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(en) France, Organization Alternating Current OC - Save: rumors and disinformation in countries Sarkhollande (fr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 22 Nov 2012 10:56:50 +0200

The point where the government gets into the shoes of the former is impressive, even for those who have never believed in the promises (or rather lack thereof) of "candidate normal." Daily economic news recites a lot of new about it. All in one media interference also impressive. Government ("the Goche") dressed all in favor of employers scoops the slogan of "right effort" while the opposition (right) and the MEDEF howl whenever feather patterns, getting to all shots even greater benefits. Consider a few examples in the news recently (well, most very recent when you read this).

PSA Save!

Throughout the campaign, we warmed PS (s) with the "industrial recovery" and salvage jobs. Montebourg multiplied factory visits, announced he would not let fire ... Then, PSA announced the closure of Aulnay and 8,000 job cuts. Impressive silence of the government ... ordering a report ... Report concludes that natural patterns alas PSA have made ââmany mistakes but now that these strategic mistakes have been made, it remains only to dismiss. And then, suddenly, the government IS. And what does he do? He gives in to PSA course! The scenario is well oiled. First, we will see what we see, rotomontades Montebourg, who told Liberation: "We want, first of all, guarantees on the social aspect. Regarding the Aulnay-sous-Bois, Seine-Saint-Denis, PSA wants to close in 2014, the group must demonstrate that 3000 will be reclassified as employees or through internal re-industrialization of the site. (...) The goal must be zero PSA employee job center. ". And in exchange for some unfortunate billion PSA supposedly made ââconcessions, he "reformed its governance" as they say in the jargon. And what is this reform? There will be an employee representative on the board (and the state)! We are happy for him ...
There is another more interesting concession: shareholders will not receive dividends for three years. Super! A few small details closely. To receive dividends, you must first make a profit. It is therefore the official admission that PSA has well remain profitable. And anyway, this is a standard practice not to pay an interim dividend in case of difficulties. It must be said that shareholders have generally some other resources, and interest in their work does not fall, so that the company does not run.
Ah, I forgot! Executive Board members will not have additional free shares during this time. It also must be said that their annual salary in 2011 was only 1.3 million euros and Guillaume Philippe Varin Faury, 1.6 GrÃgoire Olivier. This is what is called a fair distribution of effort and a sense of sacrifice. Last amusing detail: after the rhetoric of industry support, after beautiful lyrical against banks and diversion of money from the state, the deposit of billions, who is it for? In the industrial, maintenance of employment? Nay. It is the bank that owns PSA, BPF, which is well saved.

Recovery industrial competitiveness

It has shifted from the industrial recovery "industrial patriotism" (it was in the program of the Netherlands) and quickly competitiveness, barbaric word whose meaning is more blurred for the typical person that economists are in fact no agreement between them. Wholesale and French, to be competitive, it is better placed than others. It can be because it is cheaper, or because they offer better quality products. This is what economists call respectively "price competitiveness" and "non-price competitiveness." The problem is that you can not have your cake and eat it too. For a non-price competitiveness, we need a skilled workforce, involved, good infrastructure, a relatively short rich, a public service that takes the road and too poorly paid employees. To be the cheapest, by cons, the easiest way is to pay slingshot (employees, not bosses!). Basically, traditionally right wing economic policies emphasized the price competitiveness (lower wage costs) and economic policies "of Goche" on non-price competitiveness. So Holland has given a report on competitiveness ... Welsh, former CEO of EADS (annual salary: â 2.6 million). Entrusted to a report of such a character is deciding in advance what will be the conclusion: lower labor costs.
And even before the publication of the report, the little game ideologically very profitable rumors resumed. There have been "leaks" in the press 30 billion cuts in social security contributions, anything that ... which means of course, now that parliament has ratified the golden rule of balancing the budget proposed by Sarkozy in his time, 30 billion savings on benefits.
Statements by the Government as what it is not required by the report (why he ordered it?), the right screams and MEDEF against the leftist government that oppresses the bosses. Again, the script was written in advance upon order of the report of such a character. Hide all for what? The decision has already been taken. Just read the title of "Liberation" October 22: "For competitiveness, Moscovici announces a" trajectory "rather than a" shock "." If we understand a political right, it's down to payroll and pay the poor immediately, and left politics is to lower payroll and make the poor pay gradually (but quickly anyway).

"The fair tax"

Again this is not bad.
The French tax system is quite complex, so we are not very sure it is not global balance (the more you rich, you pay less tax as a percentage). VAT accounts for half the taxes. It is a tax that is paid by consumers and low income pay the full salary they spend their entire salary, while those of you who have a higher income to save part. So in reality, France, nobody is not taxable. But of course, when we talk about taxes, nobody talks about this tax there, everyone thinks the income tax, probably the least unjust. The corporate income tax (you know, the one who crushes "our" companies) accounts for 14% of the taxes, and income tax 19%. Incidentally, the famous tax breaks totaling a gift of 14% on income tax, 14% naturally benefiting the richest, but they also allow companies to present third of corporate tax. That, oddly, we talk less. Anyway, even if it is not even a little bit Social Democratic extent of tax reform is needed. Well, of course, it did not matter, even social democracy is no longer in fashion, now it is the new revamped left to right.
It is matter between the less- time a new taboo is installed. Should not tax capital, competitive forces (see above). It is a typically schizophrenic speech: let the rich pay, ask them to contribute to national solidarity, but do not pay companies whose dynamism is the engine of our economy. As if the richest were not, in fact, the owners of those companies! So every scoop tax, we take a lot of painstaking measures to not "penalize companies". In other words, a CEO who has a salary of several million will pay the famous 75% tax (over a million anyway). A CEO who earns a million in the form of salary and other remuneration million in inventory option, will have nothing to pay, he should not hinder entrepreneurial dynamism. Although fool who pays the famous tax under these conditions ... He remains the possibility of investing in investments that provide tax credits ... And yet, the MEDEF screams every time that taxing large fortunes is discouraged initiative. It has a set of puppeteers to hide the enormity of income transfers to the sandstone bourgeoisie.
And this "fair tax" is to finance what? Of course, the police who baton justice that condemns us and the military will bomb ex-colonies (approximately 1/5th of the state budget). Then, well, you have to pay the bankers a bit more than 15% of the state budget is the "debt burden". The burden of debt is currently less than the budget for education, but more than the defense ....
The debt is very useful for the capital. It allows to tackle social protection in the name of the fight against deficits, it imposes austerity policies, and in addition the same people who are crushed by these policies pay the bankers through their taxes. Capitalism has found a way to charge the condemned rope with which we will hang them.

Pigeons and other birds

Good, but to get the pill, it must be some symbolic measures. They are symbolic in the true sense of the term, are scoops the margin to show that but if it is true. Except that the problem with symbols is that they require a certain professionalism in communication. From this point of view, the case of pigeons is crying. What was the scandal? The government dared propose that when a boss sold his company, the profit he made ââon this occasion is integrated with its return of income and therefore account in the calculation of tax. A pure scandal, we concede! I want to know from you who understood that it was what he was listening to the radio or watching TV. Even me, I had to search a bit to understand. This was well in line with the so-called "fair tax." The government has not even been able to tell. He fell immediately after a few thousand signatures internet. I want to know how many times we got anything after a few thousand signatures and internet without needing to demonstrate. So the bosses in question will abatements they have created themselves or the company they reinvest more than half a new case (presumably successful) ...
This case, not very important itself, is emblematic of the current level of misinformation (and report status of forces). There is no question of asking any crumb to the capitalist bourgeoisie, even coat an austerity plan the size of the one who is coming. And when a bourgeois move even a finger that he has an army of journalists to repeat orders faithfully what he asked, without a hint of fall, without an iota of information. It is ultimately in economic journals and right sites of finance found much information ...

The point at which the Hollandie like Sarkozi 6 months after the handover is still amazing. To believe that capitalism has no alternative plan, or is certain to be forearmed against any effective social movement in France. The extent to which the liberal dogma is implanted in the heads is also impressive against the truths are dealt out as evidence, the defense of the capital was erected in sacred dogma that no one disputes. No false note is reflected in the media. The simple fact that the king is naked passes for breaking position. This is not really encouraging.

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