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(en) France, Alternative Libertair #222 - Mayotte: French colonialism still kills (fr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 13:31:00 +0200

The situation of Mayotte is still marked by French colonialism, a situation that may well continue, due to the revival of economic interests that represents the region for France and its multinationals. ---- October 8 yet another shipwreck occurred off the coast of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, the fourth island of the Comoros archipelago became - illegally - the 101st French department April 1, 2011 ... A shipwreck again n ' has not generated any excitement, despite extremely heavy record: more than 16 dead or missing for migrants and migrants who were preparing to disembark. A massacre in the French waters with more than 108 dead and gone-es at least 9 children since the beginning of the year. A massacre organized around a French colonial occupation since 1841 ... Of course Mahoran Mahorais and defend this situation and loudly proclaim that it is the fruit of their choice.

Choice occurred after a referendum in 1974 more than questionable that a majority was in favor of maintaining Mayotte supporters in the French bosom. It is by virtue of this result that France has invoked the "right of peoples to self-determination" to justify the continuation of the colonial occupation of the island. International law remains a tool with variable geometry: Comoros invoke "territorial integrity" to return to the bosom Comoros Mayotte. However, territorial integrity advocated by France to justify the merits of international military intervention in Mali.

It was in 1995 that France decided to establish a more restrictive border between the other three Comorian islands and Mayotte introducing a visa - called "Balladur visa" - to regulate traffic between the islands. Occurred in the same year an attempt coup in the Comoros and more specifically in Grande Comore driven by French mercenaries including the famous Bob Denard. Mercenaries who were undoubtedly accountable to France. Still, the crisis came at the right time and has supported the French decision to close the border, a barrier came to "protect" the French territory fantasized face a risk of contagion of instability.

The playground of the extreme right
Instability controlled by France, which has resulted in at least 28 coups in the Comoros since 1975, most are caused by Bob Denard, close to the far right will become even viceroy of Comoros. Within thugs who officiate in the region there is also a certain François-Xavier Sidos, a former head of the FN and the FN division Protection security. The latter was taken prisoner during the coup of 1995, when he was alderman of Epinay-sur-Seine [ 1 ]. It is undeniable that this archipelago was one of the favorite playgrounds of the French far right as you can multiply the examples. The famous "touchy" one of shock groups of pro-attachments to France in 1975, and only left the island until the 1990s, MPM (Popular Movement Mayotte) were supported and organized Action by the French, a major right-wing formations of the time. Do not forget that the Comoros and Mayotte Island has a strategic location as close to South Africa ruled for decades by the apartheid government supported by the French extreme right. A diet that despite an international embargo continued to receive weapons and technical support of France and transiting via the Comoros and Mayotte.

This territory remains strategic for France: a hydrocarbon deposit huge among the largest in the world, was recently discovered off the Scattered Islands, French possessions a few miles from the coast of Madagascar and Mayotte [ 2 ]]. Investment of the multinational Bolloré, a large part in port infrastructure, such as the port of Dar El Salaam, Tanzania, show a renewed interest in France. Recall that the construction of a railway linking the port of Dar El Salam with major mining operations sites in eastern DR Congo rémocratique and the Great Lakes region, where there are the main resources useful in developing Western (gold, diamonds, cobalt, coltan, etc..) suggests huge gains for French private companies ... The increase in piracy in the Gulf of Aden is one of the strategic revealing of region. Mayotte and Reunion thus offer valuable bases for French operations and business investment in the region.

No legitimacy without persecution
The question was raised in France, is how to maintain the French colonial presence on the island against all tendencies that it creates? To do so France played on two tables: - the political instability of the archipelago has lifted sanctions against France put in place by the UN (no less than 22 resolutions were taken against France); - second, the establishment of Balladur and visa policies against immigration on the island have favored the development of xenophobic and racist sentiments among the population yet linked with the other islands of the archipelago, all families being dispatched on the four islands. A stigma that can draw attention to other problems on inequalities related chronic colonization. Effective strategies that will transform the fight against illegal immigration in real manhunt: over 21,000 expulsions in 2011 with 5000 still minors!

When the EU becomes an accomplice
In July the European Union which many countries have condemned the French presence in Mayotte to the General Assembly of the UN, has yet accepted the French demand to integrate Mayotte Outermost Regions (ORs) of EU, joining Guadeloupe, Reunion, French Guiana, Martinique, Saint-Martin, the Azores, the Canary Islands and Madeira. A fateful decision since the EU decides whether colonial occupation that collects international wrath [ 3 ]. An EU that is draped yet since October 12, 2012 in the guise of pacifism awarded the Nobel Prize. Schizophrenia French, thus gaining the European Union ... But this seems far from stopping, as the indifference of public opinion and a good part of networks of activists around the colonial issues is large, so that these issues highlight a French colonial imperialism and enduring happiness for the capitalist system.

Tibo, union Mahorais

[ 1 ] See "What is the French army in Africa? "Raphael Granvaud.

[ 2 ] Raphael Benito, "The Scattered Islands, a well-guarded treasure", 09/04/2012, on the site of the association Survival: [http://survie.org/billets-d-afrique-> http://survie.org/billets-d-afrique

[ 3 ] At the UN General Assembly last September the President of the Federation of Comoros has once again demanded the return of France Mayotte in the Comoros on behalf of the territorial integrity of the archipelago. International law to the territorial integrity defended by Holland begone Mali-war at the same UN Assembly a few hours ago ... A two weights, two measures well known in French relations françafricaines.
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