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(en) Rusga Libertária/MT – CAB: Alberto "Pocho" Mechoso, for FREE! (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 29 Dec 2012 13:32:20 +0200

The remains of Alberto "Pocho" Mechoso were found on Wednesday, May 23. Founder of the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation (FAU), especifista anarchist organization, "Pocho" was also syndicalist Workers Federation of Meat and active militant of the Popular Revolutionary Organization 33 East (OPR-33), the armed wing of FAU that supported the strikes and performed kidnapping of bosses and expropriations to finance the fight. -- In his last years of life, "Pocho" militated in Victory By Popular Party (PVP), an organization that dissolved the FAU inside. "Pocho" remained with other colleagues within the FAU PVP with intent to refound the organization especifista. Stuck in Buenos Aires on September 26, 1976, his body was found with seven others on the seabed, in barrels with cement. We recall that companion without even having known that is very dear to us. Your example will be present in our militant struggle, today and forever.
Libertad o muerte!
Ni olvido, ni perdon!
Hasta siempre, Pocho!
them that Luchan Arriba!
Bruno, OASL

We reproduce below a translation of a fragment of the book "Direct Action Anarchist: A History of FAU" and a letter written by "Pocho" before his escape to Argentina.
Alberto "Pocho" Mechoso - Extract taken from the book "Direct Action Anarchist: A history of FAU"
ALBERTO "Pocho" Mechoso, Anarchist And expropriator
Born in Trinidad in the department of Flores. Ali did his first two years of school, then it would continue in Montevideo. Could not finish elementary school. Family workers who had insufficient income, learned to share the difficulties with his four brothers.
The family, tired of a situation that did not offer any possibility of improvement, emigrated to Montevideo. It was a matter of trying his luck, like many neighbors who had already left for this adventure. The street Ansina, in Palermo neighborhood, where he was their first friendships montevideanas and immediately formed a group of friends. The eaves of the School Street Gaboto witnessed some punishments suffered by responding to teachers. It was quick and sharp for questioning about things he considered wrong.
Cerro and La Teja were the neighborhoods that saw him grow. Three brothers became anarchists and libertarian in your home has become the subject of every day. Wondered, had sympathy, his rebellious spirit the approaching this ideology that demanded justice for the poor and not asked the knees.
Later he worked in the meat industry and during a long strike eventually fired. Then marketer for a while along with some of his brothers. There was the FAU also had rather a Grouping Anarchist-Cerro and La Teja also Athenaeum Free-Cerro La Teja. Military Youth began in the Athenaeum.
Already ran over half of the 1950s, this time the work was scarce. The economic crisis was beginning to hit strong at home workers. With a group of young people like him, friends and each other almost every libertarian supporters, began talking about finances to mount a cooperative work and donate a portion to the gleaming FAU. Finally decided to expropriate a Bank of the Paso del Molino La Caja Obrera.
It was a careful job, studied in detail. They found a greater amount of money than expected. They made the donation and left the rest for the agreed purpose. This was, incidentally, the first bank in Uruguay expropriated.
A year later was arrested linked to this episode.
He was arrested six years: in Miguelete and Punta Carretas. Lia much in prison, for example: "Nationalism and Culture" Rocker, "Life and Thought of Malatesta" of Luiggi Fabbri, "The Revolution" of Landeur, novels. In a package, weekly received at least one book.
"- How are these fighters, they follow the background?", Asked for a visit in mid-1959. He followed with great interest the Cuban process.
He left prison with more political training and immediately made contact with FAU. Conversations began to define his post of militancy. Mauricio (Gatti) was the first to think that they would incorporate it into activities like armed.
"Pocho" had quick reflexes, good treatment to accommodate people, youthful, rebellious and determined, all this made him a natural. He liked jokes, played with serious issues, made jokes about himself and engaged militancy. But this was accompanied by a profound faith in what he did and true respect for the work. It was good operations but did not underestimate anything, always wanted to analyze the details well.
Finally, was the formation of OPR, a key part of any organizational work and also to encourage trust in comrades who were starting. Here poured his experience and his decision. Integrated as charge, the first operational team when it decided to face the armed activity in a specific and continuing. Performed at the beginning, with his team precursor, bank expropriations decided by the Organization and which were vital to the development of ongoing projects. After he served in various operations, including retention bourgeois.
Aguilar was part of the [*] and his experience and steadiness were invaluable contributions to this body that was responsible for armed action of the Organization.
Dropped arrested, was savagely tortured, resisted with uncommon integrity and alone staged a spectacular escape from a barracks. Recovered from cuts on hands and broken ribs, and FAU's decision, moved to Argentina. Ali was immediately reinstated activities.
Captured, again suffered torture at Pozo de Orletti [illegal imprisonment]. Today is one of the companions who figure as missing. Pocho, his nickname audience, or Martin, his name battle, always kept their customs, their culture good man of the people. Neighborhood boy, good street, autodidact, reader, modest and with a deep sense of belonging to the lower, left an indelible mark.
We know that (he shared it completely) are not the people themselves that produce the development and retention of an Organization. It is an amount of effort from many people that produces something fruitful. It is in this context that we point this contribution militant. However, it is certain that in March of this set is indispensable companions with exceptional contributions. "Pocho" and "Saint Romero" undoubtedly were example.
[*] The OPR-33 was organized in "cells" or teams of 3 or 6 people, two or three of whom banded together to form units of work (operational, services or information). Aguilar was the body responsible for articulating these units. (NT)
Translation: Khaled, Black Flag Anarchist Collective
Alberto "Pocho" Mechoso - Today and Forever - Live the fighting!!


Alberto Méndez Mechoso (Pocho) 1936-1976

This letter was written after his stay in the 5th Artillery headquarters, barracks located next to the North Cemetery, which fled. "Pocho" disappeared in Argentina as militant FAU inside the sea militant who was the PVP 1976.
From August 6 until now, I think I learned more, much more than I taught the 6 years I spent in Punta Carretas; seem to have learned much more than I have in 35 years of life. On one side is the experience within the Barracks, facing the executioners, compassionate hands of companions. Moreover what happened later, from the outside. The night after leak found myself on television.
Required by Me "is bound to ..." and on either side of one line that really had passed. After new lists of demands. One was headed by my companion. Informed me that the house where she lived with my mother, with my partner and my children was closed in custody Joint Forces. I informed him that a military with several patents said that this house would only be returned if I surrender.
And all that I live so intensely, are living it, one way or another, hundreds of thousands of Eastern [Uruguayans]. Many small separated from their parents because they are trapped or because they need to go elsewhere to seek work here that are not. There are many mothers who do not see their children or because they are being persecuted because they work from sunrise to sunset to help fill the pan. There are many women that the end of a working life does not have a roof where shelter because they can not pay with their pensions or miserable because the mind of the executioners rotten revenge on them the rebellion of the children with immense affection that they were able to create .
And before all this, what other way do we have? Before all this, how worth living life?
There is one way, there is only one way to live without shame: fighting. Helping to that rebellion extends everywhere, helping to unite and chased the man out of work, helping to make the "seditious" and exploited workers recognize themselves as companions, who are struggling to learn to face a common enemy. For all that, comrades, want me keep a place for everything ... I will not delay in returning. Liberty or Death.
Text original em:
Translation: Khaled, Black Flag Anarchist Collective
Retrieved on page: http://www.vermelhoenegro.co.cc/2012/05/alberto-pocho-mechoso-presente.html
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