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(en) Position of the Revolutionary Anarchist Alliance on the events of December 1 (ca, fr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 18:14:51 +0200

Social organizations ---- Media ---- At the working class in general ---- December 1, 2012 took place the ceremony of bourgeois democracy, which officially concluded the bloody administration of Felipe Calderón, which transmits the presidential office and the criminal Enrique Peña Nieto. In reality it is the continuity of a political and economic model predator will continue to degrade the living conditions of the working class, to continue to ensure the interests of big capital. The ceremony took place in the midst of excessive deployment of security forces, including a collaboration with intelligence agencies of the State Presidential Major with the Federal Preventive Police and various corporate security in the capital.

Actions that occurred in the first place, such as the blatant aggression against the surrounding community by violating its transition space and daily activities, deriving from the blockaded security and police roadblocks encountered early explicit rejection neighborhood as well as large sections of society. excessive deployment of security forces that we understand as a clear provocation to the federal government in the direction of the incoming general population to serve from its beginning how it will spread uncertainty, terror and violence.

This is the framework in which thousands of people and many social organizations from across the country gathered near the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro to protest against the act of possession of Enrique Peña Nieto. The police attacks were not made to wait by throwing tear gas and rubber bullets aimed directly at demonstrators, causing severe and irreversible damage to the companions. these attacks increased the tension, rage, helplessness and widespread discontent. It was before the attacks that social sectors have begun to use self-defense. These tactics of self-defense, which responded to the police assault with its use of disproportionate force, as the actions of sabotage that took place, were not premeditated at any time by anarchists or any other organization. These actions testify to the frustration of various sectors to address the despair that prevails in the working class sees its conditions constantly impoverished.

We recognize the actions of sabotage and direct confrontation against the police as legitimate means of defense developed during the event spontaneously. They were a class used by all organizations convened and also deployed by people who usually passes by the place, also by the desperate condition of existence that grow in agony. We note that the statements of the Government of the Federal District who openly accuse the anarchist movement in general and organizations in particular do not correspond to the way in which the incident occurred. This is clearly a strategy to sow disorganization, the disintegration of the social movement and discontent in descent visible, and another side to criminalize the anarchist movement.

The current situation is that we are going through this every time increasing tensions and class antagonisms. The general crisis of capital that bases its costs on the proletariat, met rejection demonstrations around the world. The national scene characterized by an increase in signs of state violence and organized crime, the denial of the rights granted by the bourgeois democracy in his speech, tends to show ever more hostile to working families. The chess game of power continues to move to continue to perpetuate the privileges of economic elites. The recent signing of the "Pact To Mexico" by the minions of power is a clear demonstration that the incoming administration has positioned itself to lead to its ultimate consequences the current neo-liberal model. This "pact" trace the structural reforms that will plunge the proletariat into a state of total vulnerability.

The return of the PRI executive with Peña Nieto was the head movement required to profondisation structural reforms. The criminal history of the current holder of the executive with the slaughter he ordered San Salvador Atenco, the growing wave of femicide, the role of organized crime in the state he governed, as well as documented cases of corruption and enrichment of his cabinet members (just mention Osorio Chong incumbent government, which also allowed the Zetas to act with impunity when he was governor of the State of Hidalgo) are clear signs that the administration will use the most harmful use to carry out his project of death. In this plan are also alarming initiatives to reform the law of public safety who claim assign a greater ability for the State to liquidate the slightest signs of political opposition whatsoever. Which we interpret as a clear provocation against society in general and the social movement and anarchist groups in particular. This question must be considered with great caution in order to be prepared to face the onslaught of killer state that clearly shows. Responsible actions and consequent active sectors of the proletariat must point to the deployment tactics and strategy that will allow us to achieve an immediate victory as the fall of the PRI regime with all its political allies PAN and the PRD.

Anarchism as a revolutionary theory and practice that arises in a specific historical context of the development of the class struggle takes the genuine interests of the proletariat to the emancipation of capital and its dictatorship generalized in all aspects of the existence. We are not surprised that large sections of the population identify with its general principles. The state and the bourgeois press with its ideological apparatus claim to reduce anarchism only widespread disorder, presenting such a level of abstraction and ambiguity they delegitimize what it is: a revolutionary theory with authentic political principles and a well-defined strategy and tactics concrete.

So they are in the anarchist movement the ideal scapegoat, which can be attributed the origin of insurgent episodes, underestimating and reducing protests by the working class in simple acts of vandalism coming from isolated groups. In the final instance it is the concrete conditions of exploitation and violence that keep the working class, those who are at the bottom of the first actions taken December.

The Anarchist Revolutionary Alliance condemns the disproportionate use of force state, ranging from arbitrary detention of more than a hundred protesters up to apprehend people who were just passing by there, without questioning the use of violence.

We express our total rejection of operation deployed by the government in the capital, with the main responsibility, the criminal Ebard Marcelo, who in his speech continues to appeal to fairness and respect for human rights.

We note that the use of violence against the people's legitimate protests was characterized by indiscriminate parties PRI, PAN and PRD, which represent the current panorama, something of great concern to organizations that provide a real opposition.

So even as we expose organizations Coordination Student Anarchist, Black Block México and The Call of Freedom (all three members of the Revolutionary Anarchist Alliance) and the Anarchist Black Cross are political groups for their claims embrace the theory and practice anarchists in their entirety, ie until each student struggles, dissemination and propaganda and solidarity with the prisoners, they provide criticism and struggle anarchists, and this to the revolutionary struggle in general and this goes beyond the current situation or event day.

The anarchist movement organized and serious in Mexico, is a project embryonic through some groups and individuals who claim to be such, have met in this posture tactics and policy proposals to transform reality into force. Undoubtedly, the anarchist movement as such, even if it grows, does not have the ability to articulate, organize an event or conspire on the scale of 1 December and we say again that it was the Mexican proletariat in a legitimate exercise of its self-defense vigorously expressed his dissatisfaction with the return of the PRI and what it represents.

We demand:

1. The immediate and unconditional release of prisoners.

2. The cessation of persecution against the companion José Uriel Sandoval Diaz, student UACM which is currently at the General Hospital after losing his eye caused by a rubber bullet and the police do not stop to acknowledge the threat of detention. So even we demand compensation for immediate and future costs.

3. Stopping the manufacture of fixtures against anarchist groups now an activist, as well as persecution and demonizing media that is of anarchism and its supporters in general.

We make responsible and denounce the Federal Government and that of the capital for any attempt to possess whatever, preliminary investigation, keeping records or any other legal action against individuals or groups and anarchists recognize these efforts as political revenge to use us as scapegoats.

Daily violence to which we are subject under the dictatorship of Capital and its defense organ of state (which reduces our conditions of misery and decay, persecuting the political opposition with the vilest acts that distinguish the device State: torture, imprisonment, disappearances, etc..) is in no way comparable to the signs of rage and frustration sectors aware of the proletariat as a tactic deployed. We say from this point, the anarchists as endogenous entity proletariat we embrace and claim events worthy of people's discontent, helping to ensure that they grow qualitatively.

For anarchy.
For the total emancipation of the proletariat.

Anarchist Revolutionary Alliance formed groups: Black Blocks, Magonista Autonomous Collective, Anarchist Student Coordinator, Scarlet Revoltosa, anarcho Communist Party, Black Flag Group, Libertarian Youth, The flame of freedom

Translation of the Editorial Committee Anarkismo. Net
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