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(en) France, Le Monde Libertaire nÂ1692 (20-26 December 2012) (fr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 26 Dec 2012 12:29:51 +0200

Content ---- editorial ---- Florange: Social Democracy in action ---- Library Street reopens ---- Civil disobedience ---- Foolproof methods to combat poverty ---- No 1692 editorial ---- What you will find under the tree? Unemployed. Full unemployed. Sunken Playmobil! The army of the unemployed will inevitably overwhelm. It is anticipated records for 2013, hundreds of thousands of fewer jobs. 10% or 11% of the unemployed in the labor force. And everything with which official statistics mask a good half of the workforce. ---- Result: 8.6 million people below the poverty line in France in 2010. Statistics always arrive very late, and we are giddy at the idea of ââwhat it should be now that the crisis has deepened. 10 million? Know!

The benefit of the crisis, which they are responsible and they exaggerate the environment, capitalists restructure everything goes. PSA alone, Varin revival of 1500. Recovery and the government gives them productive labor, workers rolling in flour and panties before dropping the money barons.
This is the effect Mittal: Holland, Ayrault and government employers to dÃballonnent arrogant and globalized steel, once the ironmasters well-de-chez-we are still head. 20 billion gift made there these little beasts will have been for them an appetizer. Insatiable, you are told!
Moreover, a "good" news on the wage front. A category, small but influential, saw his fate to improve significantly in recent years, those patterns of large listed companies. 2010 was a good year (34% increase on average). 2011 has seen an average increase of 4%, which corresponds to a bonus of 13,000 euros per month, the annual total exceeding 4.2 million. We eventually believe their salary is indexed to the unemployment rate.
So this year, fir, guess what we should do?


Florange: Social Democracy in action

The real difference between the right and left Parliament is that one assumes when one tries in vain to argue that the change is now. One is consistent, the other gets stuck in its contradictions. Both, of course, are the same shit. The case ArcelorMittal is a "good" example of bungling and hypocrisy of the parliamentary left.

Smoking out of a total history

I will not in this article, on the very beginning of this story (see World libertarian No. 1690 for that), but only on the rebound she has known since November 30, when the Prime Minister, the infamous Jean-Marc Ayrault, announces the conclusion of an agreement between Mittal and big government. The issue of nationalization ("bold" suggested by Arnaud Montebourg few days ago) is, of course, more news (what do you want, the patron saint of MEDEF said: "No!") And the deal past provides simple payment of â 180 million investment from ArcelorMittal over five years. Of money, therefore, not a promise to restart in the wake of the blast furnace shutdown, the main reason for the anger of workers on the site. In addition, the millions promised, less than a third will be reserved for strategic investments (the other two thirds on "the flow of current investments, investments in sustainability, health, safety and continuous improvement, and exceptional maintenance") This speaks volumes about the commitment Mittal (and government signatory) to preserve the site mosellois. Wednesday, December 5, the Prime Minister invited to the Elysee Florange unionists who, outgoing ensure that "the resistance continues, the struggle continues." And they are right because the next day, ArcelorMittal announces the abandonment of Ulcos the famous project capture and storage of CO2, had it been accepted, would undoubtedly helped save the site. In the learner, Edward Martin, a leading CFDT Florange, then said ArcelorMittal has signed the "death warrant of the liquid stream" site. Jean-Marc Ayrault, he always stupid or cynical (or both), simply say that it is not "defeatist".

Tears of councilors

Some elected PS express their disagreement and feeling of having been deceived by Mittal (that they probably were not expecting it, the poor devils!). Some types of the UMP, perhaps swayed by the internal crisis of the party, will also join the criticisms and disappointments, even dangerously closer union positions. But this display of hypocrisy highly dramatic is not enough to make us believe that all these politicos did not suspect for a moment that Mittal, the world's largest steelmaker, would the commitments it had not even signed. As for the support of the agreement, except in government, we must look for them ... the CFDT! Not section Florange, angrier than ever, but the head of the confederation where Lawrence Berger, the new secretary general, said the agreement was "acceptable." This is not the first time that the head of the union stabs in the back of its most militant members (remember the SeaFrance employees last year), and you can easily bet with the PS to power will continue relentlessly to do, so eager she is to become the number one social partner government.

After Florange, Basse-Indre?

The agreement between the State and Mittal also states that the first two stages of production (pickling and rolling metal coils) Site ArcelorMittal Basse-Indre be transferred to Florange. Which involves the removal of a sixty jobs, despite the promises made by the reclassification of group management. And that is why employees Basse-Indre stopped work for twenty-four hours on Monday December 10. As they say themselves, not only the transfer jeopardizes the future of the site, but it will not save in any of the Florange. Frederic Gautier, CGT union representative, said that if the transfer was good place, "the prognosis of Basse-Indre be engaged, because it would cut our process." Behind this clause of the agreement as cherished by Jean-Marc Ayrault seems dangerously close to drawing another site ArcelorMittal France. There is certainly still played, but early signs suggest the worst.

And during this time ...

Well, during this time, between two evictions of Roma camps, extraditions between two political prisoners, two debilitating speech Pug Valls, between two shots backhoe Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the government plays the Holland left with the right to vote and other foreign same-sex marriages. Some progress societal - that are no less timidly promises - which are obscures an economic and social profoundly liberal, continuing harm to the right to power. That is to say, nothing changes, nothing moves under the pink flags of the parliamentary left, which does confirm again that it is incapable - and they do not want - to find a solution to the problem social. Then, of course, workers can now Florange gay marriage before the mayor, but nonetheless they will soon have enough money to pay their rent, their bills, their credit. Marriage rather than employment, is the deal of the overall policy of the Socialist Party. That is social democracy, and nothing else.

Guillaume Drop

-------------------------------------------------- -------

Library Street reopens

For fourteen years, the group La Rue has managed the library located at 10 La Rue, rue Robert Planquette (Paris XVIII), spending a lot of time and energy. Thanks to them, this historic site was open and alive despite a drop in attendance. Not feeling the strength to continue the adventure, they repeated calls to find people likely to ensure the permanence of their suite La Rue.

We decided to respond and are pleased to announce that from January 2013 the library will be open every Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m..
As recalled Barbara (Le Monde libertarian No. 1688), the fund contains rare books and documents that need to be highlighted so that Street is a place of study. Our first objective is to realize a computerized catalog available online, including the library blog:
Street, however, is first and foremost a place for meetings and relaxation should be done live. Our approach is thus part of a larger project aimed at making local militant Street a place where it is possible to read and borrow books varied, consult the libertarian press, discuss, participate in debates ...
Do not hesitate to come to our meeting.

Adrien (supporter)
Franck (Group Louise-Michel)
Marie (Louise-Michel Group)
Michel (supporter)
Library Street
10, rue Robert Planquette, 75018 Paris.
bibliothequelarue (at) no-log.org
larue75018 (at) yahoo.fr

-------------------------------------------------- -------

Civil disobedience

It can not be improvised collective disobedience. It's working. In the confusion and discipline.

I went to a training for civil disobedience for tools of this type of action that focuses on the organization at the expense of spontaneity. It helps to break the routines of traditional modes of claim - as a demonstration or a rally - which, if they are needed in the first place are inadequate and thereafter often undermine the morale of the "troops". Then they must be accompanied by more radical actions that go beyond the goal of information and expression of opposition to block operation: wasting time, money to our enemies or discredit in the eyes of public opinion.

Campaign strategy and collective

This type of action requires a collective strategy: there must be the bearings in the fight. Disobedient call it a "campaign", that is to say an action plan. If there is agreement on the fact that a handful of people will not fall capitalism and that we must do more allies than enemies, he must first go through legal action, even if knows them useless: it legitimizes then the more radical actions in the eyes of public opinion. This puts people on our side during the phase of legal operations, thereby increasing the number of people who can join us in radicalism. The goal may not be only the abolition of capitalism, a little discouraging extensive program in its scope, even if present in the discourse.

Before taking action, the disobedient prefer rallies, demonstrations, petitions, letters to elected officials.

When it comes to action, it is thoughtful and calls
meticulous planning beforehand. During the course I attended, a great role play gave us an overview of the consequences of lack of preparation and organization of an action. A group of demonstrators was to occupy a prefecture, he was prevented by the police. Participants in the game were either agents of the police or demonstrators, others had unknown role of other players. In the heat of the action, we were able to realize - while it was a game - how important can take the emotional climate generated by an unusual situation: lots of noise, stress, leaving more space to impulsivity, feelings, the irrational, the emotional rather than reason, gestures and words contained. Everyone has his strategy he considers the best. The resulting confusion led to divisions within the ranks of the protesters. Organize upstream allows more serenity, everyone knows what to do, say, and how far it can go into the necessary initiatives for the duration of the action. This promotes the emergence of a collective force very useful during the confrontation.

Getting organized is to decide overall objectives of the action, choose a target and find the human and material resources to achieve its purpose. During the internship, we learn that it does not just happen, it requires techniques form a strategy and preparation of actions. The facilitator of the course, through his experiences and knowledge of the subject, has given us, in the limited time of a weekend, a little knowledge. He gave us a list of questions to ask and factors to be taken into account in preparing the action. This is the identification of places, the context, the hardware division of roles.
Participants are assigned roles according to their abilities, their strengths, their weaknesses and desires. "Shares disobedient" have the advantage to involve a broad range of people, young and old, people in small fitness ... All were present at the workshop and ready to invest in radical modes of action relating to the illegality. Design "disobedient" activist is interesting because it appeals to their human condition and not a superman heroic, willing to do anything for the cause. It breaks the image and Orthodox religious activist who makes his business a religious vocation steeped in sacrifice, pain and suffering. A "militant disobedience" has limits and he knows them. He will choose his role in the action. It will not bind to a grid if too afraid, will not hang in a tree if dizziness. He may prefer to take care of the physical and moral comfort from that attached (activist) by providing water, food, clothing if cold, keeping abreast of the progress of action. It will be the role of "guardian angel". Mediators themselves are responsible for dialogue with opponents forces, patterns, They are expected to maintain a serene atmosphere to delay the evacuation forces and sustain action by delaying and explaining the fight, claims ... There are also makers of images (photographers, cameramen), responsible for relaying the action from the independent media. Referents deal of press-contact with local newspapers or national. They will transmit the media content of the claims made by the participants of the action.

Non-violent and law enforcement

The disobedient are aware of police repression against opponents of the capitalist order, the order that favors the interests of a minority (shareholders, multinational banks) at the expense of the community. However, they also advocate non-violence in the face of CRS, showing that they recognize the human person before its social role. They think it is the function that must be addressed, not the person. That forces workers are at the bottom of the scale, like other pawns, trapped wage labor. This? Attitude highlights the contradiction that exists in each of us, to know that even if we try to emancipate themselves from this society, we are all the product and our ways of being and acting often depend operation. Thus, a polluting factory workers who must close will mobilize to save their factory, then it is harmful to their health and the ecosystem.

In this sense, the disobedient do not consider agents forces are sadistic, even if there is among them. They do not think they all chose this profession for the sake of hitting their contemporaries. Not react violently, empathetic and encouraging dialogue with the forces, contributes to the escalating violence and support the effectiveness of the action. Violence demonstrators legitimizes and promotes the eyes of the people, the repressive function of cops. A protester is nonviolent further surprise return them to their contradiction. And the disobedient support the idea that the non-violent strategy may induce division among agents forces. There will be those who continue to be aggressive and others more moderate, which eventually take sympathy for the protester.
Finally, even though they recognize that their non-violent posture does not always prevent police violence, it may, with the techniques she assumes (dead weight moving again, the turtle, the train), to continue the action and delaying the evacuation by the police.

Relations with the press

The disobedient are aware that the media owned by large industrial groups who are complicit system in place and serve the interests of human beings in the name of financial gain. This does not guarantee the objectivity of the information and can lead to misinformation. However, the success of non-violent action is based in large part on their media. It is a means to educate the public about their struggle and legitimate disobedience. The presence of the press can also limit or avoid aggressive interventions of the police.

Finally, in an action disobedient, the differences are put aside in favor of a common goal. This type of action strengthens the links between militants and gives a pleasant side militancy.

Our libertarian circles should learn from these different forms of action and actors who put them into practice as they are often engaged in the same battle. I think necessary to leave our microcosm, we are locked in a posture puritanical us away from ordinary mortals. To do this, we must get rid of a purist and Manichean vision of the commitment that there would be those who want to change the system and those who pretend to want and who are accomplices! We must seek allies in the struggle. The challenge of libertarian is not he wear in this hotbed of resistance, a discourse on the need for society more just and egalitarian, emancipated from all power and domination?

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Foolproof methods to combat poverty

The Economist, a British weekly, is a magazine worth reading. Because it reveals the unvarnished thoughts of the masters of this world, the rich. In any case, one of the most intelligent of them. There is therefore with him a useful touchstone. The rich are smart generally a little less cruel, a little less cynical than their less gifted colleagues. Any ignominy approved by The Economist is therefore certainly shared by all the masters. Evidence among others: the number of 15 December 2012 has chronic under "business" and "Schumpeter". We will recognize the name of an economist, not a journalist. It is indeed a pseudonym, no article in The Economist is signed. This is fortunate for the journalist in question because his chronic password terminals, however distant, cynical.
"Schumpeter" begins by lamenting the state of the economy. Of course, there is no question for him to ask why the economy is bad, it would run a big risk. But still he asks "how can companies thrive when their customers are severely hampered the armholes." "How can governments take care of the poor when their budgets are so learned? "The World libertarian reader less scholarly economy could respond without thinking more than a nanosecond" if the rich do not spend vacuumed the pockets of employees and states that there may be something left ". No, The Economist aims to help the rich get richer. The answer is quite different. It is a simple idea.

Give flight techniques (in technical language, the flight was called "sale" if we speak of a client, or "wages" if one speaks of an employee) that work with the middle classes because the middle classes are disappearing. Apply now everywhere flying techniques that previously were not for empty the pockets of the poor. And our economist, in his journal of economics, recommend extraordinarily sophisticated flight techniques: Greeks do not even have enough to pay puree powder? Never mind, do not lower down the price per kilo, just sell boxes much smaller. Yorgos Anachrysos can not afford a box of five euros a kilo? He will box at fifty cents per hundred grams. It was enough to think about. Maria Sinpesetas can not afford a barrel Omo? She buys a carton. Small, the carton. Small profit on the carton? Yes, but small brooks make great rivers, and if there are more poor so there are more people to buy mashed in thimble or detergent pack of six molecules. It is written in black and white by "Schumpeter".

Second method, do as Renault. Renault is too expensive for the former Lorraine steelmaker means? Dacia sell him!

Divide your production in two: a brand rich, poor brand. L'Oreal for Marie-Chantal, Dop for his caretaker.

Third method, flood the world of 3D printers. Yes, you know, these printers do not work in inkjet, but the plastic jet and emerging anything, a pair of pliers, a vase, a pipe elbow. When everyone will have one, you will not need to buy very expensive items, simply a bit of plastic that are made with the Lego bricks, and presto! abundance will be within the reach of all.

Nestor Potkine
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