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(en) France, Coordination Groups Anarchites CGA IAL 93 - Heads does one towards anti-Romani pogroms? (fr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 25 Dec 2012 09:45:41 +0200

The situation in France is becoming increasingly critical for the Rroma population: evacuations, expulsions, hounding ---- But is this a new or racism rooted and ready to explode with the crisis? ---- Legal discrimination ---- The Romanian and Bulgarian nationals, among them especially Roma are victims of legal discrimination: although citizens in theory, they are in fact governed by a provision described as an "interim measure" during integration country of origin in the European Union. It was renewed several times, making it extremely difficult to access Roma at work, and therefore, to decent housing. ---- The Roma can not apply to offers for a 150 occupations classified as "energized" by the government. They should get a job offer and wait for authorization from the prefecture. As their employer, he was far to pay a fee of about 800 euros if the work contract covers more than one year.

If the circular of August 26 claims expand the list of available jobs and affirms the abolition of the tax OFII, it maintains the discriminatory legal regime aimed primarily Roma,

This legal discrimination adds to the discrimination in the country of origin for foreign Roma, and the situation of poverty that made them, and makes them thank you so much racist groups like the mafia groups pogromists taking advantage of their vulnerability.

Evictions in shambles

The news of this was back in 2012 and was marked by the evictions, more numerous and more publicized, slums, camps, squatters occupied by Roma.

Many mistakenly believed that the arrival to power of the Socialists would change the situation and summer 2010 (Sarkozy's speech at Saint Aignan followed by expulsion plan particularly important) was not a bad memory: their Hope had to take a serious hit!

A Lyon in particular, the list goes on and summarizes the national situation:

• 28/08: 180 people were evacuated from a camp in Saint-Priest (Lyon suburbs), while the prefecture had invited the association Médecins du Monde to carry out a vaccination campaign;

• 13/09: On the eve of the visit of the Minister Valls Lyon, a camp is "cleaned" the Place Carnot in the 2nd district;

• 19/09: while a viable project over two years was proposed by the association "Dwelling Everywhere," the squat street Montesquieu (7th arrondissement) is expelled despite the mobilization of capita-es in the area.

• 28/09: 80 people squat in the 9th arrondissement is also expelled ....

These few examples are unfortunately not the only and the list is much longer each time with adults, children, infants put on the street (more than 700 people in Lyon).

In addition, evictions for reasons of safety and / or unhealthy (new find of the leftist government) are followed by a hunt of several days to a hand, help to relocate and create a climate of psychological terror and physical (or consolidated in the same place as is the case in the town of Saint-Fons in suburbs of Lyon), and secondly evictions in cars towards Romania.

You will therefore understand: The State did nothing against Roma: it protects them by keeping the streets with their children, making the job even more difficult associations in terms of medical care and education of children !

State racism racism People

Antirrom racism is probably the one that can be described as more violent now in France, although this observation leads to downplay the violence of racism experienced by other national minorities.

First, because it is the state racism that takes the most violent form: exclusion of legal work, hounding police, police violence up to murder, decent housing exclusion, deportation camp, public policy law or in fact to prevent children's access to education - refusal of registration, multiplication of administrative barriers - criminalization specific (eg the crime of illegal camping or "copper theft" custom designed and used for criminalize the recovery of copper ...), policies to restrict access to health associated with stigmatizing Roma discourse, associating with organized crime, denouncing their alleged refusal to work, etc. .....

Secondly, because the anti-racism rrom is strongly rooted in the population, including among other national minorities oppressed by the racist system. It mobilizes racism widely, to the point that movement types pogromists have started to emerge: manifestations of "neighbors" demanding the expulsion of settlements, acts of racist violence (assault, throwing molotov cocktails ...) resulting several times to death in the general indifference.

This violence is condoned by the State, which buries homicide investigations.

In addition to the involvement of racist groups formed in some violence, alongside groups progromistes "spontaneous" composed of residents of the camps, it is highly suspect's hand henchmen to serve owners in some cases.

This racism is not only current, doubled xenophobia, but has its origins in the anti-Romani racism formed together to develop national ideology in France and Europe, which has designated the Roma as a figure associated as anti-national nomadism and a population "non-white".

It is structured around stereotypes rrom "thief", "chicken thief" living larceny and informal work, stereotypes reactivated due to the influx of Roma refugees from Romania and Hungary.

Part of the Rroma minority French seeks to dissociate claiming on national and rejecting the label "rrom" to that of "Gypsy" or "traveler", reproducing racist stereotypes against Roma foreign conveyed by the dominant ideology, but it does not allow them to escape the stigma racist, any more than the French Jews stigmatizing and Slavic Polish Jews before the war for the sake of integration escaped antisemitism.

Two fairly recent examples are unfortunately support the previous statements:

• In Lille, September 29, between 700 and 1000 people demonstrated against the proposed establishment of a Roma camp in Cysoing: obviously, organizers and elected officials deny any trace of racism in this movement "popular" .. .

• In Marseille, September 27, it is the residents of a neighborhood who drove the Roma settled in the bottom of their building. In the night, what remained of the camp was burned ...

For some of them-es / them, it was the 17th expulsion in two years!

Fight against prejudice and organize solidarity between oppressed are.

In the current social tensions due to the crisis and the parallel development of factions fascist solidarity among the oppressed remains for us the solution.

Developing popular struggles for access to decent housing, highlighting the prospect of recovery of vacant housing and socializing, fighting for access to all to income, the business management, we can fight the logic of "each man for himself-e" and "-s always you always against you-s" which is fed racism, especially anti-racism rrom.

Because it is the organization's economic misery and impoverishment of many that creates the conditions for social cannibalism that are racist violence and pogromists. It is on the ground of the misery of capitalism that the state can develop a policy scapegoats to protect the bourgeoisie.

In addition to playing the card of the division between employee-es to better exploit what may be even, the state is also increasing its arsenal racist stigma turn national minorities in designating an "enemy within."

Indeed, establishing "internal enemies" responsible for all the problems (theft, violence, unemployment ...), and opposed state splits the population to impose its domination.

This is thus of Roma in recent years and incidents between "citizens" fascist groups and Roma are likely to increase.

This is already the case in Greece, where the local police no longer plays to drive foreign populations but advises those / those who approach them, to appeal to the neo-Nazis of the Golden Dawn ...

Let us not be fooled by this maneuver and are working for solidarity among the oppressed.

Let us not be fooled by the thrust xenophobic social crisis is not the fault of the poor (undocumented Roma, unemployed, precarious ...). it is the product of a capitalist system that we need more than ever fight and reverse, otherwise, it is the racist barbarism become the rule, with the rivers of blood that carries forever.

Lyon Group
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