broad Front, made a FAU report with the election period. They made us the following question: "Why Anarchists do not vote? ". Our Organization has given its opinion on the subject, and Magazine published in full all considerations presented. Below is the text the interview. ---- Zurda - Why do anarchists do not vote? ---- FAU - Once again we ask this question. ---- A question that obviously does not have a simple answer. This is equivalent to ask: How anarchism conceives the political mechanism? Anarchism believes that there is a specific political level and that we must act on it? The political practices not all are of the same order, has something in common that is and gives them a profile unmistakable? Elections are not a substantial part of all political practice?

The political class is built on foundations so fluid (many of them controversial)
that this list of questions, corresponding to the same constellation of issues,
could expand more.
Pontuarmos is important, first of all, that would be a part of our daring want
speak on behalf of anarchism. Anarchism is an ideology, a doctrine with
many hues. Thus, we answer here as FAU, as a political organization
anarchist who already has 43 years of existence and a trajectory in which we, with
consistency, which was possible due to their design.
Anarchism is not a dogma, never put yourself in his hands as having the truth
revealed. Consequently, while always acted in the social field, in
critical and reflective work. And much of this attitude is present at FAU.
We think, obviously, that the historical contexts are constantly presenting
different ways, and through times of great importance. What can we call "stages of capitalism" carries certain specific elements. And specific issue is of prime importance to analyze both the theme that we are treating as a social formation, or a period belonging to the same structure of domination of the capitalist system. But do not believe the specific defeat the general. It is true that in the course of the century is about to end, they set up theories, paradigms established themselves telling us, with scientific certainty, of wholes almost unquestionable. Today many of these theoretical foundations, these epistemes paradigms and are highly questioned and some fell to the ground.

But there was much positive that the struggles and socialist thought produced. E
Also, why not say, many independent research on particular topics
that opened fields of reflection and brought new elements to new discourses.
Inside that was produced by socialist thought, largely corroborated
by social experiences, are theories about the mechanisms of reproduction system
force. Basic mechanisms that, even in highly differentiated social contexts,
operate similarly. As a basic set of "parts" related
articulated some things that enable and hinder others. Allowing, for
example, that wealth and poverty grow, the different fundamental powers
are always in the hands of a privileged minority, that the media
conform "ideal", "values" standards and "cultural", reaffirming the existing system.
So, talk of elections is to refer to a "piece" of a power structure that is
much broader.

We know it is not simple to put certain proposals in our time, when the apparatus
ideological system, open war on solidarity and anything that can generate
Cultures of cooperation, feeding the end fragmentation and atomisation, wherein
each one thinks only of himself.
Because that ideological aggressiveness on the part of those who give closed the
own ideology, history and other issues, try to make use of historical facts, such
how calls "socialist experiments" that had a sad ending, to generate the
demobilization of moral and combative populações.Mas the real alternative
Socialist is here before us, is not a preparation made out of experiences
history. But with their mistakes and successes, is an authentic product comprising
longing for justice and freedom of peoples. It would be important to begin to reformulate a critical stricter about everything that wrecked the structure an alternative
society on different bases of poverty that sustains this system.
Within the reflections - which many already do - is the role played by elections
a system like the present. There is participation in a process like elections?
Represent a genuine democracy? If the prepared speech "modern" serves to
inserting in this framework, to let it all go the same way, for
under the illusion that we are doing great political, then there
doubt that the elections, while political action classic, currently represent the
privileged space for it. Permitted and highly desired by those our
ever known.
But there are some things about the operating system, your character class, your
mechanisms of power and reproduction indicated that socialism, and in particular the
matrix libertarian socialism. These mechanisms have a dynamic and would be perverse
pure voluntarism and idealism seek to subvert them using their own
means. There are omnipotent and can be faced and unstructured, but ... not
From the dynamic feed back.
So every game fulfills electoral purposes that tend to legitimize the system. Following
life on a regular, alternating with some dictatorship when it suits, it is vital to
legitimizing this system and this fiction of popular participation, which fulfills the same time the role of expropriation of popular sovereignty. But this fantasy, which hides the hard core of power, is not naive, it is very demanding. To participate it is necessary
undress, are accepted only those who come with little clothing. In a document of FAU,
1969, we said we have to go "seeking the approval of the powerful: IMF capital
international military ... have good behavior, demean programs, criticizing
Hard cultures combative. "

The game rules of the bourgeoisie are strong and engaging, with an invisible stitch wire
steel. So even with so many well-intentioned people is little or nothing to
can, and most often the environment of political structure "makes their heads."
In this context it is necessary to pay attention to each step that occurs; recently one
political Broad Front said his trip had meant losses for election voting.
This mechanism of virtual democracy seems to be wearing generally in
Uruguay more slowly. This "carousel" to exchange political parties, constitutions;
alternating periods of place Social Democrats, Democrats, traditional parties, and that
does not leave anything new or positive. It's time to think of different political practices.
Not enough with loud speeches dealing with modern and current affairs. The issue
seems to be to move toward the practices and strategies that overcome instances
do not give way to the new. Especially if the new search deep and urgent changes.
We hear every day that we live in a different era. But repeated the same
old and failed recipes. Sure we live in an era of astonishing in terms
technological advances, such as robotics, cybernetics and genetics doing
wonders. We have media snapshots that seem magical. But along
with all this wonder, we appreciate, we also have more people
miserable, devastation of the environment, more brutal invasions and genocides. E
all this is not coincidence.
We anarchists FAU, voted in many situations and instances such as unions,
cooperatives, centers and popular student, popular plebiscites. The problem is not the
voting or democracy. The question is what mechanism belongs and that such vote
democracy talk.
Under these circumstances, when aggression ideological system is high, when the means
communication has greater power each day to manufacture opinions when coordinate and
mobilize itself becomes a difficult task when the people's misery grows when the
neoliberal project decimates the world's poor, when the speeches of sectors
left and intellectual become confused and washed, it is imperative to have
precise guidelines and firm. There is a search - in which meets many - of
tools enabling the unity of the people to fight for their urgent and imperative
needs. It is this quest that we want to be.
Repetiríamos again, the question is not cast one vote every five years, but
what we do during those five years that this fight should be everyday.
FAU - Uruguayan Anarchist Federation.
(September 1999)
Translation for Portuguese: Gabriel Rafael V.A.
* Broad Front - Coalition election of center-left Uruguay, founded in 1971,
which integrate various political parties and civil society organizations.
Original in Spanish:
Related Link: http://federacionanarquistauruguaya.com.uy/?p=951
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