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(en) Greece, Collective statement of total denial conscription (gr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 02 Jan 2013 09:14:10 +0200

Calling us to serve the world of power, militarism, nationalism, patriarchy. ---- We posted countless folders called us from "departments," he handed subpoenas, fines and prosecutions. And again from the beginning ... Police, recruits, boards, offices, registries and other "charitable" foundations of the Greek State reminded us, warned us, threatened us, condemn us, we charge and our "obligation" to "serve their country." The Greek army, one mechanism of death, imposing hierarchy and invites us to thorny arms. Be trained in how to kill and how to die 'glorious', not of course for our own needs and values, but those of the "top." We thank them for us not exonerated from antisocial and murderous plans, but we refuse! ---- We refuse ... --- ... Prison camps, personalization, fear, silence and militarism.

We refuse to enlist in the Greek army in any post. Simultaneously, our refusal poses and one against the entire spectrum of power relations and values ââthat govern society.

Not serve (even) a mechanism advocated relations of inequality, hierarchy, obedience and enforcement. The army, a structure intimately intertwined with the existence and operation of the nation-state and capitalism, is a key pillar of production and reproduction of power and the artificial divisions.

The values ââof this hostile world for us not only encompassed within the camps and are required only to conscripts. Diffuse from the barracks in society, through a continuous interaction. The process of "subpoena" and "service" is one of the bridges visible army-society. So because the army does not stop at term attitude towards him can only be total, unmediated, uncompromising and persistent.

Overall, why oppose the philosophy and set of institutional, ideological and repressive imperatives advocated the army and not a separate function. For this and any alternative service, any interaction with the services of the army, any attempt to 'rescue' or landscaping a murderous mechanism is inappropriate for us conditions refusal.

Intransigent, because we believe that denial is not a right granted, but conscious choice opposition to the dictates of stratokraton. An attitude that reflects our position and for every liberation struggle. The conflict with the culture of power, their patrons and the violence of the mechanisms is a prerequisite for individual and social liberation. At the same time, widespread social emancipatory counter-violence, pacifists apegklovismeni of deadlocks is an integral part and not an end-of-process of the transformation of society.

Unmediated, because we do not expect any kind of visibility from the mechanisms of spectacle lenses and manipulative of the media Founded and spread our every move, driven horizontal social relationships, movements of resistance and solidarity, streets and neighborhoods. That's why deny the world of images, the world of mediation, the world of organized lying.

Ongoing, because we believe that as long as there are nation-states, as long as there are classes, regimes and leaders, as there will be false distinctions, rivalries and antagonisms, so too will be the army. So until the final abolition of exploitation of man by man, until the final elimination of the state organization of societies, refusals to us and our struggles will be uninterrupted and present.

Collectively ...

... Because the very nature of the subpoena bears the element of personalization. The paper strictly individual classification separates conscripts from society and from everything Continuous their lives, to become partakers of stratopedikis life. We refuse collectively, seeking to break this separation in the bud, negating the false appearance of an individual call and posing, through its own choice, the collective and social nature of our movement. Showing forth the solidarity, mutual aid and collective resistance against the repressive methods of prosecutions and the economic bleeding, a new repressive strategy of the Greek state for the sake of whose army was the vanguard. Long before extending the economic plundering of society, YP.ETH.A with the MoF. imposed huge fines on those who do not occur in the military, without exception. In capitalist crisis, the Greek state costed 6,000 euros a "lack of patriotism" and the new "national duty" now merged into slips of DOY ...

Nation - Member - Army: a waltz for three

The nations are imagined communities of capitalist societies. Although propagated as inherent and eternal component of human nature, actually measure less than two and a half centuries of life. Until the 18th century, the word nation where and if there was a potty-up derogatory term for small groups regardless of ethnic origin, language or religion. In their current concept first appeared in the late 18th century (the era of the American and French Revolution), forcing human communities territorially bounded and homogenized as their characteristics (cultural, linguistic, religious, etc.). Served both for the overthrow of the old empires, and for the establishment of the bourgeoisie at the helm of the modern state, perpetuating oppression and division "from below." In places like Greece, had to be created rivers of blood and mountains bone elimination or assimilation of the "other" and "different." In this process, the armies had been in the first place.

The nationalism, an ideology that attempts to equate politics with ethnocentrism is basically capitalist state and motion Ë a proven and successful tool of the ruling for the disorientation and the subjugation of the oppressed. The unimaginable suffering caused to mankind only during the 20th century (such as the Nazi atrocities and the various bloodthirsty dictatorships in many countries worldwide), baptized as "excesses of some brain disease" that conceals the power of the morbid brains and supporters its not "end", but systemic clear choice, the army always ready to serve. Something that nowadays is becoming highly appreciated ... again

Army: Protector of the Nation and the State - Enemy societies

The Greek army-as every army-is a murderous and repressive apparatus. A centralized pillar of state violence, without which the dominant economic and political elite would be doomed. Ideologically, a key field formation and diffusion militaristic and nationalistic values. Values ââthrough conscription find fertile ground for the militaristic pedagogy strengthens its position in the social consciousness. The iron discipline degrading commands one resolute uniformed hierarchy, obedience to deepen the social and class hierarchy of an unequal society. Strict uniformity in appearance and behavior fosters hatred of everything else. Patriarchy, with all the sexist and intolerant forms, legitimizes the ineffable superiority and the tyranny of the male gender and physical strength. And, of course, the nationalist frenzy, with all its attendant ethnoratsistika hatred and chauvinistic rip-off worship state power and despotism (the far right and Nazi rhetoric could not find better shelter ...). It's the same nationalism that does not find any moral qualms to sink into silence or skylefei hundreds of soldiers who committed suicide (and continue to commit suicide) in Greek camps.

All these make up a dominating culture naturally fights and put everything liberating. And all of this creates a timeless mosaic explains why deny our turn to serve this culture, naturally and deliberately ...

Profile of a killer ...

In the Greek state, the history of the army is painted with the blood of millions of people for the benefit of the domestic ruling class and its international allies. The role of the army, especially in the first 150 years of existence of the Greek state is hub-and embraces several. No government (royal, monarchist, fascist or democratic) was unable to stand without support or at least tolerance of the army. Numerous stops and coups (with the famous junta '67-'74), and coronations deposed leaders, decisive interventions in political decisions, expansionist wars, ethnic cleansing and ruthless internal riots, labor and social struggles, as well as death sentences concentration camps, dissidents, exiles in islets and torture. In parallel, alliances and collaborations with foreign armies, lykofilia membership in NATO and active participation in various military operations to serve, return and deals made wider geostrategic interests (Ukraine 1919, Korea '50, '90 Yugoslavia, Afghanistan 2003, Libya 2011, Mr. a.). Without forgetting the ongoing war against the wretched migration, which themselves cause armies, killings, arrests, torture and occlusions immigrants in camps on sea and land borders of the state.

The Greek army was the most cynical tool of conquest, conservation and management of power, consolidation of the capitalist machine through the subjugation of the "bottom" and ultimately enemy, not protector of society. We will not offer any kind of service to the despots of the past, primarily this one very critical ...

The crisis as a "national" event: a useful distortion

One of the clearest ideological choices of power to manage the current crisis is ethnocentric narrative of the latter. The capitalist crisis, a process of violent looting, enslavement and ekpeitharchisis the 'bottom' in several states, not only in Greek-was presented at the outset of the political and economic power as a "national calamity and test." With one voice, the Greek ruling class, the media, the EU and even the IMF technocrats Economists rushed outset to assert that "the crisis hits the Greeks" and not the Greeks and foreigners dominating the poor (natives and immigrants). As a result, we have a generalized resurgence and intensification of nationalism as an ideological level, the national ideals form the basis of nearly every argument (without excluding "antimnimoniakes voices of the left"), and at political level, governments' national salvation "(the first Prime Minister to have a banker) and right wing or Nazi formations with proper institutions and to shape the political agenda.

Therefore, the ethnocentrism determine social / class relationships in various ways. On the one hand, requires communities vile and false national character 'all Greek' suffering, whether suffering some dying, others 'suffering' enriching the backs of others. On the other hand, alienating their "bottom" between them and undermines the spreading of solidarity: "the crisis hit all Greek", even if some people have more in common with the millions of unemployed and looted (eg) Spanish or Italian territory, than (for example) with the Greek industrialists and shipowners.

And finally, turning the anger of the oppressed from the upper classes on their own: the poorest and most exploited strata, migrants become the new "national enemies" (to follow later more resisting or social groups) or enter the margin of the frame of social crisis or demonized by various tricks, such as the Nazi ideology of collective responsibility. The statements by the Finance Minister in 2011 put the new customs of a society ransacked, "we are in a real war," blurring-often-nationalizing who is attacking whom. And when the social / class warfare propagated as 'national', then society is called by him the enemy to "engage" on the lines of militarism and promoted to be the main feature.

Militarism: prescription suppression and control ekpeitharchisis society

The military dimension of the crisis in terms of system has one wishful thinking: a society subservient and systratefmeni the above commands, just as dictating political leaders and the media. A "war of all against all" becoming increasingly "war among the poor" (Cheers and bosses). The hordes of police forces in streets and squares, formal and informal security battalions of supporters of Nazism, hunting immigrants, concentration camps, fences and railings to borders and neighborhoods, the generalized fear it, the political imperatives and SMEs "faith" and "obedience" in front of the scene of death themselves erect. All this, combined with a thriving acceptance claiming physical strength, discipline, chauvinism, intellectual poverty and misery of uniformity in one segment of the population, are highlights of the new social model promoted. The army could only play a central role in this model, as it is he working model of such a world. The militant society is the proposal of a brutal system, at the risk of a rebellion society will question it.

Systemic crisis and army

The inherent contradictions and crises of state / capitalist model form an environment liquidity and systemic instability that intensifies the war-by all means-to the "bottom". The military has always been a defender of sovereignty and opponent of struggles for social emancipation. No sign indicates that this role will change to the current crisis. Instead ...

The new military doctrine of the army: internal repression and policing

Capitalism ftochopoiontas societies of Western states, no illusions: States not only more likely than other states, but also the liberation uprisings of their own nationals. So organize their wars not only outside, but also inside. Systemic processes such as NATO report ÂUrban Operations 2020Â (ÂMilitary Enterprises in Urban Terrain") is indicative.

The 'neutral' and 'defensive' Greek army, then, for years upgrading and organizing the institutional and operational contribution to the suppression of "internal enemies", police bodies on the side of every kind. The "New Strategic Concept of NATO 2020" provides key guidance to national armies and militarist ideology of the present and future. Targeted by stratokraton added-off "external enemies" - the so-called "asymmetric threats" due to "social conflicts", "hardship", "upsurge of migration", "environmental disasters" and "climate change" within Member NATO. In essence, the Greek army (already in cooperation with Frontex policing and border migrants kills or participates as attacking or occupying power in other states) is preparing to participate in the repression of the games and the people within the Greek territory, together with the Greek police, the European army (Eurogendfor) and joint NATO units located in every state of the "Alliance (Battle Groups-battle formation).

For the faith and the bourgeoisie ...

The military industry is one of the largest and most profitable sectors of the capitalist system. The armies have a leading role in accumulation, flow and capital destruction, creation and overcoming crises (such as the global economic crisis of 1929, which surpassed only by mobilizing the war industry and the outbreak of the Second World War) , in war and peace: the equipment, operating costs, manufacturers of weapons and weapons systems in a dance colossal economic fundamentals that determine both the fiscal policy of states, and some incredibly profitable markets for private capital.

The Greek army is illustrative: a period of capitalist development had a central role in the economy and the informal economy by managing tens of billions of euros (at least officially), completely disproportionate compared to the relatively modest GDP of a small state of the EU, like the notorious' risks "he had to face. While today, the "patron" of a bankrupt society works to protect and strengthen domestic bosses, either through broader geostrategic options (such as redistribution of NATO Libyan economy after the fall of the Gaddafi regime and the Cypriot EEZ) or through implementation of neoliberal imperatives for structural reconstruction.

These strategies virtuous continuously with neo-nationalist and militarist ideologies promoted amid crisis. Moreover, it is interesting that this relationship is not confined within the borders: the Greek stratokratismos (as the one of any other nation) not only supported by Greek nationalism but also by their "opponents." And all together and supported one another to the detriment of communities in every state and every nation ...

Denials are our lives

In the modern world, it is imperative for the "bottom" to generalize the denials whole and for each item on the tyranny of 'top'. Our refusal to take proactive position, not only in the present and in the future. We could never turn against the "bottom" against people who are or will be in the streets of revolt against oppressed or impoverished people (locals or those who just happened to be born on the other side of a border), against people who migrate or starve her choices domination. There will never be able to move to the side of our social and class enemy: the state and capitalism. So I think equally unthinkable oppressed support package armed forces of the oppressors, to say the lines are the real enemies. The army, police and any militaristic groups are the dominant mechanisms. The borders are bloody gashes on the body of the planet.

The generalization of social denial is only beginning and will intensify as the oppressed know better themselves, their class and their real enemies, and further, as the oppressed taking place in the field of social / class struggle. Already, some first moves detect potential: the enlarged social indiscipline in each measure thieving, mass refusal to pay the heightened sygkrousiakotita street opposite to the patrons of the unjust, the growth of social aversion to parties and mediators, the strengthening of the radical and without a guardian ventures, horizontal assemblies and unemployed workers, the spreading of solidarity, mutual aid and self-organization in social and political activities and in the neighborhoods. And this is just the beginning.

Two worlds in conflict

As anarchist-anti-authoritarians, are not covered ourselves in any artificial community is not defined by national illusions. In contrast, we claim our self-determination based on individual and social choices, our struggles and our values ââof freedom, equality and solidarity. Our bodies are not consumable materials for capitalist designs, sizes are not measurable in any large or small national idea, there are no pawns militarism, no make up no uniform mass, do not submit to "orders from above", not enclosed in any barracks. In contrast, there are inseparable from our thoughts, our ideas, our consciousness, our struggle for a society of freedom and not a prison society, a society of equals against equals and not a society leaders and hierarchy, a society communities and not owners. We condemn the identification and agelopoiisi, manipulation, alienation and cannibalism, procedures that worships power to conjure useful citizens. We could therefore devote ourselves to any quarterback in any minister, any nation, in any country, in the world of power. Our world is one of solidarity, self-organization, resistors and antidomon. A world of creativity and free expression of living processes and social relations, horizontal assemblies in plazas, neighborhoods, auditoriums and squats. In the barracks we shut the bosses, the militarist and fascist.


PM not count nor in U.S.

December 2012

Alexandros Karakostas / Costas Carras / Dimitris Niotis / Zechariah Ousoutzoglou / Lazarus Petrakis
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