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(en) France, Coordination Groups Anarchites CGA IAL #93 - capitalism is sick? Let's finish it before it kills us!

Date Thu, 20 Dec 2012 11:02:54 +0200

Sanofi, you know? This is a group that makes money and on the backs of working people and on the back of the sick. Explanations. ---- 2012, the year of change? ---- The crisis worsens, settled permanently. , but not everywhere: Sanofi continues to make exorbitant profits (€ 5.7 billion) on the back of "his" employee-es 100 000 (28 000 in France). -- Despite this, the group announced in late September a "reorganization" research services installed on the French territory. The management claims that there is "only" 900 jobs lost, and the PS welcomes (as if the rhetoric of patriots and productivist Montebourg scared the bosses!). In reality, it is likely that this figure does not include the Toulouse site, which employs more than 600 people , the site is likely to close. Unions and recalled that "since 2009, the strategy of Sanofi leaders led to thousands of job losses in all activities with the sole aim of increasing profitability" ... Excluding subcontractors and precarious Sanofi (CSD Interim ...).

In short, behind the civilized language, it is thousands of people that are left on the floor to maintain shareholder profits!

PSA is as if the top of the table media layoffs the "jewel of French car" are far from being isolated cases. In fact, it is currently facing an offensive employers widespread. Everywhere in France, and even in many other countries around the world, large companies (PSA, Sanofi, Carrefour, Air France ...) dismiss with a vengeance while they make profits monsters. And behind it there lay all things not seen, which does not go on television: those of SME subcontractors, the precarious (CSD Interim), very small companies that run ... So much so that the institutions of the state are able to provide in 2013 are 400 000 jobs will be eliminated, more than 1000 jobs per day in smoke (non-renewal or dismissal of posts)!

Deny all dismissals is a necessary fight. The workers Sanofi starting to do. In other boxes too, fights and class solidarity to organize against the employers. We must support these struggles.

It makes us work for crumbs when the economy works, and when we throw we no longer need us! If we want to stop this cycle of exploitation, we must work to unite the struggles and to build a global movement of resistance to attack employer and capitalism.

To treat more sickening: the logic of capitalist health

To return to Sanofi, recall that the group remains one of the three largest pharmaceutical trusts in the world. This is one of the pillars of capitalist health care system. As all spheres of society, health is for the capitalists, primarily a matter of money, profitability market.

Like any market capitalist society, health has its offer and demand. But, the demand is disease. Such as housing and food, health is a vital need. If there is not enough supply (access to prevention, care and drugs), you die. But now, all our health and all depends on a few international pharmaceutical groups that have the sole purpose that fatten the wallet of their shareholders. Even more than other areas, competition in the "market" health is endangering our lives! Their logic of profit is indeed a logic of death!

While AIDS kills around the world hundreds of thousands of people each year (1.8 million deaths in 2010) and many other diseases that we already know care continue to wreak havoc in the South, pharmaceutical companies orient their activity not only in terms of economic opportunities. Research is largely oriented toward diseases that affect the richest, whether through research departments of private groups (including those affected by layoffs in Sanofi) or "arrow funding" for public research, theses etc. . Moreover, it should be remembered that France is always money-te-s (taxes) that finance the research for private groups and richer patients: for example, Sanofi has recovered the last year 150 million euros in credit research labs and serves as the CNRS and cie vulgar subcontractors his pay. Once the research accomplished, pharmaceutical patents that pose guarantee exclusivity (monopoly) and therefore the exercise of exorbitant prices. At this rate, only the rich can be treated, except in countries where health financing is still a collective political effort. In France, the attacks against CMU and Social Security (medical deductibles, delisting of meds ...) and excess fees of doctors every day capitalist weaken our health care system based on solidarity (as he would call well more fundamental reforms to improve its access for the most vulnerable populations and in its operation very bureaucratic and security co-manager). Similarly, many countries simply do not have access to certain drugs because patients do not have the money to buy the proper remedy, which exists yet and could disappear diseases (such as tuberculosis, for example). Thus, less than 50% of HIV worldwide have access to treatment and patients in the poorest regions of the world are developing resistance to first-line treatment, while treatment of second and third line would exist and to eradicate diseases. In contrast, the current situation, a direct consequence of capitalist logic, leads to a rapid spread of resistant viral strains that threaten and kill entire populations. Global health is governed by some international trusts extremely violent reproduces class inequalities and inequities related to country of residence (bad supply in the South, which offers fewer economic opportunities for businesses) and status within of them (lack of access to health care for immigrant-es, especially for people without papers).

Competition between large pharmaceutical input Older Adults e also a race to establish remedies. Each lab, each company must find him before the other miracle pill that removes THE breast cancer and headache, to stop smoking and have pink buttocks. A large reinforcement pub, we're encouraged to buy the molecules more complex. However, mandatory testing to understand all impacts on human health are sometimes overlooked, under pressure from capitalist Health (bosses and shareholders) and their lobbyists, to accelerate the release of their latest find . But, as we saw with the case of Mediator, when it is the financial logic that prevail, it is always the patients toast. Now, no need to be an epidemiologist to know that it is the poor who suffer most from disease (poor living conditions, working outdoors and / or physical and / or contacts hazardous materials (solvents, asbestos .. .) ) and therefore risk more complications to satisfy the appetites of capitalist sharks.

To assign us their cam, big labs do not skimp on the means. Everything is a pretext for a new drug, a new remedy absolutely miraculous ... Recent years, and is survived by entry in the DSM, the great Bible physicians identify different diseases. Certainly, we can be thankful that certain practices (homosexuality, trans-identity) is gradually removed this great directory of pathologies (after lengthy struggles waged by the movements Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans) but keep an eye on the current tendency to pathologize any (and therefore all medicalize). The notion of hyperactivity was gradually expanded to include symptoms that are very large treated with drugs that literally knock those who take them. This is not trivial: the more pathological behavior, the more people care and drug sales explode!

In fact, if there is to cure diseases, and sometimes diseases new to appear , they are often the result of an economy that seeks to produce more and more quickly, cutting down on the conditions Working Workers, quality products, polluting and destroying the earth raw materials. This logic makes the world more unbearable ... but the citizens do not care, it's growth! And even if the rate of disease increase and the need to provide more drugs to cure the ills of productivism? So much the better, it makes new opportunities!

Anarchist perspectives on health

No Yes , more than ever, we must think about a system that ensures the basic needs of tou-te-s. Among them, there are health. In the fight against austerity, we must defend the output of capitalism as the only viable for people's health and our environment. We must defend in the fight against dismissal, the right to decent work, with conditions that ensure physical safety, mental and social. We must defend the distribution of working time (necessary for the production of human needs, not the productivist logic) and wealth.

In terms of health, we must defend a shot towards the eradication of diseases always te-s and non profits for a minority. Defend the right to life with dignity for tou-te-s is fighting the same logic that lay workers and workers on the streets and undermine the health of patients. It is claimed r, with the employee of Sanofi-es Lutt e, the right to a different health care system: where treatment is free, where professionals manage themselves and themselves a real public service health (Safely, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical ...) related to users and-using. It is also a health in our country in solidarity with the South, breaking patents, generalizing the production of generic drugs and helping in the formation and structuring of strong health systems around the world.

As workers / employees or as sick (potential-le-s)

the struggle of Sanofi, is our fight tou-te-s!
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