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(en) Brazil, Socialismo LibertÃrio #28 -Create a strong people!+ (pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 13:15:48 +0200

Create a strong people!--The Anarchist Brazilian Coordination (CAB) is an organizational space founded in 2012 that articulates Especifists anarchist organizations nationally. The CAB arises as a result of ten years of a process of organization, started in 2002, with the Forum of Organized Anarchism (FAO). During this decade, we had advances in political and ideological terms and also in relation to the works in popular and union movements. ---- We want to change the unjust situation in Brazil and for this to happen it is essential to create a strong people. Therefore, it is strategic for us to build the People's Power. This general strategy we advocate anarchism is based on the popular movements in your organization, buildup of strength and application of advanced forms of struggle in order to get to the revolution and the Libertarian Socialism.

It is true that socialism and freedom, by
we fight, are not just placed there in the future.
But it is also true that what we do every day, and
how we do it, is directly related to where we want
arrive. Being together with those who fight in defense and in
achievements, building partial solutions and concrete is
part of this process. What will define an alternative
is the kind of accumulation, how it is organized and
as transformative social force. Only a strong people,
united by class solidarity and fighting for
direct action, can radicalize the class struggle and produce
social change that opens horizons for testing
Revolutionaries in reality.

We are in favor of a program of struggle, that
do not change their positions by class independence,
favors or governing reasons. As a small but
resolute strength to face the side of the oppressed,
continue as usual in the struggles that come from below,
outside government and collaborations with employers. E
Tariff for this situation as we enter,
we want to build with those who fight for practical solutions
but without losing our intention libertarian and socialist
with the feeling that anything can expect
not the people themselves.

We bring below our minimum program, which
presents the elements around the reivindicativos
which we intend to act in the present, so the
make further progress towards our revolutionary project.

A program struggles to operate in the next period

Working, living wage and pension

Reduction of working hours without
lost wages and decent work with
social rights. Against the farce
meritocracy and the lure of productivity.
Minimum wage according to
basic needs provided for in
constitution and against the rising cost
of life. Defense of a pension
with decent public readjustment to the
retired and against mechanism
Untying of Union Revenues
(DRU), which diverts resources from
Social Security for public debt and
distorts the social security deficit. Against
mechanisms of privatization
pension and financial speculation
with pension funds. Defense
and strengthening the political autonomy of
basic entities workers and
by retaining the right to strike.
Against the fragmentation of representation
union and the criminalization of
unions. Monitoring and
solidarity with the struggle of workers
Europe and North America,
positioning themselves against cuts
labor rights, in particular the
changes in social security.


Increase investments in school
Basic (daycare, early childhood education,
elementary and middle) and fighting
problems of lack of structure (meals
schools, libraries and other appropriate
resources) and job insecurity
in education. Against the closure of
urban schools and to rurais.Combate
market policies implemented by Plan
National Education (PNE), focused
to casualization and privatization of
public education. Participation of
communities in school management and
expansion of higher education, technical
and technology, both public free
and without precariousness. Expansion and
implementing effective policies to
student assistance to ensure the
access and permanence. End of rescue
with public money for financial
private universities through
University for All Program
(PROUNI) and the Financing Fund
Students (FIES), and that these resources
be applied in qualitative expansion
of university places
pÃblicas.ProduÃÃo science and technology
with social control. Extension courses
superior in partnership with
social movements with political control
and educational movements themselves.


Application of funds required in
health by federal, state and
municipalities. Expanding the System
Health System (SUS). Confronting the
private companies, foundations and
Social Organizations (OS) in the areas of
health. 6% of GDP to public health without
private intermediation.

Urban reform, law and the city housing plan

Against the regime of privatized Partnerships
Public-Private Partnerships and the granting of
BNDES credits for major
capital, the PAC and the
mega events like the World Cup and
the Olympics, which promote
Segregation space urbano.Combate
property speculation and encroachment
deprived of the right to the city. Defense
social function of urban land.
Expropriation of land and buildings
vacant for housing programs
popular that meet the millions of
Homeless very popular with
construction plans for system
mutirÃo, cooperatives and autogestÃo.Contra
programs of "social cleansing" of
urban centers and evictions
By reason of the mega-enterprises and
mega sporting events like the World Cup
World and OlimpÃadas.Defesa
uncompromising policy of transport
truly public and free
quality, which guarantees the right to
locomotion of the poorest and
unemployed in urban areas and
rural. Rejection of the commodification of
transport, with public administration and
popular participation. Defense of a
policy that prioritizes public transportation
rather the individual with
encouragement of alternative means.

Land reform and combating transnational agribusiness and

Agrarian reform and against the latifundia
extensive monoculture agribusiness
and production without the use of pesticides and
GM, which poison the
field workers and other
consumers. Guarantee conditions
for effective land reform and
boundary of the private property
terra.MÃtodos production
that prioritize the agroecological management
popular agricultural production
harmony with the environment. Control
seeds by workers
Field: against property and a patent
by seed companies
agronegÃcio.DemarcaÃÃo territories
Indians, maroons and support
fishing communities and other
traditional communities.

Tax reform and break with the moneylenders debt

Break with the perverse mechanism
debt that pays high interest
to moneylenders and financial market
cut social spending and public policy
for the poor. Implementation of a
tax reform with taxation of the rich
and not the pobres.Ruptura with moneylenders
public debt, which consumes almost
half the public budget, more
this sum investment in health and

Human rights

Effective opening of the archives of the dictatorship
and prosecution of torturers and
representatives of state crimes that
period. Against the criminalization of
poverty and protest and by the end of
extermination of the poor. By the
recognition of the social debt with
black people from oppression and indÃgenas.Fim
in prisons: violence and torture
the inmates and against magazine
vexatious visitors. End
asylums and imprisonment of
people with disorders of mentais.Fim
violence against women and the law
them for public service and ethical
the Unified Health System (SUS) for
abortion. Fighting sexism, the
homophobia and defense of free guidance
and sexual rights of children and

Democratization of communication and combat monopolies

Popular control over the system
communication and end monopolies
comunicaÃÃo.ComunicaÃÃo popular and
freedom of expression, including the right
the free transmission of radio and TV
Community. Against criminalization
imposed by ANATEL and bureaucratization
outorgas.Contra of the restriction of
freedom and control information in

Popular participation and protagonism

Right to call popular
plebiscites and referendums deliberative
strategic decisions for the country,
effecting directly in
issues such as public debt limit
property and the free comÃrcio.Contra
institutionalized repression and
criminalization of social movements
and protest popular.Fortalecimento
direct action, by construction
base and broad popular participation
in social movements.

Environmental, petroleum and natural resources to serve the people

End the auction of Petrobras and cancellation of
privatization. Model for public
oil reserves in the pre-salt, without sharing
with private capital and investment
Revenues in public policy
labor and social rights moradia.DecisÃo
and popular control of sources and reserves
energy. Against policies
investing in developmental
construction of hydroelectric deployed
authoritarian manner and consequences
fatal for people with severe and
environmental and social impacts. For a
energy model to service
povo.Contra IIRSA plan and serve
applied by developments such as
megaevents, and the megaportos
hydropower at the expense of the desires
populares.Contra water privatization, the
oil and natural goods.

Anti-imperialism and the right of self-determination

Immediate withdrawal of occupation forces
Brazilian Haiti.Alerta in permanent
blows against the oligarchs and
imperialism on the countries of Latin
America, giving unwavering support processes
of base changes that are popular
experienced throughout the continent,
regardless of their political
governos.DenÃncia blunt the
militarization of the continent, especially from
military bases in Colombia and
policies that criminalize popular protest
and communities of tradicionais.Defesa
Right of peoples' resistance.

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Circulation: 5000 copies.

Libertarian Socialism
No. 28 - Year IX - July 2012
Organ Of Organized Anarkismo

The Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB) is a
project of anarchist political organization founded in
9 and 10 June 2012 in Rio de
January in his first Congress.
The Declaration of Principles, the elements of analysis and
political settlement of their national bodies
constitute its membership covenant.
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