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(en) Anarkismo.net: Greece, Solidarity with Villa Amalias (gr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 31 Dec 2012 14:05:46 +0200

We will not mention what it means for our Villa Amalias, both collectively and for each of us. We will leave shortly for the indictment and overt antics that include, but are not at all trivial that this prosecuted eight people! Will only say a few words about the situation and an extra point detected in this aggressive movement of institutions, adding at the end of the text quoted eloquently captured what space reasons we omit.--The police intervention at Villa Amalias and the (temporary) evacuation does not automatically marks the end squatting, even this one. But part of the expansion of the doctrine of zero tolerance on crime by immigrants to natives 'problem' and potential saboteurs social peace. It has also historically shown that such brutality redistribute income upwards so severe deregulation of labor relations can not occur without persuasion (and growth of the project) the repressive and punitive institutions.

If not because of the resistances that arise, then, of course, due to a reduction of integration policies. The withdrawal of the state from the care sector and the removal of support to steady work leading to the exclusion of hundreds of thousands of the "market" labor and deprivation livelihoods. The bet now is the discipline of this potentially dangerous population in a way that will not cause the famous "sense of justice". The issue is the result of class stratification, which ostensibly considered proof weaknesses to improve policy integration, attributable to the shoulders of the poor as a sign of their unwillingness to adapt to the new world of textured and / or with the appropriate cynicism suits in Greek If, as a natural derivative of the hardness of life. "Shit happens!" They say and the British.

Regardless of the model type to justify neoliberal management of poverty, criminalization of words, there must be order and rules to justify exclusion from the outset what the function of the economy has already chosen to exclude. That unemployed, destitute, mentally ill and drug addicts heavy. At the same time, and here is the big benefit, elasticised and undervalued work appears as the only antidote to social exclusion. Unfortunately the sovereign patchwork has the appropriate scientific resources that it can use to its advantage the fear and insecurity that diffuse social, especially as having a model society (deprived anymore) consumers dipped for years to customization, with god ownership and "rights" of. They know well the "experts" that the best way to enforce the desired public policy is discussing the risks that result from the disturbance. So "we will not make the country secured its borders vineyard" is the magic phrase that unites immigrant camps, to treat the Villa Amalias and repressive violence in strikes and social protests, which dovetailed perfectly with the devaluation of labor and the broadest social degradation.

This phrase, which the Minister of Public Order, welcomed the effectiveness of subordinates, degrades the criminalization of poverty in a single issue compliance. The root causes come from the limelight so to leave space for courtrooms, which will be the place to solve social problems. Hard law but law, dura lex sed lex written and Latinos. In this context of increased social discontent, however, the consolidation of loyalty and enforcement of disciplining a right to full exclusion criterion requires restricting the alternatives. In fact prevent interaction with a different mind, another way analysis of stimuli and a different route direction of reaction beyond the ballot box and Syntagma Square. The excluded should be wise to dying without being disturbed, to be eligible to be included in a charity aid. No wonder that the evacuation of Villa Amalias and capture 8 residents occurred at a time of worsening housing problem, in constant supply of social conservatives springs. In an era when the emancipatory reason attempts to pierce the conformism and reconstitution of class consciousness and solidarity within and outside the development (and instead of) institutional responses to the aspirations of the bosses and the state.

The defense of property rights is also above any other need, in the same way that the national interest require the looting of our lives and improve the competitiveness of the devaluation of our work. From the "Xenios Zeus" as uniformed blustering any check from the mintiaki anxiety about crime to the crooked eyes to homeless and beggars, formed the outline of a legitimacy seeking our surrender to fatalism. Beyond that (and during) the charity, more or less organized, acquires fantasy features a false solidarity necessary to make it easily digestible fact that hell is one of the happiness of others. That there are rich precisely because there are too many (and too much) poor and how this relationship is mainly implemented here, in this country, not only in Northern Europe, the villas of "ours" and not only in Bavarian homes. The "Together We Can" of each parasitic entity (AE Church, TV stations, etc) is essential imaginary solidarity, without even the slightest cost for the "initiators" and its institutions, to chrysothei real pill displacement of the "unfit" and perissefoumenon.

A democracy that has nothing to promise anymore nationals can not but resort to stunt the collateral. The state and its institutions appear as the only bastion against barbarism, attempting entrapment reactions to fear of uncertainty, away from paths that can call into question the institutions of bourgeois democracy, the certainties of the capitalist economy and industrial relations throughout of their expressions. The phrase "I will not let it become the country secured its borders vineyard" is a paraphrase of "shut up and swim" flying state and bosses to face each employee, unemployed and destitute. The police and criminal acts that warrant are not separated by layoffs, wage cuts, the 4ora, the rotating and unpaid work, the disorganization of welfare and privatization expected by the cuts in pensions. Contrary repression and advance disciplining "dangerous" and the meanings that are emitted from this process are a powerful means to enforce the "one-way growth."

Therefore solidarity with the arrested, the recapture of space and defend the meaning and significance of the occupation represents not only the wide range of counterpower and political formations. Is certainly part of the overall struggle of the working class knows its position in the competitive class. Even at this stage, however, that this consciousness is desired, these can be operated alternatively in an attempt to clear up positions and aspirations. The faster you understand the trick of syntiritikopoiisis the better and will be more comprehensive answers. And maybe get to the point workers, unemployed and destitute to respect less and less "rights" invoked those who exploit our needs and legitimacy protects them.

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