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(en) France, Coordination Groups Anarchistes CGA IAL #93 - The energy a matter of social organization (fr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 01 Jan 2013 11:46:56 +0200

Ecology CGA ---- Often summarized the ecological question to limited resources. If this issue is part of the ecology, it can not fully contain, and is even a small part of the energy issue , which is primarily the result of a social organization (and therefore not strictly-speaking a issue green ). ---- Resources on Earth are limited, they all eventually reach a peak after which the extraction will be more difficult, costly, and ultimately unprofitable. This has already happened for hydrocarbons, which would extract present in countries that consume despite the serious health and environmental destruction known and should arrive in about 30 years (at the current rate of consumption) for all other known resources 1 . The unit capitalist colossus had feet of clay based primarily on a resource.

Es some think they can avoid these problems by new techniques or new extractions. But no really effective technique to replace the extraction and processing of oil is now presented two , and even that there is a peak of extraction, there is a peak of discovery (usually logically prior to peak extraction) which is generally exceeded: the few new discoveries never replace the amount it was possible to simultaneously extract until today.

Against the current readings that are individual consumption as the source of the problem and whose baton culpabilisatrice is stronger in times of "crisis" (refuse shale gas, would not only want to eat it raw, but most refuse work in the territory!), it is rather to show that not only the energy is a problem among many, but also that it can be resolved against another organization. A local organization and social, less energy and more environmentally friendly which is not that of the decline of the hierarchy and closure but egalitarian and open partageuse. As patriarchy is far from disappearing during the crisis, the problems identified by our ecological knowledge persist. Anarchism is opposed not only to economic exploitation, but all the mechanisms of exploitation, dispossession and authority. Energy is a problem for us because we depend on a specific technical equipment made necessary by lifestyles themselves constrained by the organization. Much of the energy we do not ever happen, because it is consumed by the system itself for its operation. It is not we who constitute a problem, but that equipment and those who run it. They organize our addictions, our operations, and the destruction of life on earth. Let's finish with this system.

It is the social organization that organizes and forced energy expenditure through the freedoms left to individuals . This is the general structure and planning in particular (notably through the organization of space) that promotes forced transport and distances to be traveled. The particular orientation that gives global capitalism leads to additional energy expenditure that we found the billboard lights and lighted windows at night, to spend additional energy it takes to produce more to sell less expensive (and not defeated by the needs of their dispositions) or gendered productions and thought rather use individually and collectively, but also to repair and maintain the junk produced itself, which in this context is thought not to last, but as a step which will be overtaken by the next product that may come to replace it.

The loophole company promoted by a "service" alleged polluter (ie excluding electronic waste transport ....) is far lower energy costs.

There is no energy without pollution, without destruction . The extraction of rare earths needed for wind turbines, solar panels or insolvent is a problem with the social consequences 3 and ecological 4 will not disappear. And even beyond these issues, the waste of certain energy sources we will ask radical questions: how could an anarchist society failing to produce, manage nuclear waste present for many years.

The main alternative energy say in a process of greenwashing are put forward to hide the destruction of the majority of known energy actually used. But do not be fooled, renewables are clearly the future of capitalism or fuel already widely deployed Total and BP. Charbonneau as envisioned: " The greening will not be the result of a very small minority opposition, without means, but the ruling bourgeoisie, the day she can not do otherwise. This will be the various responsible for the ruin of the earth organize the rescue of the few that remain, and after that will manage the scarcity abundance and survival. Because those have no prejudice, they do not believe that more development ecology, they believe only in power, which is that to do what can not be done otherwise. 5 "The search for these energies is not in a social or environmental purpose, but for the merchandise. Land that could be used for food are then used to authoritatively fuel or energy. In the end, one of the questions at the center of the energy problem is the possible use of land or the popular tax renewable States, industry and international institutions.

Energy is far from being a matter of limited resources technician and ask rather use the foreground and popular management of soil, then the values ââwith which we structure a social organization, and finally how these vital issues will we escape the logic oligarchic expertise.

For the latter problem, it is always possible to do research to develop or restore local knowledge, easy to transmit and retain (so that everyone acquire intellectual and not allow the exclusion of the "secret of State "[nuclear] or business [risks due to soil fracturing]), with local materials and renewable, all in a federated organization (there is always sun and wind water but not in the same locations ). The goal is that we can build, repair and maintain ourselves dependencies that we have chosen, promoting our freedom, rather than our enslavement.

Current struggles against the oil shale and EHV lines, are only the face of attacks on capitalist destructive device. We still have to figure out how to bring our other arguments publicly.

Florian (Montpellier Group - Another Future)

1 Pic gas: between 2020 and 2030, coal by 2025 uranium in 2035, 20 metals in 30 years.

2 This scientism knows its equivalent mirror through belief in a supposed free energy extracted from the force of the universe itself, or a production method that would provide more than it would cost (as a supernumerary motor). These beliefs are the foundation pit in contradiction with our current knowledge widely tested and especially with the general principle of entropy (second law of thermodynamics) that converts energy can only decrease term in the universe. Negentropy we can not organize maybe temporarily located within the general entropy.

3 Both workers (Through the history of the conditions of minors, August 16, 2012 or thirty striking miners have been killed and seriously injured sixty miners in South Africa. dozens He died each year) that the people (Indigenous expelled from their place of living and housing, which is bad taste to live on mineral resources ...).

4 Destruction of groundwater and / or pollution of rivers and soils are habitat destruction by land, aquatic, but also all those who have access to water.

5 Feu Vert, self-criticism of the environmental movement .
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