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(en) France, Organization Communist Libertaier - Alternative Current OC #223 - A skinny mobilization (fr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 10:21:17 +0200

Network Nuclear Exit and EELV organized on October 13 in a dozen cities of the hexagon, a day antinuclear prepared without involving all the basic structures of the movement. An initiative from above as only the Network and the Greens can do. By merely evoke in their balance sheets, "thousands of people", the organizers have found the formula for both not to lie and to ignore the failure of this day. Indeed, apart from the meager 3,000 demonstrators Laval and almost 1000 in Lyon, all other gatherings were rather skeletal. ---- Several explanations for this failure ---- It would be a mistake to interpret the weak mobilization as the only strategy bureaucrats "antinuclear". We have long known that the failures and excesses explained by the absence of "good political leadership" or the "treachery" of some is a dead end.

Indeed, at a time when the "crisis" is staged, presented as ultimate horizon and causes fear and anxiety is real and justified, but maintained largely by the political discourse and the media it is clear that concerns so-called "green" are less recipe and appear as a luxury for the middle class protected. That said, we must recognize that this understandable tendency is reinforced by the fact that the party is officially the ecology, but also as satellites or Hulot Lepage, have absolutely no social discourse, nor the crisis nor the struggles that lead or could lead, and they are the ones that the media want to hear.

Yet it is obvious that the antinuclear struggles, such as those against the major work and development of the territory, are not only ecological but struggles must be linked to social struggles all the efforts of capitalists to maintain their rate profit. Because it bears repeating that the nuclear industry was set up to increase the rate of profit rather than to provide us with a power beyond our needs. And now, it is to maintain this rate of profit that industrial ferment PSA and other plants and do not want to stop nuclear power plants. And that, therefore, the struggle of workers against dismissal should be the same as those of antinuclear ... against a system that makes profit the only engine of the economy. We're certainly not there, but this is what should guide us in our attempts at mobilization and intervention. However, if it is not to blame difficulties for simple error or treachery towards self-proclaimed, it is clear nevertheless a strong determination that no junction does not take place, no common appear outside that leads to electoral perspective.

In this sense, the slogan of the organizers of the demonstrations "changing era ..." could be a promising attempt to generalize and reconciliation of seemingly opposing interests or at least different. But after "flopait" a pitiful "... get out of nuclear power" without any assumption on the duration of this era or what it could be. As for the immediate objectives asserted, "immediate cessation of EPR projects and EHV" they calquaient the worst design of unionism which considers that it is asking the least get a little something when, for us, believe that this is asking a lot (or even more).

AC in the last month, we talked about demonstrations manipulated to designate those who were preparing. And that was the case, by conventional means: media personalities attracting the press. It is no longer necessary to mobilize number and for the attention of mainstream media and persuade himself that it weighs any balance of power, just bring a few members or personalities, and you're played. In Laval, the only manifestation of a certain size (nothing to do with that, however, Rennes a year ago which brings 15,000 people), the Greens made discrete in the street but omnipresent in the media agreed (as of used with other political figures) as much space to the presence of JV Placed and the new National Secretary Pascal Durand as a real description of the contents of the demo. Itou Lyon that "benefited" by Yannick Jadot. And when we beat the number is a reminder even greater "personalities" for the window. It will be recalled that in the human chain between Lyon and Avignon in March 2012 the press fulfills its columns simply because of the presence elbow to elbow Bove, Joly, and Voynet Placed! We will never know what thousands of others thought. And also the press conference of elected regional EELV affirming their support with all the "non-violent action taken" by the gathering of Montalbot margin (Chefresne) against EHV line June 24, rather than be anonymously with protesters who were beaten up. The other component of this strategy is the affection given to "non-violent citizen show" Care Bears and infantilized citizens grouped so that the ground will draw slogans (such as Strasbourg, forum or against the airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes in July), or human chains such as that provided for ... March 9, the next date of our organizers. Thus, it seems that we can reach the most people and be credible to people! My ass! In fact, it is primarily and can appear to the power as opposed to tolerable at the same time appear critical while remaining within the state apparatus by pushing the issue of stopping plants for decades.

Y be or not ...

All of these can obviously bring grist to the mill of comrades who were skeptical about the importance of being present in these events and to mobilize. We who have chosen to intervene, however, a few points to make.

The "anti-capitalist bloc" which we called Laval and we designed as an extension initiatives in Rennes October 15, 2011 first, then to Nantes 24 March 2012 has certainly not been as important as previously in protests which, it must be remembered, had gathered between 10 000 and 15 000 people. However, a few dozen party with the banner "Neither pink nor green, immediate cessation of nuclear" are hundreds of people who formed a procession capitalist who, this time, found himself at the head of one event by printing certain tone. Of "unorganized", anti-THT, the anarchists (visible - AL CNT - or invisible - FA, OCL), anti-capitalists of all kinds come together behind the banner slogan recovery structuring the procession with "The Greens yellow, we do not understand anything, "" Not the time to vote, we have to bring down the towers "(variant" work "and" jump ") ... which were widely reported beyond our ranks. Avoiding falling into a distasteful triumphalism, we felt that the biggest part of the demo mistrust vis-à-vis governments environmentalists gaining ground. So much so that they are grouped into tail procession broke up even before the arrival of the main square in order not to risk being ridiculed by individuals uncontrollable!

This means that there is a potential for reconstruction of the anti-nuclear movement, but certainly not, in our view, on the model of a simple improvement of the network phase out nuclear power by simply making more transparent and "democratic" or the sticking to a region. Certainly not by the simple addition or reconstruction of small groups that would merely disseminating good word radical. It is only in the assemblies of basic local large where each other find their place in accepting the contradictions and errors that could draw a perspective. This is not won.

In any case, it is clear that the period ends the antinuclear movement was more or less "in itself." Those who manifest themselves today are virtually the same as those found against the LGV lines against the airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes, against EHV lines, writ against that mistakenly called "the great useless projects" (they are in our eyes but they are very useful for the survival of the capitalist system). And it is the ability of these new movements to assert themselves politically as a collective force, and not just an addition of more or less fluctuating networks that depend on the ability to then create an opening in the direction of all disputes the 'crisis' causes.

OCL West
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